If you are wondering how to get organic Spotify promotion, then this article will teach you how to do it. 

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    There are two types of promotions you can plan for Spotify. One is inorganic, which is paid promotion. The second is organic, which is a natural growth in outreach or exposure and popularity. Very few artists manage to do without paid or inorganic promotion.

    Both inorganic and organic promotion must coexist. One can follow the other or vice versa. There are specific methods to plan and execute the paid promotion, just as there are ways to get organic Spotify promotion

    Compared to earlier days, there is a drastic increase in the speed of the internet today. Across the world, the internet is available for high speed nowadays. This is the reason streaming music as well as videos are gaining high attention. The music and entertainment industry is expecting a lot from this increased speed of the internet. It has become easy to reach out to all these on the internet today for everyone.

    One of the widely used and most popular platforms when it comes to streaming music is Spotify. This site is majorly aimed for music streaming. This is one of the top websites where music lovers visit to listen to their favorite music. Along with this, they want to share the creativity on the internet. There is a significant increase in the number of people who are getting associated with Spotify.

    This is becoming a favorite site for music lovers for streaming music. This is the reason; people want to gain a significant and solid presence in this site especially the registered users. Musicians want to use this website very effectively.

    They aim to enhance Spotify streams along with their followers. To do this there are many tools available for promoting Spotify. So, musicians can make use of these and increase the number of followers they have.  Here are some of the very effective and best ways using which it is possible to promote the streaming of music on Spotify.

1.Use Spotify Playlists

    A quintessential prerequisite to gain popularity on Spotify is quality music. A quintessential requisite to get more organic Spotify plays is a quality playlist. Users on one of the most popular music streaming platforms in the world are familiar with playlists. Users create and share playlists. Artists do the same. The concept of the playlist is more significant on such platforms than what one may presume given the traditional role of such curated libraries of music.

    Playlists tend to cater to the specific interests of users. Fans of music get to celebrate the genre they love and they get to explore new songs or tracks and find undiscovered artists. This playlist feature should be utilized properly by artists.

    Artists can create their own Spotify playlists. They can bring together the best songs or the most relevant songs that can be clubbed together and present an awesome playlist to users. These playlists should be bespoke. Very few music aficionados love everything they hear, whether in a genre or by an artist.

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    Many people do not like all the songs by their most favorite artists or band. This is why creating a playlist is so important. It can have songs that are liked by all or most fans. Songs that are unlikely to have universal appeal can be promoted in other ways. A bespoke playlist can galvanize users and entice them enough to organic Spotify plays. Customized playlists are one of the best organic Spotify promotion tactics.

    Creating your own playlist can be an efficient and most clever way for a registered musician towards promotion on Spotify. So, they must choose songs and create a customized playlist. But one thing they must remember is the music or videos in the playlist must be from very popular artists. Along with these, they must be from types or groups in which the musician has an interest. Do not forget to include your own tracks in the created Spotify playlists.

    This music should give a similar feeling to music lovers like the ones already in the playlist. But do not overstuff the playlist with your own music. Usually, the listeners on Spotify look for new trends, new songs, and new artists on Spotify. They always aim to discover new Gems. They never look for the ones which are oversold. This is the reason one must always ensure that they are maintaining this proportion when they are creating the playlist.

2. Communicate with other artists:

    Many of the celebrated artists who have millions of fans around the world collaborate with one another from time to time. This is not an isolated phenomenon in the music industry. Every creative field witnesses people with similar talents and passions coming together for something larger than what they can individually create. Such a practice is relevant for artists looking for organic Spotify promotion.

    Artists who need to buy organic Spotify plays can collaborate to produce music so their collective inputs make for better creations and the involvement of multiple profiles can ensure exposure to their cumulated following. Two artists with varying numbers of followers can reach out to their collective following through collaboration, thus boosting both their organic Spotify plays. This can be sustained Spotify organic promotion if two or more artists can really bond well.

     Another way to collaborate with fellow artists is to create playlists. Any number of artists can come together, choose their best songs and prepare a customized playlist. This playlist can be featured on all their profiles. Each of their songs on the playlist gets exposed to the total following of all the artists involved.
This can be the best organic Spotify playlist promotion if done right as the outreach can be increased exponentially.

