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    Starting artists or seasoned industry players and record companies buy Spotify promotion services to get ahead of their competitors. Your goal must be to increase your plays by boosting your fan base, reaching new people, and get noticed in the industry. With our services, you can buy Spotify plays and followers and reach the best playlists on Spotify.

    We work with more than 2,000 Spotify Playlists to promote your music.

Get your music listened, increase the numbers of fans you have, and boost your sales!

MusicPromotionCorp Team



Music Marketing Manager

Edy is our Music Marketing Manager. He worked for MTV, Universal Studio and FHM1 and he is the most experienced member of our team.



Marketing Specialist

Jordan is our marketing specialist. He handles all the orders and makes sure they are delivered on time!



Creative Marketing Specialist

Mia is our creative marketing specialist. She is originally from Italy and speaks five different languages. A real asset to our company.



Marketing Agent

Mark is our marketing agent. He is helping our artists getting deals with major music labels.

    Whether a beginner artist or seasoned industry professional, Organic Spotify promotion will be a rewarding means of getting new listeners and growing your base. The more followers and plays an artist has, the more their music will appear in suggestions and playlists. Thus it makes sense to buy Spotify followers and plays and get more famous and also make more money.

    Streaming apps are becoming the way of discovering new artists and songs for more and more people, trumping radio as the way people listen to music. Our services will provide you with real users, 100% safe. We don’t need your account credentials for doing our job.

Upcoming and established artists together need to adapt to the new ways the audience discovers and interacts with them, leveraging the powers of social media to the max.

With our services you can buy Spotify plays and followers giving you the perfect boost to get you noticed, this will help you with the algorithm to be on the best Spotify playlists.

Without the right online promotion strategy, your music won’t be heard by too many people, if you want to go further than that and get noticed above the rest in today’s digital music environment.

Getting Spotify plays should be one of the many online promotion strategies since this platform is starting to become the number one way of people streaming music.

We can help you with your online music promotion through Spotify and other platforms, we are confident of our 15 years expertise and we offer a Money Back Guarantee in case you are not satisfied with our services.

Having a technology and social media focused approach is essential to any artist working today!

Frequently Asked Questions

How will you promote me on Spotify?
We use our own network, affiliates and huge partner lists (music promoters, online radio stations, playlists, and others) to promote your work on Spotify. We work with over 2,000 Spotify Playlists. We offer only organic Spotify promotion.
What are the benefits if I buy Spotify Promotion?
Having a smart marketing strategy is what will bring you success in the long run and you will also start seeing results pretty fast. Only using free tools and free submissions will only take you so far, with moderate success. You can achieve greater results and much faster using paid promotion services.
Why should I buy Spotify followers?

A strong fan base is vital for any artist and brand, which in turn will bring in even more fans. When you buy Spotify followers through our services we will create our direct marketing campaigns targeting real quality profile encouraging them to follow you.

Is this Organic Spotify promotion?

Yes, we offer only organic Spotify promotion. Our services are fine tunes as a result of years of experience helping thousands of artist get their work known to the world. They are completely compliant with Spotify Terms and Conditions. We do placements on popular Spotify playlists on the market with organic results with thousands of plays.

What is Spotify playlist promotion?
  1. Our database has over 2,000 playlists we can tap into and promote your music. The playlists can have a few thousand followers or even half a million. Using our industry connections and direct communication we have with the curators, you can promote your new single or album very efficiently and conveniently.
Do you offer free Spotify promotion?

No, but if you want to test our services you can try our SoundCloud free promotion.

When will my Spotify campaign start?

We are starting the campaign usually within 12-24 after the order placement. After this, it may take a day or so for our partners to receive the necessary info to prepare their campaigns.

What demographics are you covering?

We do most of our promotion in the USA, but our services cover a worldwide audience. So you will have access to followers from the USA, Europa, Australia, but not only, many of our Spotify playlists having a worldwide audience of followers, and you will get streams from all over the world.

What types of musical genres do you promote?

We promote all type of music from Hip-Hop, Rap, Electronic to Salsa. Each campaign is unique to us, and we design it for each client according to musical genre, audience, and distribution requirements in order to have their current fan base develop.

What is the GO VIRAL package?

The Go VIRAL Package can make your Spotify music very famous and thus become VIRAL by spreading among the listeners, this is something that every artist wants.

Do you promote all types of videos or only music related?

