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Edy is our Music Marketing Manager. He worked for MTV, Universal Studio and FHM1 and he is the most experienced member of our team.



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Jordan is our marketing specialist. He handles all the orders and makes sure they are delivered on time!



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Mia is our creative marketing specialist. She is originally from Italy and speaks five different languages. A real asset to our company.



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Mark is our marketing agent. He is helping our artists getting deals with major music labels.

Getting noticed in the sea of people putting their music out into the world, it takes a proactive SoundCloud promotion strategy to get noticed above the rest and reach your fans and any potential listeners. We offer our expertize we gained helping more than 10,000 artists getting their work into the world by offering the best SoundCloud promotion service.

  We know you need to be proactive and buy SoundCloud followers to have a base audience to share your music and raise your brand awareness. When you buy SoundCloud likes you also make a step in this direction.  Our methods are organic and safe, following the rules.

Free SoundCloud promotion will bring you free plays, followers, likes and reposts needed to get you an edge over your competitors, and the opportunity to connect to real people you can help you test your new materials and tweak them to perfection.

When you grow your audience, you not only instantly connect to new listeners, but also to other musicians and industry professionals. Having fans who share and promote your work to their friends will help. Reaching real people, being able to connect with them, to hear their feedback and gain an audience is what every musician needs. Whether you are just starting your career or a seasoned artist, this will get you the gigs and the real money.

SoundCloud free promotion will bring you followers, likes and reposts needed to get you an edge over your competitors, and the opportunity to connect to real people you can help you test your new materials and tweak them to perfection.

We strongly believe in our experience and ability in this field and we offer our customers a Money Back Guarantee in case they are not satisfied with our services, also we take seriously the safety and confidentiality of your information, and the security of your payments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you need Soundcloud promotion?
We want you to succeed in your music career. We provide marketing and promotional services for major labels, music industry professionals and independent artists. Whether you are a new artist, young label, or an established musician, we design our music marketing services to help you reach your targeted audience and possibly go Viral!
What are the benefits of SoundCloud promotion?
Whether you are a rising talented artist or an industry veteran, having a strong online presence is of utmost importance if you want to stay relevant for your fans and industry peers. If you buy organic SoundCloud promotion services from us, we will provide with our experience and knowledge in the field and make sure your follower base increases, potentially going viral.
What demographics and countries will you promote my music to?
We promote to a worldwide audience with a focus on North America.
How long does it take to my SoundCloud campaign to start?
Once you’ve placed your order, it usually takes a day to prepare the necessary info and set up the campaigns, we start things as soon as 12 hours after purchase.
What music genre do you promote on Soundcloud?
We can promote all kinds of genre, but many of our customers have been SoundCloud rappers.
What audience will I get?
We will tailor our promotional actions to your desired audience type. The genre of your music will significantly impact the definition of your audience.
Can I promote more than once the same track?
Yes, you can place as many orders for the same track as you feel is needed, this is not uncommon, many customers buy several promotions of the same track to increase the results even more.
What are the benefits of a Premium Package?
When you buy a Premium Package you increase the chances of your track going viral growing your fan base at a rapid pace.
Are you offering a legitimate organic SoundCloud promotion service?
Yes, we work only with real accounts and follow the SoundCloud Terms of Services!

How to Improve your SoundCloud Promotion in 2020?

     SoundCloud has nearly two hundred million registered users. It has a library of over a hundred and thirty million songs. Nearly a hundred and twenty million of those songs are uploaded by users and are accessible for free. Imagine uploading a track and then generating the necessary or desired traction in such a massive realm. The task is not just uphill or daunting. The quest is nearly impossible to accomplish. SoundCloud is getting bigger and that is not necessarily a good thing for budding artists. Aspirants will face fiercer competition as there are more users generated and uploaded content on the platform.

    You need an effective Free SoundCloud promotion strategy in 2020. If you do not have tens of thousands of followers and some of your tracks have not gone viral yet or have thousands of plays, then you should consider getting free SoundCloud plays and prepare a strategic approach to reach out to a larger audience. Here is a snippet of how you should improve your SoundCloud promotion this year.

Get SoundCloud Plays for Free

If you are wondering how to get free music promotion in 2020, then there is a simple answer: Music Promotion Corp. How to get free SoundCloud plays using MusicPromotionCorp? Simply subscribe and you will get five hundred SoundCloud plays for free. Five hundred is definitely better than having a few dozen plays courtesy your friends and some followers that you may initially have. Even those who have a few hundred followers do not always get an equivalent number of plays. Not all followers are routinely active and they have other artists or tracks to check out. Many users are always preoccupied so you really need that boost to get your track noticed.

