You are an independent artist looking out for ways to promote your work. The latest trend and the strategically appropriate move is to market your work online. These days the artist or musician himself can put his work on different platforms that are available online. This may sound quite easy to an onlooker but is always a very tiring and time-consuming job. There are around20,000 songs uploaded every day on these platforms which equals to around 60,000 songs in a month, which puts up a lot of competition in the market.

    To get noticed in this kind of competition is itself a hard task. All artists want to get noticed by record labels so that they can release their music, but it is getting harder and harder these days, so many of the artists are turning into self-publishing so that they can at least release their music. To make it little easy for you all artists out there we will share some of the best music promotion services that you can look into and utilize to attain the limelight.

Top 5 Quick Ways To Promote Your Music By Yourself


Here is a list of 5 music promotion services or platforms that one can employ or use on their own to gain the popularity:

  1. Make your own Website and Musician Blog – First and foremost thing that you as an artist should do, is to make a Website and start a blog. This has become easier and requires very less technical knowledge. One can do it himself using sites like Word Press. Your main target should be to divert all the followers and listeners to your website where they can get up-to-date information on your music and through your blog they can get to know your lifestyle and can relate to you and your work as an artist. Here they can find a link to buy your music, so if interested they can make purchases.
  2. Use Social Media Platforms- One of the most trending and widely used music promotion services generally include using Social media Networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many more. To increase the popularity of one’s blog or website also, we have to reach out to social media platforms. This is due to the fact that many of you can say billions of people are using social media and are present on it. Such a huge mass of people can’t be approached using any other technique. Best social media platforms are Facebook, Instagram but even Twitter and Snapchat has their benefits.
  3. YouTube Promotions This is one platform which if used appropriately can fetch as good results as you can imagine. This will help you in reaching out to the masses. Though there are various platforms available still YouTube is the number one platform for music streaming online. People can easily watch your music videos here and share them with the other potential followers as well. Tagging and using the right keywords is the key to get a great result on this platform.
  4. Some other platforms- Some of the other platforms that one can use are SoundCloud, Online Radio, or other blogs. SoundCloud is also a very big music streaming website, where you can post your music. You can open a free account on this website and paid services are also available which gives you higher visibility and download limit. Online Radio some may argue that this service has gone obsolete but recently it has been revived and people are connecting to it more often, so you can also use the same. Getting featured on other popular blogs is what will increase your popularity. These bloggers who are relevant to your field and have the same audience which you want to target if recommend your song after listening to it, your fan base will increase and you can immediately see the difference in the uptake of your followers.
  5. Promote your music on Music Streaming Services – Some of the examples which will make you understand are Spotify, iTunes, Tidal and many more. If you are able to get into their playlists, you will get points to every time your music is played. One can also advertise their tour information on these sites. To get on these sites you need to use Digital Distribution Services like CDBaby and Tunecore. People generally listen to music on their streaming services. If you are able to promote on these streaming services you can gain a lot of fans and followers. Digital Distribution Services is music promotion services which provide you with the chance to get on the playlist on a very limited amount and packages that will match your budget. Signing up is generally free on these Digital Distribution Services like CDBaby. But you tend to pay for whatever services you employ from them.

Points to look out when hiring a music promotion service:

Some of the pointers to keep in mind when hiring a music promotion service provider are:

  • When looking for an agency if you are asked to invest your own money that means that company doesn’t trust you but can take your money. You should avoid such companies.
  • If a company suggest that they can get you some fixed number of views or plays, beware they can be using underhanded techniques to achieve the same. You are not looking for underhand techniques to attain one-time success, real success is only when these views or play convert into your fan base.
  • A clear and concise bid should be made by the company you are hiring, if not so or they ask for your expectations then they may not know the workings of the industry.

We hope these pointers help you in recruiting the best company for your purpose.

The discussed 5 ways will help you promote your music online. These music promotion services can be used by the artist himself and one can always employ external service providers which can make the process smooth and hassle-free for them.

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