 Our promotion services have been used for all genres! The content should not feature inappropriate clothing, drug use, violence, etc. We will not be able to promote videos including such elements.

Best Ways To Promote Your Spotify Music And Grow Your Monthly Listeners in 2019!

    Are you tired of trying various tactics to improve your Spotify promotion? Have you been experimenting with different strategies only to realize there is little to no impact on the numbers that matter? Music is always subjective. Preferences vary and so do opinions or feedbacks. There is no assurance that a particular composition will attain universal popularity. Very few musicians achieve global fame. Those who do are a small fraction of all the successful and aspiring musicians. When you are on platforms like Spotify, the immediate objective is not to become the most celebrated artist but to find a foothold so you can find a way to establish your credentials in a fiercely competitive industry.

The Challenges of Spotify Promotion

    Platforms like Spotify were created to empower aspirants. Most game-changing technological advancements subsequent to the global expansion of the galactic network have been about ordinary people. From the likes of Google to YouTube, Facebook to Twitter, SoundCloud to Spotify, all such platforms enable ordinary people to pursue their aspirants. These empowering platforms also have their fair share of problems. The world has no dearth of aspirants. A vast number of aspiring musicians fails to get the recognition they think they deserve and in many instances, those thoughts may be well founded. The biggest challenge of Spotify promotion is to get noticed.

    It is ironic that a platform developed to empower aspirants has become a medium that rarely helps people to get noticed. This is not a shortcoming of the platform but just how things work nowadays. There is a lot of noise, users are distracted all the time, there is unprecedented competition and there is more content than what can be consumed. In such a world with so much activity, it is only natural for aspirants to get a little lost in the hullaballoo. Many artists do not get any traction on sites like Spotify, even if their creations are worthwhile.

    No matter how much you try to create the next best thing in the world of music, how many times you share the creation with your limited following on social media, how well you craft your optimization and present the content on different platforms, if at all you have a strategy and whether or not the tactics are traversing multiple mediums at the same time, you will have an uphill battle and more often than not your content will not reach as many people as you want. This is why you need to hire the services of a Spotify promotion company, like MusicPromotionCorp.

Simplify Spotify Promotion

    Popularity or fame is the ultimate objective. Artists or musicians, singers, and songwriters, composers and producers should focus on the building blocks of stardom. The Spotify promotion service of Music Promotion Corp focuses on the facts that matter. Everyone wants a larger audience, a bigger fan base, more listeners and eventually more sales. Everything will not happen overnight but a Spotify promotion service that gradually builds up to fame shall be helpful. For starters, an aspirant should buy Spotify monthly listeners. Spotify promotion companies can easily get genuine listeners to subscribe or follow. Organic Spotify promotion is indeed possible.

    Spotify music promotion must be simplified. Music Promotion Corp can get up to two thousand monthly listeners and a minimum of a hundred real followers for just ten dollars. Artists can get one of their songs or tracks and get such traction within three days. There is the option to go for more. Music Promotion Corp charges twenty-five dollars for a maximum of five songs or tracks to have up to five thousand monthly listeners and a minimum of three hundred real followers. The delivery starts in twelve hours and the complete turnaround time is five days.

    Spotify music promotion also needs to aim for viral posts at times. Artists can choose a ninety-five dollars package wherein ten songs or tracks will get up to fifteen thousand monthly listeners and a minimum of a thousand real followers. The songs or tracks will start going viral in twelve hours and will attain phenomenal popularity in seven days. Spotify music promotion should not be confined to tracks or songs. There are instances when entire albums should be promoted. For around a hundred and fifty dollars, artists or bands and producers can promote albums of twenty songs or tracks and get up to twenty-five thousand monthly listeners with at least fifteen hundred real followers. The delivery time for the entire order is ten days but the process starts in twelve hours.

    Organic Spotify promotion can receive the much-needed boost with plans such as Active Spotify Followers, Album Promotion, Real Spotify Plays, Spotify Monthly Listeners, Spotify Playlist Placement, Spotify Single Promotion, and Spotify VIRAL.

Boost your Spotify Promotion in 2019

    The plethora of Spotify promotion service is aimed at making a real difference. Organic Spotify promotion by Music Promotion Corp is not about perception or perceived popularity. The popularity is reflected in stats. The boost is quantifiable. If you buy Spotify monthly listeners, you actually get to see that the count has increased and you are engaging with a larger dedicated audience. There are Spotify promotion companies that make vague claims that your outreach will expand but there is no lucidity as to how to what extent or by when. Music Promotion Corp clarifies everything and the outcomes are well defined.