Buy SoundCloud Plays for the Boost

    After you use the free SoundCloud plays to get to a starting point, you will need a boost that will propel your track to receive some traction. You can buy as many SoundCloud plays as you want. You can also get followers. You can go for reposts and likes. You may promote tracks or whole albums. There is also the option to choose a viral promotion campaign. The objective of such an exercise is to have your track go viral, following which you should get enough traction to generate thousands of likes every time you post something new. Your following will get an unprecedented boost. The audience will realize that you have truly arrived on the platform.

Get Real Followers on SoundCloud

    There are many ways to entice new followers. Great compositions are definitely effective. Engaging with your present audience and encouraging them to get their friends and followers to start following you is another useful strategy. You can use various tactics to impress your following. The problem is when you have a limited following, to begin with. Platforms like SoundCloud work on the basis of influence. Those who already are influencers get stronger in due course of time. Those who have a limited presence and hence not any noteworthy influence will be unlikely to develop it without a substantial spike in the following.

    You can get real followers on SoundCloud. Music Promotion Corp has packages you can choose to get actual followers. You will not be followed by bots. You will not have anonymous accounts with little activity and virtually no credit history following you. Not only will you get to boost your following for real but also get to interact with them. You can develop a core fan base or audience with whom you can share your latest creations. You can get feedback and you can review your productions if you want. Interactive development has become relevant in many industries. The music industry is not immune to such a transformation in popular culture.

    Anyone tactic will suffice, neither on SoundCloud nor on any other platform. Music Promotion Corp can help you with free SoundCloud plays and real followers. You can also use cross-promotional strategies to include YouTube, Spotify, iTunes, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other platforms. The only way to establish some influence is to have a certain degree of omnipresence. Only an extensive SoundCloud promotion strategy will help you to accomplish that.

SoundCloud Free Promotion | How To Get Free SoundCloud Plays

    Uploading your song, track or composition on SoundCloud is the first step. It does not necessarily and inevitably lead to plays, likes or engagement. Very few artists, singers, musicians and composers or bands and producers generate immediate traction. Those that do are already somewhat popular or at the least have a decent following. Whether you are uploading you’re first ever creation or you have been on the platform for a certain period of time, your outreach and following will determine if your creations will generate sufficient attention. Everyone needs a marketing strategy. It should be planned and thoroughly chalked out even before the song or track is uploaded.

How to get Free SoundCloud Plays

    There are a few ways to get free SoundCloud plays. You can ask your friends and those who follow you on other social media platforms to check out your creation. If you have a following on SoundCloud, then those users will come around and listen to your composition. Some of them will not do so immediately and a few may not eventually get around to the song so they should be reached out to. You will need to time your upload appropriately when most of your followers are online. You can find out when SoundCloud is most active, as in the users are actually online and listening to various songs. This is the best time to upload a composition.

    Your friends and immediate social networks should get you a few SoundCloud plays for free. Those who have over a thousand friends and followers on different social media platforms can expect to get at least a couple hundred free SoundCloud plays. This should not be a challenge if you are active on those platforms and people in your social circles are interested in finding out what you have been up to. All artists need to engage with their audience if it is just a large group of virtual friends. The limitation of such a tactic is that you can only get a certain number of SoundCloud plays for free. If you have a modest following and a small group of friends online, they will not be able to get you a thousand plays and you will not garner enough likes to make your composition popular among users of SoundCloud.

How to get your First Free SoundCloud Plays?

    Many of your friends and followers on sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and others may not be on SoundCloud. Some may have a profile but might not be that active. You will not have much reaching out to these people and they will not contribute to your plays and likes on SoundCloud. You need to reach out to people who are active on the site. This may seem easier said than done but there is a simple but assured way to get your first free SoundCloud plays. You do not need to commit to anything. There is no financial obligation and you do not have to spend a lot of time either. The solution lies with MusicPromotionCorp.

    MusicPromotionCorp presents two options for artists to get SoundCloud plays for free. The first option is to subscribe to the newsletters of the company. MusicPromotionCorp requires your email address. You do not need to share any other detail. Of course, you must provide the link to your track that should be promoted. What you get is basically free SoundCloud promotion. Your track or song will clock five hundred free SoundCloud plays. This is facilitated by MusicPromotionCorp in a span of twenty-four hours up to seventy-two hours. With a maximum period of three days, you shall have five hundred SoundCloud plays for free. This is applicable only for one track or song. You cannot split the five hundred plays in any way to promote multiple tracks or songs.

