There are so many artists out there that are focused on getting more of a buzz in their own city. While there is nothing wrong with music artists focusing on their local area, the truth is that successful artists quickly plan out a roadmap and figure out how to reach other cities, states, and countries.

London is a global financial hub, but it’s also getting a lot more respect in the music industry. London’s relationship with music is a rich one, and it’s one of the reasons that there are so many famous recording studios in London.

Artists in London might not care much about the history of the studio, and many are simply looking for cheap music recording studios in London.

However, as your career grows, you may find it more necessary to step it up in terms of sound recording London.

Here are some recording studios in London that you should know about if you are serious about a future in music.







Understanding Requirements

There are many artists out there with so many different demands when it comes to the ways that they create music.

Some artists might want their studio to be soundproof or might not appreciate the fact that some artists use the sound recording London studio as a place to socialize rather than work.

Other artists want to make sure that they are choosing a famous recording studio in London with a lot of space and offering a specific amount of inspiration.

You will have to think about your music career and whether the rates are worth it. If you are making millions of dollars as a music artist, you might think that there is nothing wrong with recording at the best music studios in London, even if they cost over a thousand dollars per hour.

MusicPromotionCorp is offering music promotion services that can help you in promoting your music in the UK.

Of course, this isn’t an option for the singer that is struggling to pay the rent and wants to find one of the cheap music recording studios in London to finally record their debut album.

You and your team should figure out what you are prioritizing in terms of sound recording studio London.

Are you looking to record at a studio that has a rich music history?

Are you hoping to find a recording studio London that has as many amenities as possible?

Are you limited in your recording studio London search because you have so many members in your band that many studios cannot even fit all of you in there at once?

You should understand these requirements and do some extensive research in terms of the best music studios in London.

RAK Recording Studio

There are so many artists around the world that might want a recording studio London on their tour, thanks to sudden inspiration.

They might not need much other than a safe space, and a couple of music engineers that know what they are doing.

If you believe that Google Reviews are a great metric for determining recording studio London that works for you – your choice might be RAK Recording Studio.

RAK Recording Studio has so many positive reviews that it’s hard to argue: music artists clearly love this place and believe that it is one of the best music studios in London.

If you are an artist or band that doesn’t mind working all day or all night, there’s an added plus: a fully furnished kitchen!

For artists with a large team or entourage, this might allow for dietary preferences, and add to an overall “cozy” vibe that can lead to creating some incredible music.

The staff is also friendly and quite attentive, which is another reason why it’s always associated with incredible recording studios London UK. The studio was founded in 1976.

Hot Money Studios

Many studios belong on the list of the best music studios in London, but the list of people that have recorded at Hot Money Studios is impressive.

It can be tough to find the kind of studio that can handle all of the needs of modern music, but Hot Money Studios is the kind of place where international rapper Stormzy might record.

It certainly isn’t the kind of cheap music recording studios in London that independent artists can afford, but it is certainly one of the best music studios in London currently.

The studio has some incredible reviews, even if it isn’t the cheap music recording studios in London that might have a more “raw” creative energy.

Many believe that if you are serious about studio recording London, Hot Money Studios is the best choice that an artist can possibly make!

The studio was founded by creatives in the music industry, so they “understand” music in a way that few other studio owners do.

The Premises

There are many big names when it comes to sound recording London, and they might be a famous recording studio in London that is known because a legendary group once recorded their album there.

However, there are other studios where the staff clearly is more focused on just profiting than actually working with you to create the best music possible.

The Premises is widely considered to be one of the best music studios in London, and it actually features a solar-powered studio!

The Premises hasn’t won awards simply because it’s eco-friendly. Rihanna, one of the most successful singers in the world, has recorded at The Premises.

When you consider that other famous artists like Lily Allen and Nina Simone have also recorded there, you begin to understand as a sound recording studio London that is one of the best.

Trident Studio

Some studios are simply legendary in terms of world music history, and Trident Studio is one of them.

It is definitely one of the best music studios in London and is immensely respected because artists like The Rolling StonesDavid Bowie, and Tina Turner have recorded there.

It simply is hard to beat that kind of music history! It is clear that Trident Studio will be considered an important sound recording London studio for years and even decades to come.

The studio is also widely considered to be ahead of its time. Artists that were working there were often tinkering with technology to figure out how to push the boundaries of sound.

In fact, Trident Studio was the first UK recording studio London to ever use Dolby noise reduction, ever!

It’s this kind of history that is hard to compete with if we are talking about a famous recording studio in London.

In fact, the studio’s history is also closely intertwined with the history of one of the most famous rock bands in the world, Queen.

Some amazing classic albums that have been recorded at Trident Studio, and it’s the kind of studio that many professional musicians have as a goal or milestone.

It might not be one of the cheap recording studios London that you are hoping for, but if you want to be inspired in one of the best music studios in London, you might want to choose Trident Studio.

Abbey Road

If we are talking about the best music studios in London, there is simply no way that there can be a list without Abbey Road Studios.

For those who don’t know, The Beatles actually named an album after the studio, which has helped cement its legacy forever.

The studio has existed since 1931, and it’s widely considered to be a massive piece of music history.

Abbey Road is undoubtedly one of the best music studios in London, and there are few music critics and fans that would argue about this fact.

Kanye West, one of the most famous rappers of all time, has also recorded at the studio.

Some might even say that Abbey Road is not only one of the most famous recording studios in London but in the entire world!

It might not be the most realistic option for an independent artist, but it has to be mentioned on any list of the best music studios in London.


London has been such an important city in terms of music history, and it’s not surprising that some of the best music studios in London also happen to be some of the best music studios in the world.

If you are an artist, you should focus on creating the best music possible, and the cheap music recording studios in London might be a better option, because you can save money for other aspects of your music career, like promotion or mixing/mastering.

Some artists want to make sure that they cross out on their list that they have recorded at a famous recording studio in London, but it’s best to make sure that the staff understands music and that the studio has everything that you will need.

Other artists might know that some of their peers love recording at a studio or take a recommendation from a music label executive. Either way, finding a recording studio London for your needs shouldn’t be that tough after a little research.

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