Do you want to know which are the Best Spotify Playlists to listen right now? We have the answer to this question! Thanks to the internet and music apps, you can be surrounded by music all the time. Though there are a number of music forums and platforms, not all stay for long. There is one music streaming platform that has continued for long enthralling music enthusiasts, and that is Spotify.

You too can create your own Spotify playlist submission and try to find yourself in the top Spotify playlist placement. You can get curated Spotify playlist and more on the platform to make listening to music more fun and convenient. Since there are millions of playlists, it may be difficult to find the interesting one for you.

The benefit of getting the best playlists is that it gives you a chance to listen to great music and as well as know what is trending and what is not. The best playlists, on one hand, keep music lovers happy, on the other, it is also a great learning experience for music creators, especially novices.

So, here is a list of 10 Best Spotify playlists that are trending now:

1. RapCaviar

If you are a fan of rap songs, you should listen to RapCaviar. It is one of the most popular playlists on Spotify and in fact, it is also referred to as the ‘most influential playlist in music.’ RapCaviar has around 8.9 million followers and the number is growing. The main reason for its popularity is that it regularly features the current rap hits and at the same time, it also has songs that have great potential. If you want to know which rap song matters now and in the future, you should check out RapCaviar.

2. EDM 2018

This is the playlist to turn to if you want to listen to the best songs of the year. You may find popular songs of the year at any platform but Spotify’s EDM 2018 has a collection of all the songs that have gone to become the most listened to tracks in the current year.

3. 90’s EDM Hits

Who wouldn’t want to enjoy the best dance songs from the ’90s? This playlist features some of the greatest songs of the era that can invoke nostalgia in you.

4. Most Played All-time

Tune into the Most Played All-time playlist of Spotify to find which are the most played songs of all time on the platform. The songs featured on the playlist have more than 200 million streams which means they will charm you as well.

5. Insecure

One of the most popular shows on HBO currently, Insecure also has some of the greatest soundtracks of today. Of course, with names such as Raphael Saadiq, Issa Rae, and Solange, you know you will get to hear some amazing audio. This is a playlist that boasts of a collection of tracks from the show. Insecure is on its third season now and its audio-only gets better as the show.

Apart from exclusives, the popular audio tracks are also helping to break out new artists. You will find different genres to soothe and recharge you. There is also curiosity about the new additions as the latest season progresses.

6. New Music Friday

Platforms like Spotify are as much for new music as it is for renowned tracks. To find the best new music that is doing the rounds, all you need is to check out the New Music Friday playlist. It is updated every week and features the pop-centric blend that is worth catching with.

7. Coffeehouse Grind

Since there is a whole bunch of coffee lovers out there, here is a playlist that is an absolute must while sipping your favorite brew. It has some of the best songs that will uplift your mood while you sip your coffee. Heaven, isn’t it?

8. Gold School

A playlist that is real gold, it contains masterpieces that you would love to listen to again and again. You will find favorites but at the same, it has an interesting mix with names like Juvenile, OutKast, Trick Daddy along with outstanding yet lesser-known figures such as Field Mob and Lil’ Scrappy. It is the list to devour into for any music buff.

9. Original Outlaws

No matter how much music you get to hear on a daily basis or the constant entry of fabulous tunes every day, you always yearn for some classics to take you on a nostalgic trip. Today, you may not get to listen to classics easily not even on the radio but with Spotify, you get what you yearn for. To get placed in prominent playlists, it is very important to get active. Active users along with high performing streams can lead to top places in playlists.

One more thing is once the profile gets more and more streams as well as followers there is a guarantee that the profile will appear in searches.

The Original Outlaws playlist features great classic southern hits where you will find names such as Kris Kristofferson, Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard and more. It is definitely one in the top positions in the Spotify playlist placement.

10. Have a Great Day!

As the name indicates, here is a playlist to charge you up, and lift your mood. It has cheerful music comprising both classic tracks and new music. It works almost like a good mood provider when you need one the most. Just tune in and say bye to your weekday blues or even the weekend blues, if you have one!

    The Spotify playlists are as diverse as they can get. You get what music you wish. From classics to new, from hits to potential hits, it is all there on Spotify.

The best thing about the playlists is that as there is a new Spotify playlist submission every minute, you get a good feed of your preferred genre as well. It is not everywhere that you will find the most of trending music in one place. This list of best Spotify playlists is worth checking out and you will be thrilled to find many of your favorites in it for sure.

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