     This SoundCloud promotion for free is also available to those who will share the website of MusicPromotionCorp on their Facebook or Twitter profiles. The company rewards such sharing, which is akin to a reference. Just as companies offer rewards for referrals, Music Promotion Corp will get you five hundred free SoundCloud plays if you copy and paste the website address on your social media profiles. You will need to furnish the evidence of sharing it. A link shall suffice. You may also talk about the company and your experience so your friends and social circles get introduced to the spectrum of services offered by MusicPromotionCorp. The same timeline or turnaround time is applicable in this case. You will get five hundred SoundCloud plays for free in 24h-72h from sharing it on Facebook and Twitter.

Sustained Marketing to Attain Popularity on SoundCloud

     The first SoundCloud plays for free will get you started. You will garner a few likes. You may very well get hundreds of likes if the composition is good. You may also get some new followers or fans. The free SoundCloud plays will have a ripple effect. Other users who are not directly targeted by the campaign of Music Promotion Corp will come to know about your profile because their friends are getting introduced to your song. These users will come around and check out your track. This ripple effect or chain reaction may get you hundreds and in some cases, thousands of more free SoundCloud plays. You are effectively capitalizing on free SoundCloud promotion and the going can only get better.

     However, any SoundCloud promotion for free is not sustainable forever. There has to be an ongoing marketing and promotional campaign. Every time you launch a new song or want to garner a few more plays, you will have to plan some kind of a promotional campaign. You can use the full spectrum of social media platforms and you must also consider concerted attempts to reach out to more users on SoundCloud. This too can happen with the expertise and services of Music Promotion Corp.

Why MusicPromotionCorp is The Best SoundCloud Promotion Company?

Best SoundCloud Promotion Companies

Succeeding on SoundCloud today gives you an opportunity to transform your musical career in a way that few other online platforms can – but breaking into the top spots on SoundCloud as a new artist (especially in competitive genres) is a lot easier said than done.

Thankfully though, with the help of the best SoundCloud promotion companies – like our own here at MusicPromotionCorp – you significantly increase your odds of success and give yourself a competitive head start, too.

Of course, finding the right SoundCloud promotion services to connect with is never quite as simple or as straightforward as it may seem on the surface.

It’s not that there are so few top-tier SoundCloud promotion companies to pick and choose from but that there are so many. Settling on the one that can help make your musical career dreams come true is going to take a little bit of research and due diligence.

But that’s why we have put together this quick guide.

Armed with the inside information below you’ll have a much better idea of how to separate the best SoundCloud promotion services from the rest of the pack.

You’ll know which of these top services (like ours) can help you best and which ones are going to waste your time and your money, and you’ll know how to partner with the right SoundCloud music promotion experts to get the kind of audience and engagement you need to succeed in the world of music today.

Shall we jump right in? Let’s get right to it!

Almost Instant Deliver

Deliverability SoundCloud music promotion services are the number one differentiator between the best solutions in the business and the services that you want to avoid at all costs – even if they are offering free SoundCloud promotion!

After all, if you aren’t able to actually get the plays, the likes, and the engagement that you were hoping for on SoundCloud (or the placement on top SoundCloud playlists with influential artists) then what was the point of investing all that time and that money to begin with?

Top SoundCloud services – including ours, that provides free SoundCloud plays and free SoundCloud followers so that you can see the deliverability success in person before spending a penny – are able to 100% guaranteed delivery across the board with no issues whatsoever.

If you are working with a SoundCloud service that cannot or will not guarantee deliverability, and aren’t going to continue to push plays and engagement your way until they do fulfill every single aspect of your order, you need to move on and work with real professionals in this business that you can trust.

One of the reasons that our SoundCloud clients love to work with us here at MusicPromotionCorp is that we guarantee 100% deliverability with absolutely no strings attached. We will make sure you get every play, every follower, and every bit of engagement you have purchased (and usually a little bit extra, too) to make sure that you have every chance of succeeding on SoundCloud today.

Legitimate Plays and Engagement

Of course, there are some SoundCloud promotion services out there that promise 100% deliverability and follow through on this guarantee by flooding your page with bots and fake engagement, the kind of engagement that is only ever going to be wiped out as soon as SoundCloud runs a quick audit and reverses the services you’ve just paid for.

This isn’t ever going to be a problem here with our MusicPromotionCorp services, we can guarantee you that right now.

