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Knowing how to advertise your music video on YouTube can determine just how successful you are in the industry.

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If you want to learn how to market your YouTube music, then this article will teach you how to do it. When it comes to music video promotion, compared to audio-video, it is becoming a more important medium these days.

Through video, music promotion becomes easy and more attractive. It is possible for music lovers to get connected more deeply to their favorite music through videos, concert films, and through documentaries as well. These means also help them to get connected to their favorite bands as well.

    So, it is very important for a musician to market his videos along with his audios. To do this the majority of the musicians use YouTube. This is the reason why YouTube has become a must- used social media platform both for music lovers and musicians. Along with being a great platform for videos, there are many other reasons behind choosing YouTube by music lovers and musicians.

    Today on the internet, the most important thing is search engine optimization or SEO. Musicians should understand that if they are on the internet they will not become famous. If they just appear on the search result they won’t become popular. They must ensure that they are easy to find on the internet.

Fans must be able to find them without putting much effort. Along with this, there must be continues effort on bringing new fans.

Understand that to date Google is the largest and most used search engine. The best thing is that YouTube comes second on the list. In YouTube among all the topics searched, music comes top on the list. So, there is no surprise that musicians choose YouTube to promote their music

    Since YouTube has a huge collection of songs, music lovers first reach out here for searching their favorite songs. YouTube is improving day by day and they have introduced a service namely YouTube Red. This is a new streaming service on YouTube.

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    There are many videos on YouTube which are unofficially uploaded by fans. This has created issues in terms of collecting royalties. This also is taking damage when it comes to search results of the music lovers. This is the reason official video must be listed on the top of the search result. This is the reason musicians must choose their official channel and upload their video.

How to get more fans on YouTube

Set up a YouTube channel:

This is the first step in YouTube marketing. So, you must set up their own channel on YouTube. Later, it must be optimized so that they are able to drive the traffic to the channel. In this case, there are many things that one must consider:

Set the type of the channel:

When setting up the YouTube channel, the type must be selected. There are many different types of channels on YouTube. But, musicians must choose ‘musician’ channel. This is because based on the selected channel type it is possible to utilize the features offered by YouTube. These features will help in promoting the band. Musicians can even post their Tour Dates to their channel.

Chose your logo wisely:

When it comes to maintaining a consistent brand image, you must always choose a photo or logo and upload it to their channel. This logo must help you in giving recognition. It should be easy for your fans to recognize your channel. The image can create an emotional connection with fans and it will help in representing your channel. This is the reason one must always choose the best image or logo for their channel.

Background image:

The background image which you choose and upload must be customized. This will help in creating a visual association with the music fans.

Add Links to your Channel:

Links can be added in the description of each and every video you upload and in the channel as well. The channel should have links to social accounts, website, and to the sites where fans come to purchase your music. Individual songs must be linked to the websites and places where songs can be purchased.

Add tags to videos:

Like links, you must also add tags to the channel. Along with channel, this must be done even to individual videos. The tags used for the channel must be very specific to the musician. You can include lyrical subject, his genre, and his location. You must not select tags like music which can be really vast and general.

The purpose of these tags can be compared to hashtags on Twitter. This can help in aggregating the content posted to the right topic. So, by adding the right tags it becomes easy for the fans to find your channel.

Getting more fans on YouTube:

Once the channel on YouTube is set up, musicians must start thinking about optimizing the content. They must make efforts on increasing the number of fans for their YouTube channel. Here are some tips to attract more fans.

More than anything else you must put their effort into creating the best quality videos. If you have not done this, there is no point in optimizing the search results. Even if it is done, there is no use if the video quality is not good.

Musicians must follow certain tips when they create their videos. Here they are:

  • You must always upload your own videos on the channel. This will help in driving the fans to your own channel;
  • To create the best connection with fans, you must always create videos with lyrics. Fans always like to watch the videos with lyrics;
  • To make the channel more easily accessible, you must create cover songs;
  • Try to put live videos of performances. Even though this is a bit difficult, if done will drive fans in a big number

Make Announcements:

Musicians should not forget to make announcements on their next tour or album. This announcement should not be a boring and simple type, but attractive. It is easy to make announcements on YouTube and it can be the quick and more easily digestible.


To build a strong connection with fans on YouTube, upload the videos of your interviews. This will help them to understand and get to know more about you.

Create playlists:

YouTube comes with great features when it comes to creating playlists. There are features through which it is possible to group together videos. This will help musicians to keep their fans for a longer time. Always help them or suggest to them  what they can watch next. This will help in creating a connection with the fans.

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