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Music video promotion is imperative. No artist or band can successfully reach out to their intended audience without multipronged music video promotion. Even the most successful artists in every celebrated genre have music video promotion companies charging a fortune and working day; night to generate traction.

Budding artists do not have a huge budget to hire major music video promotion companies. This does not imply there is no way to promote music video. There are affordable music video promotion services. There are different types of music video promotion packages as well. In this comprehensive guide, we shall discuss the top five ways to promote music video.

Sharing your videos

Every artist or band will upload their music video on YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram, and another major streaming platform. A snippet of the video should be shared on platforms that are not conducive to longer durations. A snippet can be uploaded on Twitter, TikTok and other social media platforms. Sharing is at the crux of music video promotion.

It is not sufficient to get a video uploaded on YouTube and Facebook, the largest video hosting platform and the largest social network in the world respectively. YouTube is also the second-largest search engine in the world. Whatever happens on the site exerts an influence on Google, Bing and various social media sites.

Sharing cannot be random if you wish to promote music video effectively. You cannot simply spam the timelines and feeds of your followers. Sharing should be timely and strategic. Regardless of when you upload a video on any of the platforms you choose, you must share the link with your followers and friends at a time when they are likely to be online.

If you share it when most people who follow you or are likely to get notified in their feeds are offline, then the link shall get drowned under more recent updates from others they have subscribed to. Effective music video promotion begins with the very act of uploading the file. The upload too should be timed when most of your intended listeners are online.

Optimize a Video for Every Platform

Every major hosting, streaming and sharing platform has its own algorithm. YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vimeo, and all such sites are regulated by their algorithms, which determine how new uploads are indexed, listed and presented to the general users. YouTube has its descriptions, tags and other requisites. Facebook too has a description and it also indexes tags.

Twitter is largely driven by hashtags. Optimization is not limited to tags. The title of a video should be optimized. The file should be indexed properly, especially in the right genre. The text in the description should be optimized using relevant keywords. Many artists publish the lyrics of a song and provide details about instruments or other relevant information to make the video more optimized for a platform.

MusicPromotionCorp is offering organic video promotion.

Since platforms do not have identical algorithms, despite the similar nature of how the sites operate, the optimization has to be distinct for every site. For any music video promotion campaign to be effective, the file should be uploaded and optimized specifically for every platform. The thumbnail used for the video on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter may be the same, but the descriptions and tags can be different.

The tags can be chosen on the basis of what is trending, how the users on these different platforms are likely to react to certain words and if there is a possibility of riding a wave. For instance, some artists take advantage of trends such as the top ten videos, most watched videos and genre-specific tags to get their creation featured on such lists.

Music Video Promotion using Search Engines

People do not spend a lot of time searching for any specific new content. Most users and especially the youth want the contents to be served to them, at the disposal of a tap or swipe. Most internet users will only spend a few seconds to get to a video they want to check out. If they do not get it, many are likely to watch something else.

The very few that will check the second and subsequent pages of search engine results will not provide much boost to the popularity of an uploaded video. This is regardless of the platforms where the video may be available.

Music video promotion companies try to get a track or song featured on relevant sites, in articles and other publications, so they can get first page placements in relevant searches. For instance, a video that is reported on by some news website or a platform dedicated to music will appear in the latest news and featured section of Google.

This is at the very top of the first page of search engine results for relevant keywords. A video must be optimized using all relevant keywords. Websites, blogs, and forums dedicated to a genre or more should be engaged to promote music video. Search engines track activity in real-time. As more people discover the music video, there will be a boost to traffic and this, in turn, will make the content appear more prominently on search engine results. This is also true for YouTube music video promotion.

Tools and Features for Music Video Promotion

Almost all platforms have certain tools and features for different types of promotions. YouTube has advertisements, organic featured sections, and inorganic recommendations. There are most watched videos too. Twitter has sponsored or promoted posts and trends. Facebook also allows for advertising. Real youtube promotion should be your priority in 2020.

Then there are featured such as tracking activity, engagement or impression, trends and other such data that can be compiled into an analytical report to understand the impact of a video. These tools and features can be used to promote music videos.

There are artists who are not too fond of paying for music video promotion services. It is also true that many users do not want to check out promoted tweets, sponsored posts, and links through advertisements. However, the tools and features available for Facebook, Vimeo, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube music video promotion cannot be discarded entirely.

They are being used extensively by many artists. Those who do not will simply miss out and hence might fail to reach out to the entire intended audience.

Music Video Promotion Packages

Music video promotion companies have the resources and expertise to deliver what typical strategies do not always succeed in. For instance, if you need a thousand views for your music video on YouTube and you were to rely only on organic viewership, then it may take several days or worse, you may not get as much traction.

There are millions of videos on YouTube that do not have even a thousand views. Viewership is not the only objective. A video must have sufficient likes, there should be some engagement through comments and there should be substantial sharing by the viewers. All these can be boosted with relevant music video promotion packages.

Promote music video with Music Promotion Corp. The holistic music video promotion services can help artists to get as many views as needed. Then one can pursue likes, comments, and shares. There are music video promotion packages to make creation go viral. There are videos that go viral organically. In many cases, such videos are strategically promoted to go viral.

This is not possible if an artist is confined to their friends and immediate social circle. It is necessary to reach out to a substantial number of people to make a video clock the views and likes that shall boost its chance of going viral.

Music video promotion companies use a plethora of tactics to form a multipronged strategy. Music Promotion Corp can offer comprehensive solutions or artists can choose distinct plans to serve the pressing needs. For instance, an artist or a band can get a thousand views for a video, a few hundred likes or some comments and shares. There can be a time-bound campaign to have the views and likes delivered quickly, so the video can go viral.

It should be noted that the campaigns of Music Promotion Corp are not sponsored posts or bot-driven views. People do not get to know that the views and likes are a result of a promotional campaign. They are as organic as views and likes can be. Music Promotion Corp plugs the music video to the target audience through various platforms, including social media.

Exposure is the key to youtube organic views. It is this exposure that Music Promotion Corp assures and thereby delivers the views and likes as chosen by an artist or a band.

Music Promotion Corp offers a state of the art solution for music video promotion. There are no click farms, the target audience is not enticed with any freebie or any such perk, there are no black hat practices at play and there is no artificial boost to the views or likes. The music video promotion packages are reasonably priced and all deliveries are time-bound.

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