No, we offer what some of the best SoundCloud promotion companies cannot – 100% legitimate plays and engagement from real people with real SoundCloud accounts, with no bots, with no phony or fake engagement levels, and with absolutely no worry for you that SoundCloud is going to come in and revert your account after you spent your hard-earned money on promotional services.

The best SoundCloud promotion services are, after all, the ones that actually have a beneficial impact on your account. All the plays, although follows, and all the likes and engagement on your SoundCloud profile won’t mean anything if they are only going to disappear as soon as SoundCloud figures out that you were trying to game the system.

With our free SoundCloud promotion (and our paid services, too) you get 100% legitimate, real deal SoundCloud promo services with zero exceptions whatsoever.

Metrics You Can Independently Verify

Another big piece of the puzzle that you’ll want to look for from top-tier SoundCloud promo companies are detailed metrics reports sent to you on a regular basis (sometimes daily, sometimes weekly, and sometimes sent to you after all of your deliverables have been added to your SoundCloud profile) that you are able to independently verify.

Any company out there can promise to increase your plays and promise to increase your engagement while showing you reporting that looks like they are helping you do exactly that, only for you discover later that independent metrics tell a completely different story altogether.

MusicPromotionCorp metric reports are going to sync up with independent metrics that you can verify yourself, showing you exactly where your new plays are coming from, where your new likes and followers are coming from, and how our SoundCloud promotion services are doing the heavy lifting of getting the word out about the music that you have created and that you want to share with others.

You’ll be able to know exactly when our promotional services kicked in when our SoundCloud music promotion efforts have concluded, and how much of a difference these services made to your account and your profile in your musical genre on SoundCloud.

We can also tell you that you’ll be pleasantly surprised when you see just how much of a big difference our free SoundCloud promotion and paid SoundCloud promotion efforts make almost right away!

Custom Promo Packages to Fit Any Budget

Not everyone has a bottomless budget that they can spend on SoundCloud marketing and promo efforts, which is why we are so happy to offer 100% free SoundCloud plays and 100% free SoundCloud followers for those that are really trying to get the word out about their music on a shoestring budget.

Obviously, our paid packages are a little more in-depth and add a lot more activity to your SoundCloud account and your music – but unlike some of the other so-called best SoundCloud promotion companies out there, we recognize that not everyone can spend big money on promotion all the time.

On top of that, we offer a variety of different custom Promo packages to fit every single budget imaginable. You can add just a few follows or plays on your SoundCloud as your budget allows, can bulk order thousands of follows and plays at a time or anything in between depending on what you’re hoping to pull off in the budget that you have to work with.

Multi-Channel SoundCloud Promotional Strategies

You’ll also appreciate the fact that top SoundCloud promotion companies take a real multi-channel approach to promote your efforts across the board.

Sure, plays are going to get you noticed in some areas of SoundCloud but followers, engagement, and even other “off-site” promotional efforts separate from SoundCloud – that push people to your SoundCloud page – can also do some pretty serious heavy lifting for your musical career.

Do your level best to work with the kind of experts that understand the best SoundCloud promotion efforts sometimes don’t happen on SoundCloud at all, but instead come from other channels that funnel people back to your SoundCloud platform.

Track Record of Success

At the end of the day, you’ll want to be completely certain that you are moving forward with a SoundCloud music promotion service that you know you can trust and one that has a track record of success already under their belts.

There are a lot of companies in this space that promise the moon and the stars when it comes to results and really aren’t able to deliver, the kinds of companies that want you to think they are able to help their clients achieve unbelievable success in the world of music but really have no idea how to promote effectively – on SoundCloud or anywhere else, for that matter.

Here at MusicPromotionCorp, though, we have a reputation and a track record of success in helping musicians get the kind of notoriety and attention they deserve on SoundCloud and in the music world in general.

You can see the success that many of our clients have had in the past, including with some of our free SoundCloud promotion efforts, and will be certain that we are doing everything possible to help you get the same kind of results, too!

Safe and Discrete Solutions that Protect Your Account and Reputation

At the end of the day, the last thing you want to be known as in the musical world is an artist that game to the system and shortcut your way to success.

You need to leverage services from the best SoundCloud promotion companies that are 100% safe, 100% discrete, and aren’t ever going to put your SoundCloud account or your reputation as an artist in jeopardy.

We can promise you beyond a shadow of a doubt that our services are totally safe, are invisible to SoundCloud systems designed to root out promotional efforts, and aren’t ever going to compromise your reputation on SoundCloud or as an artist going forward.