    There is more than one way to boost your Spotify promotion but only numbers can tell you for certain that the outcome is as expected or needed. Random claims and subjective assessments will not lead to verifiable popularity. Outreach too must be verifiable. Music Promotion Corp delivers the numbers that will turn the tide in your favor. All other marketing tactics should be also at play. You must continue to engage with your fan base through social media, promote your creations across platforms and do everything you can to become more enticing to new audiences but use a reliable Spotify promotion service to boost your presence on the site.

Linking Spotify to the Social Media

Just similar to linking your business website to social platforms or media, you can link your Spotify account to all your social profiles. Not only you put it on the about section, but ensure to place it on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter with the link of your Best Spotify Playlists. Encourage your fans and followers to follow you on Spotify as well. You need to ensure that you mention about your latest releases an album that is available on Spotify while linking it with your social profiles. This will help you to promote your Spotify account and also get more Spotify Followers organically.

Adding Spotify “Follow” widget on Website

Spotify comes with an optimal follow widget which you may include on your website. It is like the Facebook “Like” feature and adding it on your website is super easy. You need to ensure that the widget is embedded on the website where you have the music. If you are aware of the most visited pages of your website, ensure to include the widget on that page. You may learn to add the widget on your website precisely so as to increase the number of Spotify Followers.

Including Links to Newsletters

If you regularly send your fans newsletter, then ensure to add a link of your Spotify on the newsletter and encourage them to follow you on Spotify. This will increase the number of listeners and eventually the followers. You need to make the habit of attaching the link to every newsletter you send to your contact list, especially if you are interested in having more people to hear your music on Spotify. Just like a new post on social media, you also need to make your fans know when you are releasing your latest single or album or added a new song to your Best Playlists on Spotify.

How To Promote Your Spotify Music in 2019?

    Another most effective way to get Spotify Followers organically is by creating your own Playlists on Spotify. The playlists must comprise of the songs and other bands that you like or sound like that fit well within your playlists. You can also share the links of your playlists on diverse social media platform and also tag the other brands that you have included in the playlist. This will help your Spotify account to draw more new fans who are eager to follow the bands that you have included in your playlists. While creating the Spotify Playlists, you need to ensure that it comprises at least 20 songs with no artist repeating. This will boost the engagement and maximize the chance of Spotify aggregators finding the playlists that you have made.

Spotify Playlist Exchange

Just like other social media platforms, Spotify has its own community of music lovers and creators. So, what you need to do here is to join the Spotify community. Login in with your Spotify ID and password and post your Best Spotify Playlists to the Playlists Exchange service with a brief description. The description must comprise of all the details which would inform the users of the genre about why you have created the playlist and whether you are going to update it or keep it as same. You need to ensure that you tag related genres so that users can search for specific music easily through the playlist exchange. Being the part of the community, you are also allowed to rate the other playlist and choose the Best Playlists on Spotify to vote which are created by other. Even commenting on threads with your attached playlist would encourage them to follow you and hence the Spotify Followers would increase organically.

Sharing Spotify Codes

Another effective way to increase the Spotify Followers is by making the playlist with shareable Spotify codes. This is the best  Organic Spotify Promotion service that you can do to enhance the engagement and followers to your account. You need to share the codes with your friends and family so that they can scan the playlist code on phone and get access to the music in your playlist. The playlist code is available on the ellipsis menu. The code will be attached at the bottom of your playlist. You may also save the code on your camera roll that you can share it easily later to Promote Spotify account and playlists on a different platform.

The image of playlist code can also be shared on Instagram so that your followers can scan the code with their camera icon located on the right top corner of Spotify search bar or simply include it on any posters or flyers or promotional materials for  Organic Spotify Promotion.

The In-Organic Methods to Increase Spotify Followers and Promote Spotify Playlists

Well, all the methods to Promote Spotify account and playlists are organic. As you know the Spotify Promotion of playlists is not easy and simple. It is time-consuming and demands for lots of time and energy. So, if you are not having time to dedicate in organic methods to increase the Spotify Followers with these promotional methods, then ensure using the in-organic methods to do so. However, these are paid services and you need to pay small charges for the promotional services offered by experts to promote the Spotify account and increase the Spotify Followers.

