Spotify is one of the best music streaming platforms right now with both established as well as fresh musicians setting up their presence on it. It is now essentially a key platform to be in for new musicians. If you are new into music and have your work ready, then you need to go in for Spotify playlist submission to get noted, listened to, followed and shared. It is not enough to create a playlist but you need to follow certain procedures to be able to be noted.

Spotify Playlist Submission: Here are 8 Tips to do it correctly!


1. Your account should be verified

    This is an important step because Spotify will consider on verified accounts as they are the credible profiles. The tool Spotify for Artists has made it easier to get accounts verified. All you need to do is log in and give your details. Once it has been checked, you will find a blue checkmark on your profile. The reason your profile needs the verified mark is that many curators may accept only submissions from verified accounts.

2. Get more followers

    Today, the number of followers you have is proof of your credibility, especially on Spotify. Sharing your profile on social media is a great way to get more Spotify followers. This has another advantage as well. When Spotify playlist curators find that your playlist is shared on social media, they know that when they add you to their list, it will also find its way to social media, which gives the new list the needed exposure as well.

3. You need a great Artist Biography

    You may wonder who checks the biography of artistes but curators do and that is why you need creative as well as detailed profile information. So, make it count and make it eye-catching as well as informative.

4. Your playlist needs to be there

    Apart from your own music, you can also have a playlist that includes songs from similar genres. Give a suitable and interesting Spotify playlist name that has the potential to garner attention. You should try out all the ways you can ensure Spotify playlist promotion so that your tracks get noticed.

5. Go pitching

Since there are different kinds of playlists to try your out, you need to know where you will fit in. The three different types are the genre, mood or activity, and similar artists. You can search for the playlists and start pitching.

6. Find your spot on Spotify playlists

    Patience is the key but tries all other resources as well. Start your process by submission in branded blogs and playlists that boast of a large following. The curators check these pages and you will have a chance to be heard. You can try Facebook pages as well. There is also a provision via which a click on your playlist can advise you on submission ideas. Indiemono, Submithub, Songpickr, etc., are some lists you can submit.

Another tip is to try to get aboard the playlists that are created by the users themselves. Though the users are easy to be contacted, there isn’t any guarantee that they will soon accept your work. You need to work up a few tactics. First, is to find who these users are. Have you liked a certain playlist and wish to be on it? Then find who has curated it. Check out their profile. Ensure their profile is verified, real and they have their picture on it.

Check for their Facebook pages or any other social media page and make a connection first. Gradually, ask them if they can include your track in their playlist.

7. Check out the Spotify official playlists

    Once your groundwork has been done, it is time to try pitching to the official playlists of Spotify. If your playlist is popular then, the data curators will pick your playlist on its own and will also recommend the list to the Spotify curators. You can also try the Spotify for Artists feature.

Spotify advises new artists to go for Spotify playlist submission at least four weeks before your releasing date. This could give you a higher chance of getting featured on the official list. Go to the official app and click on the option that says ‘Submit your song.’ You will have to give details about the track by mentioning the genre, a description of the track and more. You should try a PR campaign here to attract curators’ attention.

Describe the song vividly and also mention where you have played it earlier and also any positive reviews or press coverage that you may have garnered for your song. There is one more online community called We Are the Music Makers in subreddit. This is considered best especially for playlist exchanges. Here there will be varieties of competitions each week for creation of buzz. Here even users post comments along with checking each and every work.

8. Get the curators’ attention

     You need to first find the best or the most popular Spotify playlist curators or editors, as they are referred to, and then you can contact them. They are the most important if you are looking for a quick and easy Spotify playlist promotion.

You can try finding them on their social media pages and then messaging them. It is important to communicate directly to get their attention. Before approaching them, ensure that your Spotify playlist name finds mention in the algorithms and has a good number of followers. This is because the curators get thousands of requests on a daily basis and they will have no choice but to pick up the best ones based on their popularity. It is important to understand the way submissions work. So, along with working on your tracks, follow trends and find out about the popular tracks, new artists and so on. This will help you get a fair idea on where to submit. So, go ahead and put your work proudly to display.

So, what are you still waiting for? Now that you have a comprehensive idea about Spotify playlists, get started.

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