For more information about how we might be able to help you with your promotional efforts on this platform please don’t hesitate to contact us today!

Should You Buy SoundCloud Promotion?

    You have created an awesome track and your composition is ready to be uploaded to various platforms including SoundCloud. You upload the track or an entire album to SoundCloud and expect your target audience to appreciate your creation. Depending on how many followers you have and hence your immediate outreach, you may generate a few plays and there may or may not be a decent number of likes. Artists who have a phenomenal following on SoundCloud need to worry less about the traction their tracks will generate. A sizeable following is definitely a quintessential factor contributing to a desirable launch of a track. A limited following is definitely a shortcoming and hence the buzz generated by a track will be modest at best.

Pros and Cons of Free SoundCloud Promotion

    Should you buy SoundCloud plays depends on your immediate following and how well you can utilize the free resources. It is possible to promote your music on SoundCloud for free but the tactics have their limitations. Let us quickly address the pros and cons of free SoundCloud promotion.

     You can use smart tags to categorize your music. You can add buy links and even resort to sharing private links. You can hope to get featured but very few artists or their tracks actually get such impetus. There are promo channels on SoundCloud and third party sites that are not affiliated with the music sharing platform wherein you can get some boost. Here again, there is no certainty that your tracks will get featured unless you take the sponsored route. In effect, the free SoundCloud promotion tactics will be riddled with limitations. There is an extent to which you can keep plugging and re-plugging your new uploads. You can use other social media platforms, hoping there will be enough traffic redirected and perhaps a spike in your following. All these have to be strategized and yet there may not be any substantial effect.

    It is easy to presume that plugging a song on social media will generate enough interest. In reality, exporting an audience from various social media platforms to SoundCloud is quite a task. Most artists have to target the users on SoundCloud to make their presence felt. You have limited options if you have to reach out to a larger audience on SoundCloud unless you consider paying for a carefully planned and perfectly executed promotional campaign. The artwork, the waveform and the various swap campaigns wherein you listen to songs of others hoping to get the gesture appreciated in return will only provide you a reasonable fillip. It will not be sufficient enough to get you hundreds or thousands of plays, likes, and followers. Reposts and shares are also hard to come by. This is especially true for artists who are not perceived as distinctly talented and their compositions do not trigger a frenzy of sorts.

Should You Buy SoundCloud Promotion?

    The answer is simply yes. There is no alternative to should buy SoundCloud promotion if you want a predictable campaign leading to expected results. Let us consider a situation wherein you need a thousand plays for your latest track. You might consider a thousand plays to be sufficient to get that instant boost, which will draw in more listeners. Can you be certain that your track will record a thousand plays without any planned promotion? Even if you do get a few hundred plays, how long do you think it will take for you to clock a decent number that will entice others to listen to your tracks?

    Any tactic that has no timeline, any campaign that does not have some degree of predictability and an objective that is not clearly defined will be futile. Your attempt to attain some fame or to reach out to more listeners will end up in failure if you do not make measurable progress. The only way to ensure measurable progress is to plan your promotion in a certain manner that affects the bottom line. You need more plays, your tracks need more likes, your profile needs more followers, there should be more reposts and shares, you require more comments for engagement and there should be some effort to make the track or song go viral. The only way to do these is to buy SoundCloud promotion.

   MusicPromotionCorp can help you get the number of plays you want for a track. You can get as many likes as you require for the track to attain popularity. You can time the purchase of these plays and likes to suit your overall strategy. You can then purchase some followers to boost the popularity of your profile. Your profile coexists with tracks and both must attain some popularity for the larger audience to be interested in checking out your compositions.

    MusicPromotionCorp can also plan a viral campaign. This requires carefully calibrated progress, from plays and likes to followers and general outreach, that will get a track go viral in a certain period of time. Too much time and the campaign will lose steam. Fewer likes and plays than necessary in a short span of time will also be inconsequential. Just the right number of plays and likes with a substantial following delivered within a short timeframe are the essential elements of a viral campaign. If you want certainty and reliably control over your progress on the platform, you must buy SoundCloud promotion.

    There are no dangers or risks if you buy SoundCloud promotion from a genuine company that does not resort to black hat practices. You should steer clear of traffic driven by bots. The plays and likes should not be generated using shady tactics that SoundCloud will flag and then penalize the account or the users will find the entire popularity manufactured. A concoction of any kind does not help and you do not need to use such tactics when there are real plays, really likes and real followers you can secure at reasonable prices with the services of Music Promotion Corp.

