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All That You Need To Know About Twitch!

Introduction to Twitch

Twitch is an online video watching and broadcasting service founded in the year 2011. Twitch initially focused only on video games. Later it expanded its circle to music, artwork creation, talk shows, and TV series. Around 17000 users earn money from Twitch. It has ad placements and paid subscriptions too. Twitch came into the hands of Amazon in the year 2014. It is the highest traffic site in North America. Twitch can be viewed on their official website as well as in iOS mobile devices and Android devices. It can also be viewed in play stations like Xbox60, Xbox One, Sony Play station 3 and 4, Amazon Fire TV, Google chrome cast and NVIDIA SHIELD. It is completely free to watch videos in Twitch and no login is also required. Amazon has introduced the concept of Bits which is a digital currency with Amazon payments, that is used to make micro-donations in Twitch and Twitch Prime.

Artists, programmers, animators, and designers share their works in Twitch and attract more audience to their channel. Twitch resembles a social network site now. Twitch users can follow, direct message, connect via chat rooms, post status updates, like, share and comment. Some people have even quit their full-time job to make money from Twitch by streaming videos, making micro-donations, sponsorships, advertisements, and sales. But this requires a lot of dedication and time to stream videos for five to seven days to maintain their audience and their views.

About TwitchCon

TwitchCon is by Twitch which is an annual convention that happens for three days in either September or October. This event aims to celebrate video games and other streaming. It promotes new services to the users of Twitch and acknowledges their partners. There will be discussion panels, workshops and special party too.

How To Create An Account in Twitch

One can watch videos in Twitch without having to log in. But to perform certain tasks or enjoy certain Twitch features, it is essential to sign up and log in. To set up your Twitch account, click on the sign up in the right top of the Twitch official website. You need to enter username, password, email, birth date and click on the sign-up button at the bottom. Another method is simply just logging into Twitch account using your Facebook username and password and sign up step can be skipped.

New Features in Twitch


Tags are a new way for the streamers in twitch to describe their videos in more detail words and make it easier to find certain videos while you search for them. Tag filtering can help you narrow down your search options.


Replacing IRL is an added feature that has created a great impact in the streamers work flow.


The new categories option in the recent versions of Twitch has received a great welcome. Ten new categories are designed to help the viewers find the videos they love to watch. You can easily browse by categories as well as in search results.

Why Should You Buy Twitch Followers?

Twitch is one of the best places to view live streaming videos. It is very important for those streamers to have followers or fans to build your Twitch profile and make it popular to the wide audience. Some of the prime reasons why you must buy Twitch followers are as below:


Buying Twitch followers enhances or improves your social nearness and brings more individuals to your profile.


Twitch is a popular stage to enable your business clients to get pulled into your products and services. Businesses can upload their advertisements here and showcase their services to get more attraction to improve their sales rate. So to buy Twitch followers is very essential to promote any new or existing business to reach greater heights.


If you take measures to buy Twitch followers, you will get tremendous support from your followers and clients and will help to draw more clients in the near future.


It is 100% safe and authentic in content.

How To Buy Twitch Followers?


The social media marketing portals help you effectively to buy Twitch followers. You can approach the social media marketing agencies who have fixed payment structures to increase the number of your Twitch likes for a specific reason. They have a dedicated 24×7 customer service and the order is completed within a few days time depending upon the number of likes that you have ordered. They greatly support and help you grow your business. These highly talented marketing strategies are one reason there are many followers to Twitch uploads and channels from around the world. It saves a lot of time and effort from your side. You need not to do the marketing. You will be able to see the results in your business or community quite fast.


In other ways, you can also promote your Twitch videos posts or broadcasts on your own other social media pages like Facebook, twitter and Instagram to increase your post likes.

Tips on How to Get more Twitch views

In order to maximize your views for videos that you have broadcasted in Twitch, you need to consider the following items.

You have to post quality content for your videos. It must be relevant and hold on your viewers until the end of the video.

You can use the link of the uploaded videos to your website or blogs are generating a larger number of clicks, views, likes, and comments.

Build a recognizable brand for your Twitch account to enter the market and gain clicks. Online marketing is the key to success and gaining web traffic.

You can also buy Twitch likes from social media marketing agencies by paid means who earn Twitch likes and followers for your account in no time.

Give strong titles to your videos that will create an eagerness to watch your video content just by reading them. This increases your videos click bait.

Share your video links in your other social media accounts like the Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. You can also share your assorted form of videos in Reddit.

Be consistent and persistent in posting videos on your channels on a regular basis.

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