SoundCloud has nearly two hundred million users in the world. There are around seventy-six million active monthly users. There are well over ten million creators using the platform to share their music. It is estimated around twelve hours of music is uploaded on the site every minute. The volume of music does vary from time to time.

There are over two hundred million tracks hosted on SoundCloud right now. The platform reaches a quarter of the population in the United States. SoundCloud is available in a hundred and ninety countries. More than one million artists are featured in playlists on the platform.

Reality Checks for Artists using SoundCloud

    Given the aforementioned statistics, artists should realize that the platform is empowering and can be put to great use to launch a career. However, it is a dauntingly uphill task and getting duly noticed can be almost impossible if an artist does not have something truly awesome to offer.

SoundCloud is not the only website or social media platform that empowers artists, singers, musicians, and songwriters. There are other platforms but SoundCloud does encourage new styles. It has been one of the influencers in promoting alternate genres of music and experimentations. This makes the platform more exciting for users but it also increases the challenges of artists.

    Users are expecting great content so only those creators who can deliver get to generate sufficient traction. Others can use the site and get some attention but they will not be able to reach out to a larger audience. The audience is indeed demanding on SoundCloud.

The users are also spoiled for choices. With more than two hundred million tracks already hosted on the platform, there is no dearth of content. Users will have to spend every minute for over a year to listen to a hundred thousand tracks. One can imagine how long one has to spend to listen to all the tracks on the platform. No one has even tried and will not attempt any such feat.

    It is important to note that a tiny fraction of these two hundred million tracks and counting get sufficient traction. A massive majority of songs are listened to by one a few users.

There are many tracks that have fewer than a hundred plays. There are millions of artists, musicians, songwriters, producers and creators who have fewer than a thousand followers. Does this mean they lack talent or the site is unsuitable for them? Or, does it mean they lack a strategy to make their presence felt?

Why you should buy SoundCloud Followers to increase your FanBase?

     This is the age of marketing. There was a time when a country had only one or two celebrated musicians. Then came a time when nations had more than half a dozen celebrities in music. Today, most countries have scores of pop sensations. Every major city in the world has a booming scene for musicians. It has become difficult to attain popularity at even a local level because we live in a truly globalized world.

Access is no longer limited to what is immediately around and available. No one wants to settle for anything but the best anymore. This reflects in music preferences and how those who become popular transcend geographical boundaries and cultural differences.

    Any artist who intends to grow their fan base on the platform will need a sizeable number of SoundCloud followers. A few hundred will not do. Fewer than a hundred will be a non-starter and it does not exactly qualify as a fan base.

Anyone can get their dearest friends and family members to become followers on the platform. An artist can hope to generate some traction when there are a few thousand followers. How exactly can one go from zero or fifty to a thousand, then to five thousand and subsequently fifteen or twenty thousand? One cannot have a fan base of millions unless there is a hit single or a popular album or a song went viral.

    Artists have to buy SoundCloud followers for a simple reason. They must present themselves as stars in the making. People are interested in exploring new styles and everyone wants to listen to the next great song but no one is even inclined to spend hours in a futile search.

No one wants to listen to an artist who may or may not be good. Everyone is interested in an artist is apparently interesting. When you buy SoundCloud followers, you are effectively creating a fan base. This signals others that your creations are worth exploring. They will check out your songs and many may actually like your creations.

    It is difficult to get Soundcloud follower for free unless you have something truly distinct to offer. While every artist wants to make a difference, only a few actually stand out with every new track and even those who have a unique composition may not get the traction they deserve.

This is why it is necessary to buy followers on SoundCloud. An artist needs an audience. If one could have gained free SoundCloud followers and every new track would generate thousands of plays in an instant, then SoundCloud followers buy is a nonessential proposition. Since artists do not get the traction and rarely get to grow their fan base without any active promotion, it is essential to buy SoundCloud followers.

    Buy followers on SoundCloud in phases. Establish your presence and engage with your audience. Develop a foundation and then plan campaigns to promote your profile. Buy SoundCloud followers again to give your outreach the necessary boost.

There will be a chain reaction that will get your subsequent SoundCloud followers for free. It is indeed possible to get free SoundCloud followers but there is a limit to how many you can secure until you become truly popular. Even those artists who are considerably celebrated on SoundCloud have stagnating following. Everyone needs a strategy to promote their music and profile. Those aspiring to become popular or trying to secure a contract definitely need to start growing their fan base.

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