Every artist wants a sufficient number of SoundCloud plays to know for certain that a song or track is gaining traction. The number of plays on SoundCloud is the first marker. Likes are the third marker. The following reflects the present fan base. SoundCloud plays do not reflect fandom. Likes do not imply sustainable popularity.

One track of an artist may get enough likes but other songs might now. This is also true for SoundCloud plays. One track may have sufficient plays but others may still remain unheard.

    There has to be a coherent and effective promotional strategy to keep increasing the number of SoundCloud plays. That will provide the boost needed to increase your fan base.

If you are wondering why you should buy SoundCloud plays to increase your fan base, then you need not look further than the obvious outcomes of such an exercise. Let us first consider the benefits of buying SoundCloud plays.

Pros of Buying SoundCloud Plays

    Every song or track starts with zero plays and likes. Some artists will get a few plays if they have a substantial following. Many artists will have to wait for a considerable period of time to clock a few plays. It is possible a song may not get any play at all even after a week after the upload. Only a few artists will clock thousands of plays in no time.

These artists usually have a phenomenal following and are already popular on the platform. Such artists may not consider buying SoundCloud plays. They get SoundCloud plays for free due to their exposure, outreach, and most importantly fan base.

    SoundCloud plays can kick start the promotion of a song. The track will reflect that it has been played for a few hundred or thousand times. This will immediately get the attention of other users. The exercise is like setting the ball in motion. A few hundred plays can easily grow to a thousand and more.

Buying thousands of SoundCloud plays can increase the outreach quickly and there is a chance of the song going viral. Any viral content on platforms like SoundCloud will have an immediate effect on the fan base.

    An important benefit of buying SoundCloud plays is social credibility. Plays, likes, and followers are social currencies. The more you have, the richer you are. The counts are also the key elements that make a profile influential. If an artist has a small fan base, she or he is not perceived as socially credible.

Such artists may be perceived as amateurs or just ordinary singers, songwriters, rappers and producers among others. Substantial numbers of plays and likes and followers will make users take note and they will want to know what an artist has produced.

    Thousands of SoundCloud plays will inevitably gain attention from media, agents and record companies. Whether or not a contract is in the offing will depend on various factors but the initial attention will be secured. Any such traction and development will spread the word far and wide, leading to free plays on SoundCloud.

Many artists on SoundCloud get plays in thousands after they get featured by the media. The foundation has to be there for SoundCloud plays free and hence the kick start is quintessential.

Cons of Buying SoundCloud Plays

    Not everything is hunky-dory about buying SoundCloud plays. It is quite possible that the investment will not have any ripple effect or the kind of chain reaction that one hopes for. This depends entirely on the quality of the plays on SoundCloud. There are promotional services that generate plays at random.

Users are not really targeted in a specific manner. The outreach is random. Users sporadically come across the track and they listen to the track before moving onto another. Buying SoundCloud plays without any specific target is not going to yield many dividends.

    Buying too many SoundCloud plays without any impact on the likes and following can backfire. People do not like artists who buy their popularity. Hence, there should be a tactful approach to get plays on SoundCloud. There should be a combination of paid and organic plays on SoundCloud.

Artists on SoundCloud get plays for free from some promotional companies. There can be a multipronged marketing campaign to increase organic plays at the same time when a pack of plays has been purchased.

    Artists will have to be careful about their choice of promotional company. There are some firms or agencies that resort to questionable practices to increase SoundCloud plays.

Steering clear of these promotional tactics will augur well for artists. It is better to get genuine users to listen to a song or track. Inactive users and fake profiles will not be of much help. They have no influence on the site. Their plays have less value than those of users who are active in many groups and can spread the word.

Why you should buy SoundCloud Plays to increase your FanBase?

     Buying SoundCloud plays is a part of the larger marketing strategy. It is not the endgame or the only way to increase your fan base but it is definitely integral to a more holistic plan. Artists need to clock a handsome number of plays, there have to be sufficient likes, the track or album should find its place on popular playlists and there should be more engagement, in the form of comments and shares.

Only a holistic strategy will ultimately make an artist popular. However, it is also important to start somewhere. An artist cannot attain the desired popularity overnight.

    There are many ways to get more plays on SoundCloud. Buying a certain number is one surefire way. Other tactics will be used at the right time to have a comprehensive approach to increase your fan base.

Aiming for more followers or trying to get more likes has to be routed through and after getting enough plays on SoundCloud. Secure the plays first and it will have a cascading effect on the likes and the fan base.

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