There are so many different ways for artists to become famous, and maybe are able to become famous simply off of one viral song.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that a lucrative career is in the cards, but it does mean that technology and social media can break artists that connect with fans in a certain way.

Of course, a successful career isn’t just about having millions of followers or getting millions of streams: it’s about creating and engaging with a fan base that allows an artist to survive, or even thrive.

Many artists have been able to be successful thanks to touring, and the strength of their live shows.

Many struggling artists might WANT to play more shows but don’t know how to get booked for shows. There is a lot of energy that is required to contact venues and figure out whether you can play their venues or open up for other major artists, and you might get rejected.

However, a venue that is known for your genre of music might eventually say yes to you, and you may even be asked to return if your live show is successful.

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Put In The Work

Let’s say that you are an artist or part of a band that is trying to figure out how to book shows. If you have the time and energy to really understand how to book shows, you should go out of your way to do some research. What city do you live in, and have any acts been signed from there?

If you do know of some bands that have become successful in your city, where did they start playing? Does the music industry recognize this venue as a potential place to find talent, or are you simply looking up the bar down the street that your neighbors hang out at?

It’s important to make these distinctions if you are 100% serious about understanding how to book shows and gain more exposure.

You should be making a list of venues that make sense for your art, whether it’s based on your sound, image, or otherwise. If you are a pop singer, you shouldn’t be reaching out to metal band venues and discussing how to book my band.

Instead, you should be making a comprehensive list of all of the best venues for a pop singer, and begin writing down their contact information and figuring out who to speak to for more information.

Make The Right Connections

You can do all of the research you want about how to get booked for shows, but what’s the point if you don’t actually end up reaching out to these individuals? First, you will want to check the website of the venue. This should also give you more of an idea of the clientele that they expect and the music that they listen to.

If you are a rapper, there is no point in compiling a list of dozens of jazz clubs and reaching out to them – it is clear that they are focused on booking jazz music for their club, and that’s what their customers expect.

Similarly, you will want to note the acts that they mention on the website, and see how your music fits in with theirs.

You should also pay attention to any special directions that the website may have in terms of establishing a connection. A venue website might say to e-mail their booking manager, and you should follow the instructions in those cases.

There are so many shows that weren’t booked because an artist didn’t carefully follow instructions, or because a band’s e-mail got lost in a spam filter. At the end of the day, there has to be some sort of connection established.

If your e-mails go unanswered, there is nothing wrong with picking up the phone and asking to speak to the person at the venue responsible for booking shows.

You might be able to get an answer regarding how to book shows as soon as possible, and the process might be easier than you ever expected.

One of the great things about e-mailing venues is that you can also tell them WHY you should be booked while figuring out how to book my band. For example, you can offer links to music videos, and explain that they have garnered a certain amount of views.

This is important information to the venue, who is trying to make sure that they attract enough people for the show to be a success, and they can sell food/drinks to these people, as well.

You can also add links to collaborations that you may have done, or even links to videos of live shows! In this manner, you can put your best foot forward when it comes to understanding how to book shows – and you might get a response quicker.

Let’s be clear: you and the venue want the same thing. There are plenty of people out there that are poring over the best way to go about booking shows for independent artists, understanding that there is a gap in the market and they can capitalize.

After all, if you are a successful act, or on your way, that venue then becomes known as the venue that was booking your band early on! If you want to figure out how to get booked shows as a rapper, or a band: it takes the right amount of outreach, tenacity, and persistence.

Ultimately, the key to booking shows for independent artists requires some sort of connection. If you don’t feel like these are the tools that work for you, then just walk into the venue and speak to someone directly!

You’d be surprised to find that a face-to-face connection can do wonders for your career, and your booking manager might eventually find that it’s the best approach regarding how to book your own shows, and how to get booked for shows as a rapper.

Strategies To Promote

Many artists are trying to figure out how to get booked for shows, and they aren’t thinking too much about how to promote the actual show IF they get booked.

There are so many ways for artists to promote their music and show, whether it’s through established social media channels like Facebook or tweeting about their show.

Our music promotion packages can help you with the initial push you need to get more shows.

Your band might have noticed that their Instagram has way more followers than other social media channels, and decide to use Instagram as their primary strategy.

Either way, it’s important to examine insight/metrics regarding your band and coming up with a unique content strategy to figure out how to book your own shows.

There are also other ways to promote your music show – why not engage your fans? Let’s say that you have just created some incredible band merchandise and want to come up with a unique way to promote your new clothing line. In this way, a couple of tweets saying that you can retweet or buy tickets for a chance to win some merchandise – it might be the perfect way to promote it!

Even if you have fans that aren’t in the same city as the show, they might still have a chance to see the merchandise and be interested in supporting you. Your fans can also become your biggest advocates, and can help you figure out how to book shows in THEIR city!

You can also ask your fans questions about the live show to make it clear that you have a show on that specific night/weekend.

For example, you can ask your fans to guess what songs will be played, or give recommendations on the setlist. After all, you want your fans to enjoy the show, correct?

If the fans are ranting and raving about your band on social media, it might also be an additional tool when it comes to figuring out how to book shows. Your fans might even tweet at certain venues and ask them how to book bands for my venue, as well, which can help your career.

One of the beautiful things about establishing a fanbase in more than one city is that they can end up advocating for you to local radio stations and venues.

They might even know someone who works at a venue, who can give you an “in” when it comes to figuring out booking shows for independent artists.


It doesn’t matter if you are a band, rapper, or singer, it can be quite difficult and confusing to understand how to get booked for shows. You might have connections in your hometown, but unsure about what other cities are open to booking you.

Your band should understand that they might not get booked everywhere, but they can use past shows as leverage.

You can point out the other venues that have booked you, and make it clear to the venue that your band/music is gaining traction and becoming more popular.

In this manner, the venue might be excited to book acts that can help them become more respected in their community.

Another important thing to emphasize is that you really should be following up in terms of communication. You might have e-mailed a venue once or twice, or made a phone call or two. This might not be enough when it comes to booking shows for independent artists, and the venue might only be interested in booking established artists.

However, plans change – and remaining open lines of communication are extremely important. You should recognize that it might take days or even weeks for them to get back to you.

It can be difficult to understand how to get booked for shows as a rapper, and you might need to have the right connections. It’s important to emphasize that sometimes it’s about personality and networking.

There might be an event where you meet a booking manager who is respected for being able to find talent.

If this booking manager is on your side, it might change the rules regarding how to book my band and understanding how to book your own shows.

You should do everything in your power to figure out an organic music promotional strategy, and then use that leverage to figure out how to book shows.

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