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Mark is our marketing agent. He is helping our artists getting deals with major music labels.

Using video is a great promotional tool for any artist to establish a brand and attract new fans. You have put a lot of hard work and talent in creating your videos and the success you wanted is still not there. Getting traction and becoming viral is not easy, especially in a market with lots of content providers. This is why you can buy YouTube views as a perfect way of getting that critical mass and see your channel flourish.

Most artists today recognize the power of the social media for their success, and take a savvy approach in combining all the possible tools to achieve their goals and reach their target audience. The more legit views, likes and subscribers your channel will have, the better the results.

 Knowing how to get YouTube comments and likes is extremely important for creating a strong subscriber base, and this will lead to more recognition and also better monetization. Having a significant amount of views is very important for ranking algorithms and for your visitors. It will make the content more appealing once they see it has a fair number of views. So it makes sense to pay for YouTube views so you have a good start for your videos.

Successfully promote your name and brand with a creative marketing campaign and gain exposure to millions of potential fans and also to the industry peers. We will use our experience and expertise to help your channel stand out from the rest. You can buy YouTube Organic Promotion to kick-start your channel and potentially becoming viral.

You can’t afford to let your videos fade into obscurity and one way to prevent that is to buy YouTube Organic Promotion to help the video stay relevant and more likely to become viral. Working with us will mean you will know how to get views on YouTube and have a growing revenue.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I buy YouTube Promotion?
 For a new channel especially, buying real YouTube views is a good way to get some initial traction. Having some good initial exposure means you will increase your ranking chances. Success doesn’t always come overnight, but you will have a very strong base and not get stuck with low viewership.
Where can I buy YouTube Subscribers?
If you want to get more YouTube subscribers for your channel we recommend to use the 55$ or 155$ package. Buying this type of promotion we can guarantee that your subscribers will increase dramatically with our promotional campaign.
Where can I buy YouTube Likes?
 There is no need to buy YouTube Likes. In our promotional campaign, we target people based on interest, location, and genre, that way they can interact with your video content which will lead to more likes, comments are subscribers. Our YouTube likes are 100% organic.
Is it Organic YouTube Promotion?
Absolutely!  We offer YouTube Organic Promotion for all videos. We promote your videos on social media and high traffic website resulting in organic views from real people, compliant to YouTube’s Terms and Conditions.
Do you offer free YouTube promotion service?
No, we don’t offer free youtube promotion service,  but if you want to test our services you can try our SoundCloud free promotion,
Which countries will the video be the promotion?
The promotion is mostly in the USA, but also worldwide.90% of visitors are English-speaking.
Can I buy Organic YouTube promotion more than once for the same video?
Yes. There’s no limit. You can order as many times you want for the same video. Go ahead, we can handle it.
How long will people watch my YouTube video?
We offer the highest viewer retention rate in the industry – our views float between 75–95% retention. This means that viewers are actually watching your video and will help it rank better too. Buying YouTube views will also increase your total watch time, a vital YouTube ranking factor.
What is the Go VIRAL Package?
Buying the Premium Package can get your YouTube video VIRAL, it will become very popular, being a very cost-effective marketing tool.
Will my YouTube video rank higher in search results after the promotion?
 Yes, absolutely. We have a success rate of 85% that each video we promoted, will rank higher in the search. What does this mean? It means that your YouTube video will get daily viewers even after our promotion has ended.
Do you promote all types of videos or only music related?
 Our promotion services have been used for all genres! The content should not feature inappropriate clothing, drug use, violence, etc. We will not be able to promote videos including such elements.
How will I know when my order has started and ended?
You should watch your YouTube analytics to see the video stats during the campaign to see its effectiveness.

         You will be notified when the promotion is starting and ending, and the specific tracking of the performance can be done in your YouTube Analytics.

How To Promote Your YouTube Video And Get More Views in 2020!

    YouTube is the largest video hosting, sharing and streaming platform in the world. The medium is used by everyone. It is not only relevant for musicians, dancers, photographers and videographers, filmmakers and artists but also for businesses. Every industry relies on YouTube promotion. Companies embed YouTube videos on their official websites. YouTube videos are among the most shared content across social media, from Twitter to Facebook and beyond. Video has become one of the more effective formats of marketing and hence YouTube promotion is quintessential to branding, advertising, and sales. YouTube organic promotion is also pivotal to attain popularity and to keep expanding the outreach.

