Many artists are focused on their art, and there is nothing wrong with that. After all, there are many examples of artists who have perfected their craft over the years, and even decades, and have a certain way of approaching music that doesn’t make sense in modern times.

Of course, many of these legends are often considered “legacy acts”, and they don’t need to promote on all of the top music social media sites since they are already (typically) internationally known.



If you are serious about a strategy involving social media sites for music artists, you might be surprised at how much this can help artists make money.

There are so many music media sites out there, and you might have already thought about how one particular brand makes sense for your platform.

Let’s say that you’re in a band with someone that also happens to be a music video director.

While artists usually would have to outsource the job to a music video director – the band member might take the time and care to make the video something special. It might be better for this band to focus on a Youtube music channel rather than browse through band networking sites, in this case.

There are all sorts of apps, sites, and platforms where you can gain a following.

Fans want to know more about their artists, and it doesn’t matter if it’s memes, Tiktok dance videos, or Instagram selfies: the right music promotion on the top music social media sites can be extremely beneficial to artists in any genre.

Your strategy has to be more about just music media sites, but it can play a huge role in your career.


Many artists have been discovered thanks to a Soundcloud promotion package, and Music Promo Corp understands how to help artists with SoundCloud marketing.

The platform is beloved by many artists, and some have gotten their start because they uploaded their music, and it ended up getting popular on Soundcloud. In fact, there’s an entire group of rappers that are known as “Soundcloud rappers” because that is where they were discovered.

MusicPromotionCorp is offering the best SoundCloud promotion services that will help you get thousands of new plays.


Spotify can be a great tool to figure out what your fans like if you are a newer artist is to upload as much music as possible to Spotify.

If you find out that your fans are constantly going back to one of your songs, it might be a good idea to release or re-release that song, for example.

In addition, once you are verified on Spotify – you can get some incredible insight from Spotify.

MusicPromotionCorp is offering the best Spotify promotion services that will get your music viral.

It remains to be one of the largest music media sites in the world, and its playlists are carefully curated.


There is simply no way that we can talk about top music social media sites without Instagram. There are so many ways for artists to promote their music on Instagram.

You might be an underground artist who goes live on Instagram to speak with them about their new project, or also use Instagram to post motivational quotes that speak to your fans. In addition, you can also document accomplishments that your fan might be proud of!

If you are familiar with music social media, you might be aware that many successful artists post photos and videos of awards that they have won or the fact that their song has reached a certain amount of streams or sales.

Instagram is also important to the music industry in general because it can help when it comes to forming connections, relationships, and alliances.

Many drama websites now report when a major artist unfollows another artist, especially if there are some associated events regarding their working relationship.

If you are looking for Instagram Promotion then MusicPromotionCorp packages are the right choice for you!

As if this wasn’t enough, music artists can also get paid millions to promote products and services on Instagram, and it can be a great way to promote projects, merchandise, tours, and more. Some might argue that Instagram is the most important music social media platform in the world.

Join Reddit Music Forums

It isn’t always easy to be a musician, and there are many other musicians who might feel your pain.

They can often offer you tips about which venue owner might be harder to deal with, what makes sense in terms of a booking fee, or simply how to get more attention through sweepstakes or contests.

Wouldn’t it be great for an artist to start thinking about band networking sites? You might end up connecting with some musicians that not only become friends but can help become professional contacts, as well.

If you end up becoming a successful artist, a Reddit AMA is a great way for fans to interact with you. You can show that you are down to earth and have a sense of humor, and maybe musician AMAs on Reddit have ended up going viral.

In addition, you might also answer mysteries about old lyrics, speak on past scandals, or offer exclusive information about a new project. You might not think of Reddit as one of the top music social media sites, but it can be a great marketing tool!


It’s hard to deny the power of Twitter, and it doesn’t seem to matter who you are. You might be a comedian that ends up going viral, which leads to a respected comedian asking you to open for him.

You might even be a writer who can showcase the value of a newsletter or a business that can quickly handle customer complaints.

Of course, musicians have also taken to Twitter to do things like announce tour dates, speak out about causes that they believe in, and interact with fans.

One of the great things about Twitter vs music media sites is that it offers a way for an artist to DIRECTLY SPEAK to their fans or clarify something regarding their music/career.

It’s also one of the best band networking sites in the world. You might get notifications from fans begging you to record with another artist, only to find that a collaboration would make a lot of sense.

It’s not just about fans making connections, either, you can follow and DM bands that you respect and make connections that way, as well. Some of the most successful musicians have been able to show a different side to their fans on Twitter, and it remains a great music social media tool.

There are some artists that have a very specific demographic and are trying to achieve something very specific with their band social networking sites.

It doesn’t matter if you are a struggling artist or a world-famous one, Snapchat is the kind of platform where artists can market without it coming across as too “glossy” or “flashy” Snapchat is a great way to send out information quickly to fans, and many music artists use it more than other music media sites.

It should be noted that Snapchat isn’t one of the best social media sites for music artists if you have an audience of older individuals.

If you are a pop band or a rapper that a lot of college students love, however, you might find that the platform can literally help you get all sorts of entertainment deals.

You might offer motivational lessons like DJ Khaled did, and he is known for mastering the Snapchat platform when it comes to overall marketing and promotion.


You might be a social media genius, but that doesn’t mean that your music is going viral. You should constantly be working on making your music better, as often as possible.

Professional musicians are also aware of the feedback that they get, and are constantly trying to figure out the way to move forward in terms of their musical path.

The music media sites can be a great way to promote your new album, but it’s important to remember that the music should always come first.

Band networking sites can definitely help you make connections, but it’s also important to not force a relationship.

If you find that you are constantly contacting a band for a favor, you might have to accept the fact that they aren’t necessarily open to collaboration or partnership of any kind.

You may also never think of it at the time, but band networking sites can lead to the kind of professional relationships that help you for years to come.

You shouldn’t take this personally, and you should still come up with your own principles about how to engage fans on the top music social media sites. How often will you be tweeting/posting? What kind of tweets will you choose to ignore, and why?

What will your pinned tweet be, and which top music social media sites should you post on first, before the others? It will take extensive research on top music social media sites to find the right answers during these questions, but it can reward you tremendously in return.

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