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Introduction to VKontakte and It's Fame

VK is a short form for VKontakte. The Russian meaning for this is In Contact. VKontakte is a Russian online social networking service. It is available in many languages but the primary being the Russian language. VK is primarily used by the East Europeans especially the Russian users. VK has its base in Saint Petersburg in Russia. VK is said to have more than 60 million Russian users and about 460 million users all around the globe. VK is ranked second globally for the social networking service in 2017. It is ranked higher than Instagram and Twitter. It ranks in number five on the list of all available websites.

Just like all other social networking websites, the users can add friends, get followers, post photos in the gallery, chat and many more. One can create their own page just like Facebook for their business marketing purposes that you pursue in Russia. It has more of a Facebook kind of interface for itself. It has foursquare kind of check-ins. It has file sharing type like the Pirate Bay. VK is the most popular social media giant in Russia right now. It has 3 billion daily page views and should be no surprise. This social media platform is owned by Mail.ru which is a Russian Internet titan. VK strictly adheres to all the Russian laws in terms of copyright and IP address rights.

How To Create an Account in VKontakte

Creating an account in VKontakte is quite easy. You have to enter your name, mobile number, and a password. You will be sent a validation code to your mobile and upon verification, your account is set up. If users do not wish to submit their mobile numbers and if they own a Facebook account, then Facebook login credentials can be used to create an account in VK. It takes a total of about two minutes only to register and set up your VK account.

Once your account is created, you can fill your personal profile information to help the friends and people in your network know better about you. This includes gender, age, relationship status, work, education and many more. The funniest information to be filed here is if you smoke or do alcohol intake if you are into military which is appealing to many users as well.

You have an option to list down your priority in life such as family and children/career and money/entertainment and leisure/science and research/improving the world/ personal development/ beauty and art/fame and influence.

You can delete or deactivate your VK account in your profile settings and it gets deactivated for the next seven months. VK app is available to download and use in Android and Apple smartphones.

Best Features in VKontakte


If you are one who is interested to set up a new business in Russia, then VKontakte is the best place to do marketing for your business. You can easily get in touch with all the Russian users who are looking forward to smartphones tie-ups with you or are in search of your business products to purchase. The reach rate is very high if you create and run a VK business page for your service or product. These brand pages are called communities. VK is used to harness its power to influence your marketing campaign. One important thing is the language you use in these pages to involve them in the local culture and sense of humor.


The Search function is VK is extraordinary. It does not do the role of pulling information just within the social network like how Facebook does. Instead, it gathers information from anywhere and this includes adult content, latest pirated movies and much more. The searching algorithm is marvelous.


One can search for a lost friend by searching for information like where they live, which school they studied, age from 14 to 80, gender, relationship status, religious information, political views, if they smoke or drink, company that they work for or even if they have served in the military. This searchability makes VK as a complete dating service as well to find someone and get hooked. But an in-depth profile completed by the user is essential to find out a specific user.


It has much lesser privacy options. This makes hooking very easy.


Location monitoring in VK tells about something that is happening near your area or about something that has already happened. You get a more situational awareness if you use VK on a daily basis. This location data in VK is considered to be intelligent in business and security teams worldwide.

How To Increase the Number of Followers in VKontakte?

If you have a VK profile, increasing the number of followers to your account needs some tips and tactics. There are special services like the Social Media Daily team, for example, to buy VK followers to your profile or business page in no time. They do it quickly, safely and in a very short time that is unimaginable. They also do increase the number of followers in your other social media platform like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. There are many more companies that do this service of increasing traffic to your VK profile.

There are quite a few advantages to why you must avail such services. It saves a lot of time and effort from your side. You need not to do the marketing. You will be able to see the results in your business or community quite fast. This service is protected by the German data privacy act. So it is considered to be very secure and discreet. Your order will be checked manually by these services which are very handy for your business in its initial days. It is assured that you will get more followers than you have asked for and expected to your VK account or page. These teams provide free support and customized solutions whenever needed by you. They greatly support and help you grow your business. These highly talented marketing strategies are one reason there are many followers to VK social media services from around the world. So increasing the count of your followers is not so hard, if you hire these services and you need not to worry about learning Russia at all!

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