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The Music App for Upcoming Hip-Hop Artists

Music is known to drive stress away. The power of music is well known when it comes to emotions and playing a certain kind of music. Slow, soft and classical music has been particularly known to calm the mind and body. It is also known to reduce the stress hormones and calm the blood pressure. It has been observed that when a person is very stressed, he or she would avoid listening to music. Doctors that also suggested the need to have music incorporated into our daily lives. The solution for that has been suggested as having music playing while you are driving.
Having your car play your favorite genre while you are driving down the road not only has a certain effect; it also has the ability to teleport you to a moment in the past. Every song that you hear connects to a certain experience and also the pleasant thoughts of the friends that you shared that experience. In today’s world, where music holds the power to invoke magical memories, the music world welcomes SPINRILLA streams.


So what is SPINRILLA? SPINRILLA downloads along with SPINRILLA plays and SPINRILLA streams are known as the 800-pound gorilla that contains hip-hop mixtapes and is also the first music app for mixtapes. SPINRILLA gives you all possible hip-hop mixtapes every time. You can go online and check out the new emerging and independent artists, who play hip-hop. The best part of listening to hip-hop music on SPINRILLA is that you get to hear the newest hip-hop music tracks before anyone else. It’s compatible with Android as well as iOS devices and manages to fit the world’s widest variety of independent hip-hop music in the palm of your hands. There are many underground, unsigned artists who upload their mixtapes on a daily basis. SPINRILLA views will allow you to know many have used SPINRILLA downloads to hear your mixtapes and also, the SPINRILLA streams will let you know how times your mixtape has been streamed.

We all have heard about albums. However, there are not many that have heard about mixtapes. So what are mixtapes? Mixtapes are basically a collection of singles or remixes that basically artists put together for the promotion of their upcoming albums. Hence a mixtape will contain the work of a variety of artist combined together. On the other hand, albums are more of investments and are used to produce hit songs and move the charts and finally produce cash flow. There is an entire team at times behind the creation of an album.

Opening a SPINRILLA account

The first step to using SPINRILLA promotion is getting an account with SPINRILLA, which is a pretty simple process. All you need to do us go on to https://spinrilla.com/register. When you access “Register” page, you need to then go on completing the artist application on https://spinrilla.com/apply. Once the application, has been approved you will receive a confirmation mail from SPINRILLA. However, there are quite a few times when you won’t hear from the application team regarding the status. The only secret is following up. In case you don’t hear from the team, you will need to check the application status.
Even with this process, you should get your “Artist” account in a couple of months. The fact remains that every day SPINRILLA receives so many applications that they are not able to keep up with the same. The delay in the reply process for the application could be due to either the demand being high or as they want to limit the number of accounts that they have for each platform. Post your artist account has been created; you can use SPINRILLA upload service to upload your mixtape.

Uploading your mixtape on SPINRILLA

Now the case arises whether are you willing to wait that long to upload your mixtape on SPINRILLA. However, waiting this long is never a very attractive option, when you are eager to have everyone listen to your mixtape. So what do I do? There is another option – paying someone who is already registered on SPINRILLA to upload the mixtapes for you. Now the question that arises is how frequently are you looking at uploading your mixtapes. If you are the upcoming start and are just getting initiated with your career, unless you have a lot of money at your backing; this might not be the most feasible option. Since with this particular option, you will need to make a payment every time the mixtapes need to be uploaded and that would mean incurring a cost each and every time. So you might want to think about this before you go ahead with it. Also be careful about whom you use to upload your mixtapes for SPINRILLA promotion. Some people might charge you exorbitant prices for the upload along with offering you to promote the mixtapes for you; which might not actually be the case.

As far as the SPINRILLA upload service is concerned, they would charge you about $60 to have your mixtape uploaded. Also, with this amount you also get an opportunity to have your mixtape on the front page of SPINRILLA, which would mean more people listening to your mixtape.

There is another additional way that you get your mixtape uploaded on SPINRILLA very organically. However, the first thing that you need to understand about this method is that it is very organic and natural way of building your brand. The reason also that people use this option is since it makes them feel that it will look, they can create a perception of being very important and cool if their mixtape is uploaded on SPINRILLA.

At the end of the day, it all depends on what your goal is for uploading your mixtapes on SPINRILLA. Depending on the goal you can then decide which method you need to use to for uploading your mixtapes on SPINRILLA.


When we are starting our career and wanting to grow, at that time you are always looking out for any opportunities that are opening for you. That’s the same with SPINRILLA promotions. Using SPINRILLA promotions to a network opens up many opportunities for you. The main logic is forming a win-win relationship so that the partnership can work in your favor. Also, his relationship would only work if you find a way where you can add value. To get that done, since SPINRILLA is an organization, you will need to find a way to get in touch with the owners so that you can network better and take your music career to the next level.

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