Succeeding in the super competitive and cutthroat world of the music industry today – especially on Spotify – can feel like a real uphill battle.

Sometimes you can have the greatest music, the freshest sound, and a real passion for creating incredible art headed just isn’t enough to break in and rise above all of the noise that clutters up the world of music today.

Sure, you can try and struggle with Spotify promotion all on your own – handling all the heavy lifting while at the same time trying to create new music and juggle all of your other responsibilities, too.

But I think we all know how much that handicaps you, especially when you are up against other artists and groups that are using Spotify playlist pitching services to jump ahead of the line, shortcut the road to success, and leapfrog over other great artists like yourself that are busy grinding away.

Thankfully though, you too can take advantage of top-tier Spotify playlist promotion services and gain that same inside advantage to get your music out to as many people as possible without a lot of headache or hassle.

The trick is finding the right Spotify playlist services to move forward with.

That’s why we’ve put together this quick breakdown.

Below you’ll find 10 of our favorite Spotify playlist pitching services out there today, the kinds of services that can give you the head start you need and the promotional juice necessary to really hit the ground running.

Each of these Spotify playlist pitching service options is well worth investigating further on your own to see which one fits your needs and budget best, but at the end of the day, you really can’t go wrong with any of them.

Let’s get right into it.

Our Favorite Spotify Playlist Pitching Services

Music Promotion Corp

Far and away one of the most impressive Spotify playlisting services out there today, this particular platform gives you an opportunity to streamline Spotify promotion significantly – so much so that it’s basically a “drag and drop” kind of solution from start to finish.

The entire operation is very professional, very straightforward, and easy to follow along with even if you haven’t ever used a Spotify playlist service in the past. They also have a fantastic reputation in the industry, with a track record of really helping people shoot up the Spotify foodchain (so to speak) thanks to the playlist plugs that they are able to secure for them.

Best of all, it’s really inexpensive to get started with everything that this Spotify playlist promotion service has to offer.

The least expensive campaign you can get started with is going to set you back only $10 for the Spotify single promotion and guarantees you will be able to promote your song to 25,000 (or more) followers and playlist creators. There are a number of other playlist promotion options you can pick and choose from that get progressively more expensive from there, all the way up to a $100 Spotify 10 days promotion pitching service that gets you in front of 500,000 people and Spotify playlist creators.

You got a little bit of extra cash to pump into your Spotify playlist submission service efforts this just might be the best option out there to move forward with.

Omari Promotion

If, on the other hand, you aren’t necessarily looking for a completely robotic Spotify playlist pitching service to take advantage of you’ll want to try this solution out to shake things up.

Five different and distinct promotional packages are available from this operation, ranging from $67.02 $697 depending on the specifics of the Spotify playlist services you are interested in leveraging. All of these packages are capable of getting you in front of at least 25,000 Spotify users (real, live users) and playlist creators/curators – and a whole lot more than that the more money you spend – which can definitely transform your celebrity and visibility on Spotify almost overnight.

The thing that really separates this particular Spotify pitching service from the rest of the pack is the personal nature of this promotional setup. You’ll be able to speak with the person handling all of your viral Spotify promotion directly, keeping tabs on how things are going and getting accurate reporting regularly so that you always kept in the loop.


Pitching to Spotify playlists owners and curators that are actually interested in helping new artists get the kind of promotional “heat” they need to succeed on Spotify can be a real challenge, but that’s something that this particular service specializes in above all else.

You see, whereas other Spotify playlisting services take a kind of “scattergun” approach to getting your music out in front of people that may or may not be able to help you this particular service takes a much more carefully curated and laser-focused approach.

This organization has a database of more than 500+ active playlist curators that they have established relationships with and are adding more and more playlist curators to this database on a daily basis. They work with artists to find the right fit (breaking things down by sound, genre, niche, etc.) and then pitch you to those playlist creators so that you can get the most bang for your buck.


This Spotify playlist pitching service belongs here on our top 10 list not just because it’s one of the great playlist services you can decide to move forward with but because it isn’t just exclusively attached to promoting you on Spotify the way that others are.

Sure, the bulk of the promotional services provided by this platform are going to help you get a lot of action on Spotify. But you’re also going to get a lot of action and promotion with record labels, music bloggers, radio stations (local and national) as well as on YouTube and on SoundCloud.

All of this can be a game-changer for new artists looking to get some traction in the industry.


The track record of success that this Spotify playlist promotion service has is almost unparalleled.

Not at all shy about boasting of how they’ve been able to help musical artists and groups skyrocket up the charts of influential playlists on Spotify across pretty much every genre imaginable, this is definitely a Spotify promotion service that knows how to get things done – and get things done quickly.

They offer a multipronged approach to Spotify playlist services as well, helping to make them a little more distinct than any other solution out there. They’ll not only help you tune up your own Spotify playlists and get you promoted on others but they’ll help you with social media promotional efforts (depending on the package you invest in, of course).


Specifically advertising themselves as a Spotify playlist pitching service for new artists that haven’t been able to get a lot of traction on Spotify already, this platform is known predominantly for their work helping people in the EDM world succeed on Spotify.

Now, this isn’t to suggest that this Spotify playlist pitching organization is only going to be able to help EDM artists. They’ve had success with other genres and niches as well. But if you are in the EDM world that’s their bread and butter, that’s their wheelhouse, and if you’re looking for specialists that know how to move things in that part of the music world this is the group you’ll want to connect with.


The number one thing that separates this top Spotify playlist submission service is that they do not accept any and all clients but are instead very discerning and very exclusive.

This is not like other top Spotify playlist pitching promotion companies that will work with just anyone and everyone that has a bit of money and a dream to make it big in the world of music. They do not work on a campaign project basis but instead require an initial appointment and consultation call to figure out if you are a client they want to take on in the first place.

They need to know that the music you’re bringing to the table is marketable, that the playlists they pitch you too are going to see a bump in action just like you do, and that you are serious about making a real go of things on Spotify.

If you don’t want to find yourself pitching to Spotify playlists that might not have any real influence but instead want to connect with real movers and shakers on this streaming giant these are the Spotify playlist pitching experts you want to connect with for sure.

Band Express

Not only is Band Express one of the better pitching services to get you on influential playlists across this music promotion streaming service, but they also have one of the most influential Spotify playlists for new artists and new music on the streaming service as well – really putting them in pole position to help you with your promotional efforts.

They help to promote all of the clients that they bring on board through their own playlist, which in turn helps new artists get on other playlists that they pitch. This can be a huge benefit to artists that are just getting started and looking for a break.


If you are creating music in the Pop, hip-hop, EDM, indie, or rock and roll genres and are looking to hook up with a Spotify playlist pitching service that is more aggressive and more active than maybe any other this weekly promotion option might be best for you.

Prices are a little bit higher with this particular service (especially considering the fact that they are weekly prices, ongoing for as long as you want to continue to be pitched and promoted), but reviews online are pretty favorable for this organization.

Artist Intelligence Agency

This is one of the top Spotify playlist pitching promotion companies that takes a real hands-on approach with their individual clients.

You aren’t just going to be pitched to every playlist on Spotify from top to bottom when connecting with this agency, but will instead be pitched to laser-targeted playlist curators that the organization has a relationship with – giving you every chance to succeed.

On top of that, every individual client that chooses a promotional package from this Spotify playlist pitching service will also have a chance to get real-time, custom feedback from the agency team about how to better improve their promotional and music marketing efforts.

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