Develop a Strategy for YouTube Promotion

    YouTube is a free platform. Anyone can upload a video without paying anything. Users can access the hosted videos for free. There are of course sponsored videos, advertisements that are paid for per click, view or a thousand impressions, banner ads and other methods of being in the spotlight. Optimization of videos, the number of views, likes and dislikes, the nature of activity in the comments and the relevance of the content influence the eventual ranking that dictates the search results. There is no singular approach to YouTube promotion. Many people do not have any strategy whatsoever. It is necessary to have a strategy and it is also important to be flexible with the approach so one can review and start afresh.

    There are many aspects of YouTube video promotion that should be dealt with in isolation and there must be a holistic approach. For instance, YouTube promotion video may be a marketing strategy for a product or service. YouTube video promotion may also be about the audiovisual content itself. The video is the product of many content developers, just as music is. YouTube music promotion is also quintessential for singers, musicians, bands, composers, songwriters, and producers. Every musical artist needs YouTube music promotion.

    YouTube is the contemporary equivalent of television. While television has been the omnipotent mass media in the latter half of the twentieth century and is still a popular medium to reach millions of people, YouTube is the digital equivalent that can potentially reach billions of people. YouTube promotion is as much about marketing and sales as it is about branding and advertising. YouTube organic promotion is not always about the impact on the bottom line but also about steadily growing the popularity of an entity. Your objective will determine the scope of the strategy of YouTube promotion. It is best to have a well-defined objective. Aiming for multiple parameters of success is not the best path ahead.

Overview of Strategic YouTube Promotion

    There are three essential components of YouTube video promotion. These are views, likes, and shares. Organic YouTube promotion is more effective than bots driving up views or likes. YouTube has some of the most stringent terms of services. There was a time when traffic driven by bots could tilt the scale in your favor. It is no longer possible. Even if some people succeed with such questionable practices, the site will take cognizance of such activities and there will be severe penalization. You do not want your channel to be taken down, profile to be suspended or videos to be effectively banned. YouTube organic promotion is possible when you hire the right company for the job. You need real views, likes, and shares. You need active users on YouTube to contribute to your growing popularity.

     MusicPromotionCorp has a few packages you may consider. As little as five dollars can get you a thousand views, up to a hundred likes and ten shares for one video. You will have the guarantee of actual people viewing, liking and sharing your video. There is a turnaround time of a day and there is a complete guarantee of delivery. The entire plan works in compliance with the terms of service of YouTube. You may also spend fifteen dollars if you want five thousand views, up to three hundred likes and fifty shares for as many as five videos. You will have organic viewers, genuine likes and active sharing by real profiles. These can be delivered in forty-eight hours. The resulting impact of this plan is a better ranking of videos and natural engagement.

    MusicPromotionCorp also has a viral YouTube promotion strategy. Paying around a hundred and fifty dollars will get you as many as fifty thousand views, up to two thousand likes and five hundred shares for a maximum of ten videos. The delivery is within seven days and you will get round the clock customer support. The viral YouTube video promotion or YouTube music promotion strategy will propel your presence right to the first page of search results for relevant keywords. There will be substantial organic growth. Your profile or channel will get more comments and entice more subscribers. The viral promotion campaign has a phenomenal success rate. 

Review your YouTube Promotion Strategy Today

    Whether you need YouTube video promotion or YouTube music promotion, you will need a strategy. Whatever tactics you have been using till now must be reviewed to assess their efficacy. The methods that have been working for you and there are measurable benefits can be continued and the rest should be discarded. The aforementioned YouTube organic promotion plans will help you to generate quantifiable outcomes. There will be a measurable difference at the end of the day. It is not a matter of perception or subjective assessment. The differences are real and the facts do not change depending on the method of assessment.

    Organic YouTube promotion can provide you with the foundation necessary to leapfrog into the big leagues. Whether you have a channel or you wish to use the site as a medium for something else, you will need to engage with real users. There has to be a growing base of subscribers and your outreach should expand. Music Promotion Corp can help you to attain the level of popularity and outreach you need to make your presence matter.

Reasons You Should Buy YouTube Promotion For Your Video

YouTube has nearly two billion users logging in every month. This is almost half of all internet users in the world. Videos clocking one billion hours are watched daily. In the United States, ninety-six percent of Americans aged eighteen to twenty-four uses the video sharing platform. Half of all elderly internet users access the website that is available in eighty languages with local versions in as many as ninety-one countries. YouTube has a reach of ninety-five percent of the world wide web or the internet. It is the second most frequented website in the world. Seventy percent of all views clocked by the platform are on mobile.

