There are all sorts of ways to get more Spotify followers, but some methods might work for certain artists more than others.

You might be a band that loves the spotlight and is willing to put out content every day with your Spotify link in order to get more Spotify followers.

You also might be a more elusive artist that still wants to get more Spotify followers, but wants to follow a different kind of content strategy. Either way, we all know that the more followers, the better the metrics – and the better chance that more people will listen to your album on Spotify.

It would be great if every artist could make a living just off their streams, but the truth is that this isn’t the case for some major artists.

You should be figuring out how to get more Spotify followers, whether it’s figuring out how to buy Spotify followers or simply go viral in order to make sure that their fan base is constantly growing.

Upload All Your Music

Artists can be very particular people, and they might feel like not all of their songs are ready to be uploaded on the platform. However, how many times have you enjoyed the music that your friends haven’t?

It doesn’t matter who your fans are or where they live, you’d be surprised at the kinds of songs that are appreciated. We all know that quality beats quantity – but when it comes to first uploading music, you should be uploading as much as possible.

You can always be picky about what songs you upload later, but your first focus should be figuring out how to get more Spotify followers. You might find that many of your followers want to check out your other albums and songs, so uploading everything that you can is the right move.

Marketing Tactics

There are so many ways for you to get more Spotify followers, but it might take some creativity. Let’s say that you have 9,000 followers, and you just noticed that a song of yours went viral.

One great way to get more Spotify followers is to say that you have a surprise for your 10,000th follower, which might lead many people to go to your Spotify and follow you there.

This is the kind of marketing tactic that can help you gain Spotify followers without actually having to buy Spotify followers.

There are all sorts of contests and giveaways that you can do as you get more Spotify followers, or you might even tease a new single and say that you will only release it once you reach a certain amount of followers.

You also might be interested in getting other artists to promote you, and you might even consider paying influencers to get more Spotify followers.

You should figure out the best marketing strategies for you, and understand what you are comfortable with before going forward with any specific marketing tactic.

The right marketing tactic can save you a lot of money because it can mean some organic growth rather than resorting to buying Spotify followers.

Going Viral

There are some artists that don’t mind going a little farther in order to get more Spotify followers, although some of these tactics are a bit see-through. You might want to go viral by pretending to have an issue with a fellow artist, only to reveal to the public that it’s a joke and a ploy to get more Spotify followers.

While some fans may find this funny, it’s important to know that it won’t work with every fan. However, it can definitely help you get more Spotify followers.

You can also utilize all the tools at your disposal to get more Spotify followers. You might go live on Instagram and answer fan questions and tell them that you need to get more Spotify followers.

You may find that this is a great way to connect with fans while also helping out your Spotify numbers.

Other artists go viral by trying to cause controversy thanks to a particular comment, tweet, or interview.

To some, this might be a cheap way to go about Spotify promotion, but it might make sense for artists who have a sense of humor or don’t take themselves too seriously.

A viral video/tweet/post can do a lot, and it doesn’t have to be a joke, either. As an artist, you might have a positive message to send out that has nothing to do with music.

You might even go viral based on something that you said regarding politics, for example. While this might be too divisive a strategy for some, the truth is that going viral can absolutely help with Spotify promotion.

Spend Money

Artists often get comfortable when they become successful. There’s a good chance that you’ve heard about major recording artists that spent millions of dollars and ended up going broke.

However, there are many other artists that make a significant amount of money and are eager to invest back into themselves.

If you have the resources, you could potentially get more Spotify followers by buying up ads. You might even want to contact Spotify and ask them if you can partner with the platform in some way.

An artist with lots of resources can do so much to get more Spotify followers. They might throw a rooftop party at a nightclub to make sure that all fans know about your Spotify profile.

You could potentially even do a surprise show for free as a way to get more Spotify followers.

You could also ask mentors and peers how to get more Spotify followers, as well – and tell them that you are willing to spend money to make sure that the strategy works.

Reveal More

Artists can feel the pressure of money and fame, and end up being very private when it comes to their personal life. However, there is a major issue here.

There are many stars out there that are open about their lives, and fans feel more connected to them thanks to the content that they are putting out.

If you are an artist on social media but only update your fans several times a year, this isn’t a smart strategy regarding how to get more Spotify followers.

You will want to reveal more about your life, whether it involves your family, relationship, friends, or more. Fans want to know what you like to do for fun, and you could upload photos of meals that you cooked or trips that you took.

You don’t necessarily have to spend thousands of dollars on Spotify promotion.

Sometimes, the best way to get more Spotify followers is simply to let fans get a sneak peek into your life, whether it’s showing how you record a song or footage of you traveling on tour.


There are all sorts of executives and marketers that are constantly worrying about how to get more Spotify followers. One thing that’s important is to make sure that your followers are constantly growing.

If you are an active artist and you notice that your Spotify fans are dropping – this is a huge issue. You should research and find out what exactly is happening there, and figure out how to get more Spotify followers.

Most of the time, artists get more Spotify followers but then the number ends up tapering off. It might spike up based on a single that is promoted, or a video that ends up going viral.

The best way regarding how to get more Spotify followers is to figure out the best platform that works for you, whether it’s Instagram or Twitter, and to consistently plug your Spotify profile.

Of course, you can update your pictures and bio as much as possible, which is great when it comes to fan engagement and keeping things interesting.

Some artists don’t buy Spotify followers and still manage to end up going viral, and thus get more Spotify followers constantly.

Others might spend thousands of dollars to get more Spotify followers, but never truly are able to get the fan base that they want.

You should make sure that your goals are realistic. If you are an independent artist, you shouldn’t beat yourself up if you don’t have a million Spotify followers.

You should work steadily towards 10,000 followers, and engage with those fans to make sure that they are telling your friends about your music.

At the end of the day, it’s not just about how to get more Spotify followers – it’s about how to get more fans. You might be performing every night, and realize that yelling out to follow you on Spotify actually can help you.

You also may realize that in the short-term, the option to buy Spotify followers is the best move. Either way, you should always be growing as an artist, and making sure that your fans grow with you.

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