The only and best-paid method is to Buy Spotify Followers. There are many good reasons why buying followers from a reliable source online is the best method today. If you want to get some reliable and genuine followers for your Spotify account in real time, then make this worthwhile investment which will yield definite results for long run indeed.

Reasons for Buying Spotify Followers

Spotify is the online platform where you need to get connected to online listeners and get your music heard. Buying the followers on Spotify helps you to get your music heard by real users and this will help you to achieve the much-needed popularity and revenue by using the plays features when you earn royalties on music. There are also other reasons to Buy Spotify Followers and plays.

  • Promotion of Music – Most of the users to Buy Spotify Followers to promote their music on this platform. The targeted audience needs to be accustomed to the artists so as to make them famous and popular. So, the best way to Promote Spotify music is by buying new followers which can make your popular and eventually successful artist.
  • Increased Credibility – The number of followers your Spotify account has to decide your credibility on this platform. This will not only increase your credibility but also make your account easily accessible. So, you can easily get connected to new listeners and the fan following of your music and playlists would improve over time.
  • Earning Revenue – Nothing comes for free and same is the case with Spotify. You need to spend some money first to generate more revenue in the long run. You need to pay to Buy Spotify Followers and this will enhance a good fan following for your music. Over time you will notice that the fan following is helping you to earn good revenue. So, initially, you need to be patient enough and prepare yourself to earn more money later. It also gives you the chance to earn money from its royalty program.
  • Great Expansion – Most of the Spotify users today prefer to Buy Spotify Followers in a bid to expand their social presence. This also helps them to become more credible and renowned over this platform and also in another social network which they use to Promote Spotify.

Importance of Buying Spotify Plays!

Being a user of Spotify, you need to create the Best Spotify Playlists and it would be of no use if the playlist has no Spotify Plays or followers or listeners. The increased number of plays makes your profile trusted and boosts your presence as well. However, many struggles to increase the number of plays for their playlists on Spotify. So, in such a situation, they may prefer to Buy Spotify Plays online. Below are some highlights of buying the Spotify Plays.

  • Visibility and Engagement – There are many artists on Spotify that are often ignored or simply passed over because their music has very few plays. So, simply by buying the plays can give the listeners the impression that your music is worth checking and listening. They won’t skip or ignore without listening to your music.
  • Enhance The Followers – You will come across with many artists on Spotify which are struggling to gain the popularity on this platform. So, if you Buy Spotify Plays it will help your music or songs to attract new listeners and gradually the number of Spotify Followers would increase and others will start following you.
  • Maximizing Song Popularity – The popularity of the songs and the ranking of the tracks are evaluated on Spotify based on the total number of plays and frequency of the plays. So, users who decide to Buy Spotify Plays have a brighter chance to increase the popularity of their songs on Spotify.
  • Get What You Need – It helps you to get what exactly you need. You can create your own customized Spotify Promotion campaigns which would offer the things that you need. You are allowed to select the number of plays that you want for your playlists and pick the tracks to be played and also choose the convenient delivery rate. When you Buy Spotify Plays, then you spend more time producing music and less time to Promote Spotify music as the music will already increasing in popularity with highest plays.
  • Earn More – When you Buy Spotify Plays, it will not only maximize its popularity, but also these royalty eligible plays can help you make more money. It also enhances the overall royalty rates and hence this is a win-win situation all around for you.

What are the Benefits of Organic Spotify Promotion Services?

Spotify is the trending and popular streaming platform which can help users to reach a large number of listeners. So, with Spotify Promotion services you can promote your account, playlists, and songs effectively to get popularized on the platform and get noticed by the world. The promotion package is designed to boost the overall monthly listeners of your Spotify songs. This will maximize the number of Spotify Plays and followers. Since the playlists will be promoted on varied platforms, there will be a greater chance of getting your music heard or noticed by record companies and labels. Most of the record companies and labels keep close eyes on a platform like Spotify and with the promotion service you can easily get noticed by the different record companies.

Finally, the Spotify Promotion would also help your Spotify playlist to stand apart from the crowd and in turn, it will receive more and more listeners. Your account will also get verified on Spotify and hence you will be able to check the performance and analytics on Spotify. So, ensure to buy the right package of promotion services to Promote Spotify playlist efficiently.

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