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Every artist needs to promote their art. Very few artists in the world are lucky enough to attain instant fame. Most artists have to spend a lot of time, effort and also money to promote their creations. This is true regardless of talent in a specific form of art.

There are more musicians in the world right now than ever before. One can debate whether or not the quality of music in every genre is really impressive and distinct. What cannot be disputed is the impact of the promotion.

Record labels spend millions to promote their artists even when some of them are globally recognized and celebrated. As an aspiring artist or someone who is not yet signed, you will have to be proactive and also meticulous with your music promotion tactics.

Unless you have a lot of money to pay your way through to popular playlists, magazines, media publications, and other platforms, you will need to explore some free music promotion sites.

There are a few free music promotion websites that you can consider. Not all of them are equally effective. You must choose the best free music promotion sites. Do not look for free music promotion companies. You may get limited free music promotion services such as a bit of boost to the number of plays you have for a song uploaded on a particular platform. But you cannot expect unlimited free music promotion services.

You should instead look for free music promotion tools. In this guide, you will find a list of the best free music promotion sites to give you the boost you need to attain a certain degree of popularity.


Consider an Official Website

Every artist should have an official website. This is also true for self-employed professionals. There has to be one place on the internet where people can reach out to an artist directly. Social media, social networks, and other directories do serve multiple purposes but an official website is an exclusive presence. It is like registering your business at a specific address.

That is your base. All other platforms and avenues you may use are basically third party mediums. You do not own any of them. You are depending on those sites for your outreach. The official website is yours and you decide everything about it.

An official site does not strictly fall under the classification of free music promotion websites. You can create your own webpage or site without hiring a designer and developer. You can write your own contents. There are free content management systems you can use. You can also get website builders and develop the entire site. You will need a domain.

It is better to have an exclusive domain than hosting a webpage or subsite within a larger website. The investment is nominal but the returns can be great. Put all the information you want to share with your potential fans on the official website. This is your own address in the virtual world.

The official website can turn out to be the best way to plan free music promotion online. If your website generates enough traction then you can get people to listen to your songs online, you can sell your compositions and also engage with the fans.

You will be able to do this without paying any commission to a third party. There is no royalty here. You keep all the revenue generated by the sales or subscriptions through the official website.

Free Music Promotion on SoundCloud

SoundCloud is not just one of the free music promotion websites available today. It is one of the largest and best free music promotion sites. The platform was launched around twelve years back. It is an audio distribution and online streaming service. You will need a music promotion company to help you start your promotional campaign.

Around two hundred million people access music on the platform every month, thereby becoming unique visitors. The traction you can generate using this platform is phenomenal. The platform does not charge artists or users, thus consolidating its position as one of the finest free music promotion services.

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SoundCloud is still growing. It keeps venturing into new territories and more users are visiting the platform to discover music. While these are encouraging developments for an artist, there is also stiff competition.

You cannot expect to gain popularity overnight just by using these free music promotion sites. You can get started with free music promotion on SoundCloud but whether or not you will get enough plays and subsequently followers is a completely different matter.

Artists have to face the reality that free music promotion websites are available to all. There is no exclusivity. The quality of a song, its appeal, and other factors will play a major role in determining how popular it gets. Since there are innumerable artists using the same free music promotion services, you have to do something to stand out.

As an artist, you should be prepared to deal with such challenges.

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Free Music Promotion Services of YouTube

YouTube is the largest video hosting and sharing website in the world. Interestingly, it is also the second-largest search engine after Google and both are owned by Alphabet. Promote your music via YouTube and you will increase your chances of going viral. 

YouTube may be mostly about videos but you can always upload your song. It can be an audio file. You may provide the lyrics. You can use some images if you want. You do not need to feel compelled to produce a video but if you can then that shall help your cause.

The free music promotion services of YouTube can be used by anyone. There is no bar on access. It is true that the site is more crowded than the likes of SoundCloud. Getting noticed may be harder but there is a very real possibility of reaching out to millions of potential fans through YouTube.

You are perhaps aware where Justin Bieber was discovered. Many like him have been discovered on YouTube. Even now, artists who cover songs of others are being celebrated by millions. These singers and musicians are getting their own concerts, even if they do not have any original single.

YouTube also provides some free music promotion tools. You can create playlists. You can organize all your uploaded songs and videos neatly as you want. You can create your own channel and grow a base of subscribers. You can also learn more about your audience.