It is easy to infer that YouTube is the most powerful video sharing platform on the planet. It is much more popular than television and all streaming services put together. The video sharing website is also popular for on-demand music. It accounts for half of all types of on-demand music right now. These statistics should tell you how important YouTube is. If you want to capitalize on the outreach or exposure the platform provides, you must have a solid YouTube promotion strategy. Unless you already have a certain degree of popularity and a massive following on the website, you will need YouTube promotion services from time to time. You may plan YouTube video promotion every time you have some new content. You may also choose a sustained YouTube video promotion service.

Why You Should Buy YouTube Promotion For Your Video

  • YouTube promotion will set the foundation for popularity. Anyone who uses the platform needs social proof to establish their presence as worthwhile. If a channel has very few subscribers or a video has a handful of views, then other users are barely going to notice and even if they come across the contents, they will simply pay no heed and move on. Views, likes, comments, and subscribers are the social proof you need to get more exposure. There are so many videos on the platform that no matter what you produce it shall get immediately lost in the haystack. Use YouTube promotion services to show that people are accepting your presence, watching and liking what you have to share and this shall lead to more engagement
  • YouTube views and likes will have an immediate and direct impact on the target audience. More people will want to check out what you have put up. This leads to more views and possibly likes. This increase in views and likes is not limited to the traffic on the site but also the redirected traffic to the official website. Companies use YouTube promotion to draw traffic to their e-commerce site or the brand website. The eventual purpose could be lead generation or sales. Many companies run information campaigns as well. Whatever is your objective, you will need sufficient exposure for the exercise to have any bearing on your goal. YouTube video promotion can be the difference between an ineffective and effective campaign.


  • YouTube promotion services have a pleasant indirect effect. The increasing number of views and likes will get a video featured on search results. All videos on YouTube should be categorized properly, the title should be optimized and there should be a relevant description using the keywords. Many video creators and marketers use transcripts so they can further optimize the video for relevant keywords. Just as Google searches lead to relevant links, users can find videos on YouTube by searching using appropriate keywords. YouTube video promotion can boost organic optimization. Like Google, YouTube rewards videos that are viewed and liked more. It is likely your video will get listed among the top results. Your video can also get featured among those recommended when users are watching related content.
  • YouTube promotion services can convert interested users into viewers. There are many users who do not click on a video simply because they are unsure if it would be of much value to them. There is a bit of indecisiveness, partly driven by the urge to check out other videos and partly due to the short attention span of contemporary internet users. When a video is listed among the top search results or pops up as recommended and when there are enough views and likes, users are more likely to check out the content. The numbers of views and likes also influence the perception of the users. If a video has been watched by many and likes by several of those viewers, then chances are high other users will also give a thumbs-up.
  • YouTube video promotion service can have different objectives. Securing views and likes is definitely a start. Influencing the ranking and featuring in the recommended section is also desirable. One of the many reasons why you should use YouTube video promotion is the possibility of your content going viral. There are two ways videos go viral these days. The first is relevant for videos that offer something truly different. These videos tend to get watched by millions and liked by most of them. Such videos can generate sustained traffic over days, even weeks in some cases. The other way videos go viral is when something catches on like wildfire. If thousands and potentially tens of thousands of users view a video in a short span of time, then the algorithm of YouTube is compelled to take note of it. The video appears on the front page of the platform. It gets featured in relevant categories. Of course, the viral effect spirals beyond YouTube and embarks on a journey of its own across social media platforms and social networks.
  • YouTube promotion is not just about views and likes. It can also be planned to increase subscribers. You can get more subscribers so others are influenced to start keeping a tab of what you are up to. Once upon a time YouTubers were a rare species. Today, there are thousands of people and many digital enterprises that operate channels. They have subscribers and generate ad revenue. You might be an individual or a company. Whatever is your modus operandi of generating revenue and regardless of your endgame, your channel can do better with more subscribers. There are many ways to get more subscribers. An effective option is YouTube promotion services.

YouTube video promotion comes in many forms. You can get views, likes, comments, and subscribers. You will have plenty of indirect benefits, from getting a video featured and recommended to bagging a spot among the top results, there is a potential of videos going viral and you can generate a lot of traffic that can be redirected to your official website or online store. YouTube video promotion service can have a ripple effect on your overall presence across social media. What goes viral on YouTube rarely remains confined to the platform as the media picks it up and users spread the video across social networks. YouTube promotion can trigger an unprecedented growth of popularity for your brand.

YouTube promotion is not an option but a necessity. It should not be a onetime campaign either. YouTube video promotion should be sustained and special campaigns must be planned as and when needed. With more people and companies broadcasting diverse types of content, YouTube is poised to get further competitive. YouTube promotion services can give you an edge.

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