It can be difficult to tell the trajectory of a rapper these days. There might be someone who was considered one of the best SoundCloud rappers, and an interview with him goes viral.

It might be that fans got some new insight into his personality, and appreciate his perspective on certain topics. He might be able to gain attention that way and end up becoming successful.

There also might be footage of a live show of some good Soundcloud rappers, who end up stealing the show from superstars during a particular music festival.

This is obviously great publicity for those Soundcloud rappers, and it might be a way for their career to get to the next level.

Others might land on Soundcloud rappers list with some other major artists, and fans are suddenly interested in learning more about the best SoundCloud rappers 2019.

Either way, it’s important to make sure that you are on top of current trends. Here are some of the best SoundCloud rappers in the world right now.

Lil Mosey

There are plenty of good SoundCloud rappers out there, but many of them have been able to garner millions of plays without their career actually going anywhere.

Lil’ Mosey is a young artist that has already established himself as one of the best SoundCloud rappers, even though he is only 18 years old.

Lil’ Mosey is most known for his hit song “Blueberry Faygo”, and the video has since been trending on Youtube.

This alone has made him land on various Soundcloud rappers list out there, and he remains one of the best SoundCloud rappers out there.

Lil Pump

One of the sad truths about some of the best SoundCloud rappers is that some of them have died before they got to reach their full potential.

XXXTentacion was one of the top SoundCloud rappers in the world, and his death has definitely affected the list of Soundcloud rappers that are really making noise these days.

Similarly, Lil’ Peep’s death has already been a huge blow to the SoundCloud rapper community.



One artist that has managed to remain successful while also being one of the best SoundCloud rappers is Lil’ Pump.

Lil’ Pump even managed to score a collaboration with Kanye West, which is a testament to the fact that his career might be more successful than many others on a Soundcloud rappers list. He has also already put out several studio albums, as well!

Lil’ Skies

Among the new group of popular Soundcloud rappers, a Pennsylvania artist by the name of Lil’ Skies has really made a name for himself. He is only 21 but has already managed to score an Atlantic Records music deal.

He’s not just separated himself from the good Soundcloud rappers at this point, and the 21-year-old might end up going down as one of the top Soundcloud rappers ever.

His momentum is incredible when you consider that Lil’ Skies released his first mixtape in 2017, only several years ago. He now has songs with Wiz Khalifa, who is also from Pennsylvania.

Khalifa is one of the most popular rappers in the world and is also an entrepreneur himself. With connections like these, don’t be surprised when Lil’ Skies is considered one of the best SoundCloud rappers in the world very soon.

Lil’ Xan

There are many fans that would admit that Lil’ Xan belongs on the list of top Soundcloud rappers, even though he might be a bit strange to some.

He has been the source of controversy for some time, thanks to his personal relationships and the fact that he insulted Tupac Shakur early in his career. He might not be for everybody, but his music has still managed to get millions of views on various platforms.

Lil’ Xan is different from other popular Soundcloud rappers in that he offers more to his fans, whether it is speaking about his own mental health or providing insightful interviews with hip-hop media figures like Adam 22.

Either way, you will find him on various lists of Soundcloud rappers out there. Lil’ Xan is 23, and is best known for his song “Betrayed.” He has collaborated with well-known music artists like Swae Lee and Diplo, as well.

Lil’ Yachty

Many believed that Lil’ Yachty was one of the best SoundCloud rappers, but wouldn’t be able to have a successful music career. Yachty proved them all wrong by making so much money that he was able to make the Forbes list for rappers, which is a huge milestone that an artist has arrived.

He has also put out many hit songs since then and has collaborated with some of the most respected rappers in the world.

Yachty is one of the best SoundCloud rappers and has already been established in the music game for years. It is 2020 and he has been getting recognition since 2015, which is a lot of success that would make any list of Soundcloud rappers quite jealous.

The fact that he is still charting and relevant is a testament to the fact that he is easily one of the most popular Soundcloud rappers of all time.

Playboi Carti

There are many popular Soundcloud rappers out there, but few of them have seen the kind of success that Playboi Carti has.

Playboi Carti used to be signed to Awful Records but is now signed to Interscope Records.

For those who don’t know, Interscope is one of the biggest record labels on the planet and has been instrumental in the success of megastars such as Eminem and 50 Cent.

Playboi Carti managed to take his status as one of the best SoundCloud rappers and transition into a lucrative record deal, which isn’t easy.

Playboi Carti isn’t the most lyrical artist, and is often described as a “mumble rapper.” His songs often rely on melody more so than words, which is a significant trend when it comes to current hip-hop. His debut mixtape was released in 2017, and he has been on fire ever since.

One of the main reasons he was able to become successful is because he released “Magnolia”, one of the biggest songs of that year.

The fact that Carti used to shop at thrift shops has managed to turn him into a fashion symbol for many young people, as well, which has helped him gain followers on many various platforms.

He has even collaborated with major pop stars like Lana Del Rey! Playboi Carti continues to impress, and remains one of the most popular Soundcloud rappers out there.

Lil Uzi Vert

If you are going to make a list of Soundcloud rappers, Lil Uzi has to be mentioned, and it’s as simple as that. He has been one of the most popular SoundCloud rappers in the world and is arguably the best SoundCloud rapper in the world.

He actually sells hundreds of thousands of records, which isn’t normal for the average Soundcloud rapper. Many consider him to be the new “rock star” of rap music, continuing in the vein of Lil’ Wayne before him.

Lil Uzi Vert has already put out many hits, such as “Money Longer”, which charted in 2016. He hasn’t let up since and has even been nominated for various Grammy Awards.

He also recently released Eternal Atake, which ended up going #1 on the charts and leading to a lot of critical acclaims. One of the unique things about Lil Uzi Vert is that his biggest influence isn’t a rapper – it is the artist Marilyn Manson, who is known for controversy.

Rich The Kid

There are many famous “mumble rappers” out there, but Rich The Kid has risen up the ranks of the top Soundcloud rappers effortlessly. This is partially due to the fact that he was able to release a hit single, “New Freezer”, which featured Kendrick Lamar.

For those who don’t know, Kendrick Lamar is one of the most famous and critically acclaimed rappers in the world. Rich The Kid was also widely considered to be one of the best SoundCloud rappers in 2019, as well.


Many people love Soundcloud because it’s a great way to discover the best SoundCloud rappers. Of course, there will always be fans that debate about the top Soundcloud rappers, but one thing is for certain: it’s possible to truly gain exposure from the platform.

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Some artists have various paths to the music industry. They might go after certain influencers and make sure that they are constantly writing and tweeting about their music.

Some might make sure that they are mentioned by influential hip-hop websites, as well.

Either way, some of the most popular Soundcloud rappers have been able to let the music speak for itself, and establish a real fan base that can lead to real revenue.

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