    The followers of artists are genuine and they are already interested in the kind of music they produce. Multiple artists reaching out to such a larger and relevant following means the traction generated will be genuine and sustainable. This is real organic Spotify promotion that can boost plays and followers. Celebrities in every major industry provide a boost to one another by urging their fans to follow others and back them. The same can happen with Spotify’s organic promotion through collaboration.

    Find artists who have similar interests as you. They must be of the same genre. Always try to communicate with them and create a playlist that has their work and yours. This will help in the promotion since they will also add you to their playlist. This will lead to your association in many other Spotify playlists rather than single ones. In the future, this can lead to a number of followers and targeted plays. This is considered as the best way for Spotify promotion which helps to promote the music through varied channels and platforms.

3. Upload your music

    This may be deemed as a given but it is not. Most artists do not worry about availability after they upload music to popular platforms such as Spotify. It should be noted that all users do not have similar access to the entire inventory of music on Spotify or other such platforms.

    There are premium users who get exclusive access to a special library. It is for the artists to make sure their music is available to one and all. This can be done on Spotify and it should be complemented with similar availability on other platforms. There can be some exclusive songs available on Spotify and to some users, say for those who follow an artist. This can be an exception and not the norm. Limiting access will always hinder organic Spotify promotion.

    Another best way through which one can do Spotify playlist promotion is to list their songs in other music vendors which are top online. It is easy to find music vendors online. This can become one of the very effective methods of promoting your music. This will help listeners who are not able to listen to the playlist for free on Spotify.

4. Use Online Advertisements and Sponsored Posts

   This obviously does not sound like Spotify organic promotion. One has to pay for online advertisements and sponsored posts. There are two effects of such campaigns. One is inorganic wherein people come across the ads or sponsored posts and click. The other is organic wherein people do not click on the links but are made aware of an artist and their song on Spotify or elsewhere. Such advertisements can be published on social networks and social media.

    Even search engines, blogs and other third-party platforms that are relevant, as well as popular, can be leveraged for the same purpose. The best organic Spotify promotion is one that creates a ripple effect. There should be a chain reaction of sorts wherein a few people playing a song should lead to more listeners and there will be a sustained increase in the number of followers in due course of time.

    Facebook Ads are among the best ways in which music artists choose to promote their music. People who like Spotify can be targeted through these Ads. This works through age and location. So, based on your targeted audience age it is possible to look for users on Facebook. Send the Spotify link to the users after choosing the age group.

    This is the means through which there is a high chance of increasing the number of followers. Give a direct link to the page and then request for linking the same page. This is considered as a direct and very effective method when it comes to Spotify promotion. These are all considered as organic Spotify promotion. But there are inorganic ways as well for Spotify promotion.

5. Buy Organic Spotify Plays

    This again does not sound like real organic Spotify promotion. But this is necessary and especially for artists who are failing to get enough organic Spotify plays on their own. When you buy organic Spotify plays, you are getting real and active people listening to your songs. These are high-quality profiles.

    What they play and listen to has a bearing on other users. The chain reaction that is necessary for sustained and significant Spotify organic promotion can be triggered by this tactic. The best organic Spotify promotion campaigns are those that use inorganic methods as the foundation and cause a ripple effect.

    Last but not least, there is one inorganic method as well for Spotify music promotion. This is nothing but buying followers. This can help the musicians in enhancing their social credibility.  Along with this, this can even bring the highest boost for the musician’s Spotify profile as well.

     Spotify is considered as the one among the phenomenal platform which is currently available for musicians. It helps in establishing a name as well for your art and creativity. But if the musician is unable to gain followers or they have listeners and followers in number which is below average then they must think of some method. This method should bring them a significant Spotify followers list in the expected time interval.

    Through organic methods, it can become a challenge to increase this number without having expected success on Spotify. So, they can turn to inorganic methods like buying Spotify followers, playlists and gaining promotion through this. Every profile demands some initial boost. So, buying followers at the right time can bring this boost required.

    Through this method, it is possible to make a profile to look more genuine with a significant number of followers. This can also bring out more and more organic followers since they automatically get attracted by looking at the existing number of followers. It is also possible to buy Spotify Plays for music which can bring out creditworthiness for the music. This also helps in making the songs more and more relevant for the particular group of listeners.

Songs also look legitimate since there will be an enhanced number of plays. Through the increasing number of plays more and more organic listeners will start trusting you and automatically there will be an increase in plays for your music.

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