There are millions of people all around the world that believe that they have what it takes to become a major recording artist. While everyone might not make it, the truth is that technology has made it possible for more people to make a living off of music than ever before.

It’s not just about selling physical units: these days, artists can transition easily throughout the entertainment industry and put themselves in positions to benefit financially.

However, if you want to remain a credible artist, you will have to find a way to get more Spotify streams, and hopefully, land on the Spotify streams chart. This isn’t always easy, as you will have to compete with major established artists for fans’ attention.

Many independent artists already understand the importance of Spotify promotion and have been spending a long time figuring out how to get more Spotify streams.

They may have even been studying marketing tactics before they officially launched their music career, as well. Some artists might not even understand the importance of landing on a specific Spotify playlist, while others have researched the space and have already begun networking.

It doesn’t matter if you are already aware of the importance of Spotify promotion or not: here are some ways to get more Spotify streams the right way.

Getting Verified

Many artists are obsessed with getting verified because they feel as though it’s a sign that they have “made it.” You have probably noticed that influencers celebrate when they are finally verified on platforms like Twitter and Instagram, and it often means that they get to charge more for advertising deals and gain more credibility on that platform, whether they are a rock musician or a political commentator.

However, artists should be wanting to get verified on Spotify for more than one reason.

Yes, you will have more credibility in the music industry, and you can probably leverage your verification to make more money in upcoming deals.

However, you can get more Spotify streams once verified because you have access to so much data that can help guide your career the right way.

You may find that you are getting organic Spotify streams on a song that you put out a long time ago, but it is suddenly going viral for whatever reason.

At this point, you might decide to shoot a video for that song and get more Youtube views. In this manner, access to the “verified” analytics has allowed you to maximize your Spotify promotion.

You will also get a boost in Spotify streams once verified simply because there is a solid chance that you will begin landing on more playlists than ever before.  Verification often means that you can rely on organic Spotify streams, which is great for the independent artist that has struggled to buy Spotify streams in the past. If you get verified, it also allows you to customize your bio and information.

Customize Your Profile

Let’s say that you are a new artist and want to impress fans all over the world and get Spotify streams as soon as possible.

You invest a tremendous amount of work into a new project but find that it doesn’t hit the Spotify streams chart. You might feel a bit discouraged at the fact that you worked so hard only to not have the impact that you thought you would. Artists, at this point, might even feel encouraged to quit.

However, have you really been objective about your situation? As a new artist, you should be offering your fans as many songs as possible. Let’s say that you upload 50 songs as a new artist, out of nowhere.

If one fan ends up liking your song and plays it over and over, there’s a good chance that they will then end up listening to the rest of the songs that you have to offer.

They might even also begin listening to a Spotify playlist that features you, or music similar to yours.

It might sound simple but there’s one important rule with Spotify promotion: have a lot of music to offer at all times so new fans can support you as soon as possible.

You also will want to customize your profile to communicate to your fans who you are, and what exactly you are about. Here, there is a real opportunity to stand out from the crowd and explain to the consumer everything that you have going on, both inside and outside of music.

This can lead to more revenue made, and it might mean that you can rely less on music revenue than before.

Curation And Collaboration

You can also curate some amazing Spotify playlists that your fans respect, which can help improve your profile. In this way, even if your songs are not landing on the Spotify streams chart, you might get some attention as a great curator, and fans might also appreciate the fact that you are putting them onto new music.

This can be a great way to get Spotify streams without even actually creating some new music – which might be a solid option if you happen to be actively touring and can’t get into a studio.

Of course, you also can get a lot of Spotify music promotion by choosing the right artists to make songs with. You might want to ask your fans what they think about a specific artist and find out whether they want you to collaborate with them.

MusicPromotionCorp can help to make sure that can get more Spotify streams cheap, and you may find that curation and collaboration can help you get promoted, as well.

It should be noted that you should keep up with the Spotify streams chart and current trends if you want to curate an excellent playlist. You might even also want to ask for feedback regarding your playlist, and figure out ways to improve it.

Reaching Out To Spotify Curators

You should also go out of your way to get Spotify streams by making the right connections. If there is a music blog that you respect, you should contact them in some form or fashion.

You can offer up your music and ask about organic music promotion, and you might find that they react positively and are willing to feature your music, which can help you get Spotify streams.

If they don’t respond or tell you that they aren’t interested, don’t get discouraged! You might find that one Spotify curator respects what you do completely, while another curator might feel as though there’s no value in a relationship.

It’s also important to remember that you should be submitting NEW music at all times. If you are sending the same song to the same curators over and over; they might feel like you have nothing else to offer.

If you are constantly releasing new music, and willing to Spotify streams pay – there’s a good chance that you will begin landing on better playlists, which will help with Spotify music promotion.

More Methods

There are all sorts of unconventional ways to get Spotify streams, whether you are interested in how to buy Spotify streams or want to do something different.

For example, you might decide to promote a new clothing line and have invested in a website to launch it.

After all, many artists are able to make a living through selling merchandise, which often has great profit margins. On your clothing website, you might want to add a Spotify QR code to get more Spotify streams.

You might also invest in a personal website so that you can connect with fans on your own terms.

You can also use Spotify codes on third-party websites to make sure that you get more Spotify streams.

Of course, you can also enlist the help of MusicPromotionCorp to buy Spotify streams, as well.


There are plenty of ways to get more Spotify streams, and often times – it takes a creative idea or two to help make it work. Tory Lanez recently was able to get more Spotify streams thanks to the fact that he created “Quarantine Radio” to entertain the public while many were quarantined at home.

He was actually so successful that he was able to not only get more Spotify streams but also ended up breaking Instagram records thanks to his content.

You might also come up with an automated Twitter strategy to gain more followers and organic Spotify streams.

Ultimately, it’s up to you and your personal brand. If your approach to get more Spotify streams makes sense for you and your fans, you might want to give it more consideration.

You should also allocate some money to buy Spotify streams for singles that you really hope to take off because the success of one song can change the entire trajectory of your music career.

MusicPromotionCorp can help you buy Spotify streams the right way, and potentially go viral on more than one platform.

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