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Introduction to Tumblr

Tumblr is a new online platform that focuses on content mostly in the visual approach. It is somewhat similar to Twitter in terms of social networking and blogging. It was created by David Karp in the year 2007. It is a microblogging and a wonderful social networking platform to the younger generation to share their works and photos.

The posts can be in the form of a short form blog. Bloggers have an option to make their blog private here in Tumblr. It has a wonderful interface to share your works. This website has 555 million monthly visitors in the year 2016. It has about 420 million blogs. Tumblr is one of the fastest growing sites of the web. Companies like Newsweek, GQ, and few more brands are using Tumblr to connect with their reader and regular customers.

Tumblr has a free iPhone app with frequent updates on it. Via Tumblr, the users can post blog posts, wonderful pictures from your trips and digital arts. But with all these done, if you do not get followed, then there is no use in posting them. So to extend your Tumblr post and account reach, you have to work on it and get more interactive followers who will gain from your posts.

Best Features in Tumblr

Tumblr has some of the unique and best features within it. Once you enter, you can post any kind of multimedia like text posts, photos, links, quotes, audio, video and many more. You will be provided with a dashboard, where you can see what your followers post. You have the option to customize, schedule your post or go live. Themes can be used to customize your account look. Themes come for free as well as paid.

You can customize your Tumblr web address in your settings, set a profile photo and also modify settings like allowing replies for posts, let people ask questions, etc. You have options like People you can follow and People you may know to check accounts who have similar interests like you and grow your account.

There is a help page to explain how to use your Tumblr account that is really very helpful to new joiners. You can delete or deactivate your VK account in your profile settings. Did you know that you can buy TUMBLR Reblogs?

How To Buy Tumblr Followers?

Here are some of the best organic tips to increase your Tumblr account followers.


You need to be active on your Tumblr account. It is not just posting regular posts, but liking other people’s post, re-blog other people posts, follow and study others posts. You must show interest to what your fellow people are doing and showcasing in their accounts.


You need to post wisely in your account. Your posts need to be original and not copy caped. The post quality should engage your audience and make them into believing and trustworthy to gain more followers. Soon they will start to follow you and your followers will gradually increase.


It is very important to tag your posts with very apt keywords to increase your reach.


Unlike Facebook where you have multiple interests, Tumblr is more on a focused showcase of works such as graphic designing, cooking, photography, and fashion. This compels people to come and visit your account again and compliment your posts.


You can share your blog with people on other social media such as Facebook or Twitter to promote your site and make people aware that you hold an account in Tumblr that showcases your specific works. You can go by the strategy, Follow me and Get Followed back. This strategy is free and attracts traffic to your Tumblr web address quite easily.


Another famous method is people are buying followers on Tumblr. This is an alternate way to increase the Tumblr followers. Many websites and social media marketing web portals exist that helps you to buy Tumblr followers for a paid structure. Instant delivery systems, secure payments, and 100% satisfaction are provided by these portals and agencies to reach your expected number of followers to your page all across the globe. They solve your marketing issues and save time and effort from your side while you can be busy posting quality blog posts to your page. They have a fixed payment structure to buy 125, 250, 500 and 1000 followers to your account with a fixed turnaround time.

How To Buy TUMBLR Likes?


You can approach the social media marketing agencies who have fixed payment structures to increase the number of your Tumblr likes for a specific reason. They have a dedicated 24×7 customer service and the order is completed within a few days time depending upon the number of likes that you have ordered.


In other ways, you can also promote your Tumblr post on your own other social media pages like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to increase your post likes.

How To Buy Tumblr Reblogs?

Any post in your Tumblr from a particular Tumblr account that you are following can be posted on your own Tumblr account. This is called re-blogging. It is similar to Twitter’s re-tweet. You can report any interesting content to promote your page easily among the audience of similar interest. You can also get this done by paying to the social media promoting portals online that can be achieved in a fixed short duration. You can do it yourself by going to a particular post, add a comment and click on re-blog.

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