YouTube offers analytics that can assist you in understanding where your traffic is coming from, what types of demographics are responding to your songs and these details can enable you to engage with your audience in a much more effective manner. Attaining fandom is important and so is managing it in due course of time.

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Free Music Promotion on Twitter

Technically, Twitter is not one of the free music promotion sites. It is the most popular microblogging site and social media right now. Twitter has plenty of features that can be used as free music promotion tools. First, you can engage with your audience on Twitter.

Share real-time updates, engage in conversations and have a fun time with your following. As an artist, you can follow those whom you admire or idolize.

Free music promotion on Twitter can be multifaceted. You can plug your song once or a few times so your following gets an update. You can promote songs uploaded anywhere through Twitter. Just leave a brief description or catchphrase and a link. You can also share audio on Twitter.

You can cut a brief part of a song, share it on Twitter and your audience will want more. That is when you redirect them to the official website or sites like SoundCloud and Spotify, YouTube and Apple Music. You can plan a sustained free music promotion on Twitter.

Other Popular Free Music Promotion Websites

There are quite a few free music promotion companies that empower artists to upload and share their music. Not all such websites have a simple revenue and royalty system. Some sites are better at pitching your music for sales.

Some websites will not generate any financial return. You must compare these free music promotion services and choose the one that works for you.

You can consider Audiomack. It is mostly for hip-hop, reggae, and electronic music. There is a popularity engine that works in real-time. Bandcamp is another platform for new artists. Those who access the site are looking for new music.

Music Xray is slightly different from the usual free music promotion websites. This platform enables artists to submit their works to professionals working in the music industry. You do not have to be rerouted through intermediaries and plenty of channels. You get your music directly to those who matter. Our Audiomack promotion services can help you big time!

Itunes is a great platform to start promoting your music for free. We offer iTunes promotion services that will grow your fanbase and get your music into the Chart!

Mixcloud is worth considering if you are a disc jockey or radio presenter. Vimeo is like YouTube but smaller. There are lots of exclusive content on Vimeo. Many celebrated artists and pop stars release their singles and entire albums at times exclusively on this site. It is mostly for videos but you can always upload audios.

Yourlisten is another option. There is no cap on time or duration and size. You can upload as much as you want and share it through this site. SoundClick is a streaming platform. You can upload and stream both audio and video. The site has music charts, message boards, a music store, and radio stations. Indie artists can check out Indiesound.


Leverage the Best Free Music Promotion Sites

It is not sufficient to have a presence on these free music promotion sites. You should have a strategy to make the most of the free music promotion SoundCloud. You should assess your tactics of free music promotion on Twitter and change them whenever necessary. It is one thing to explore available free music promotion services. It is a completely different ballgame when you have to gain real followers, subscribers or listeners.

Music Promotion Corp has a plethora of services that can provide artists the require fillip to get into the big leagues. Artists cannot expect their songs to go viral till that clock a certain number of plays. Only then can the chain reaction happen.

Once a song goes viral, it does not need any further push as the people sharing it will keep driving its popularity. Not every song will go viral. Not every artist will have a viral song. Song promotion is a must for you!

Free music promotion services can provide a platform. Artists should plan the journey ahead. You should upload your songs on popular free music promotion websites, reach out to your target audience and engage with potential fans.

But what if you do not get enough plays or monthly listeners if your songs get drowned under other creations and it takes months for you to have any worthwhile impact on a site. This is why you need a planned promotion.

Popularity is a perception before it is real. Fans of music do not always know about every singer or band. They get introduced to a band, singer or musician through some avenue. It could be a friend, social media, a concert or just bumping across a song while browsing online. When such listeners come across a new song or artist, they tend to develop perception.

This perception is driven by the number of plays, how many followers an artist has, the total number of songs and the kinds of comments there are for a particular track. These metrics serve as the factors that shape public perception. Hence, popularity is the first perception in the mind of a listener and then it turns out to be real or otherwise depending on how the fan responds to the song.

Music Promotion Corp can assist artists to set up the foundation for the perception of popularity. This can lead to the organic expansion of outreach. With more plays and monthly listeners or followers, artists can influence other users on a particular platform to check out their songs.

This can create the ripple effect that is necessary to reach out to a much larger audience and potentially have a song go viral.

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