Best SoundCloud Music Promotion Services To Use Right Now!

    Many musicians consider the best SoundCloud music promotion services to use right now to be confined to plays, likes, and followers. Some artists also prioritize reposts and shares. A few musicians pay for comments too so they can trigger more engagement. Engaging with the fans and potential followers is indeed essential. However, the best SoundCloud music promotion services to use right now should not be confined to these metrics. There should be a planned approach to gain more visibility, to enhance the exposure and to reach out to users who otherwise would not come across a particular profile. It is quintessential for musicians to plan holistic SoundCloud music promotion.

Strategize SoundCloud Music Promotion

    You should tag your track appropriately. Overdoing it is not going to be of much help. You cannot go for a jumble of genres and subgenres. It will only confuse your target audience and others. Choose a genre and stick with it. If you need help with identifying the exact subgenre, which can only be one for a given track, then there are tools you can use. You can add other tags, especially to convey an emotive context or to establish a connection with your target audience. These tags should be sparingly used. It has become customary for many people using social media to go for multiple tags. It is not necessary for you to go hammer and tongs with all possibly relevant tags or everything you wish to convey through one song. Choose the most appropriate and relevant tags that will trigger the maximum enticement among listeners.

      The best SoundCloud music promotion services to use right now should offer you a solution to find the right tags. You should be able to maximize your outreach. There are many tools including promo channels that can get your compositions featured. You can use third party platforms to generate a greater following. There are promotional companies that can increase your following on SoundCloud and other social media platforms in a synchronized manner. An integrated approach does not require you to work on the following across sites in distinct ways but getting more followers on one platform will reflect on the other synced profiles. This is a much more effective tactic than trying to target the same audience on multiple platforms and then not being able to convert the same number of people to followers across the sites.

     Just as you should work on your tags and followers, you must prioritize the quality of your composition and try to present it as a professional creation. There are too many artists on SoundCloud and a majority of them are not good enough to amass a great following. Your composition may be your best yet but it might not be among the finest available on the site. Fans do not want to check out each and every promising profile. They are interested in finding the most talented artists or to listen to what they are passionate about. Regardless of how popular your genre is and how great your compositions are, you should consider adding a link to enable users to buy the composition and you can share private links. Adding a link to buy and private links establish an artist as a professional. The audience takes professionals more seriously and that in itself is a promotional strategy.

     You should use the waveform to narrate a story. You must use a crafty tool to create a fine artwork for your album. Even if it is just one track and you are nowhere near composing an entire album, you must have the artwork ready to go with the single composition. There is no alternative to presenting oneself as a professional. Unless you are only focused on covering songs of others, mixes and other recreations of originals, you should try to present your profile as an aspiring professional who is awaiting the big break. Hence, the best SoundCloud music promotion services to use right now should dabble in all these particulars and help you to establish a credible presence on the platform.

Best SoundCloud Music Promotion Services To Use Right Now

     MusicPromotionCorp is undoubtedly one of the best SoundCloud music promotion services to use right now. The company sells plays, likes, followers and can plan a viral campaign for a track or an entire album. The company gets you started with some free plays if you subscribe or spread the word. You can then check out the rewarding packages wherein you can amass hundreds or thousands of plays, likes, and followers at reasonable prices. The company also offers promotional packages for other sites including major social media platforms Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, iTunes and Spotify.

     Devumi and also have promotional packages that you can use to generate more likes, get more plays and amass more followers. Since these metrics reflect your popularity, you need to boost the numbers but you must also look for the best SoundCloud music promotion services to use right now that can have an effect on the quality of your outreach and also the real popularity of your compositions. Hypeddit has a distinct promotional approach to boost your outreach. It uses promo channels and other mediums to increase exposure. Click DJ can help you to sync your followers across platforms. Landr can improve the quality of your music. There is a mastering software that can identify genre, assess the quality of the track and empower you to make changes to your composition is as good as professional creations.

     There are many such avenues to help you promote your music on SoundCloud. You should not forget the potential of Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and other major social media platforms to promote your compositions. You must try and redirect as many of your followers from various social media sites to SoundCloud. Buying plays, likes, and followers from Music Promotion Corp will get you started and provide a solid foundation. It will also trigger an organic growth but you must also complement such SoundCloud music promotion by harnessing the power of your outreach elsewhere.

Best SoundCloud Promotion Packages To Use Right Now!

     Your quest for the best SoundCloud promotion packages to use right now can be simplified if you can begin with a shortlist. It is easy to initiate an online search and find a cluster of promotional services. The key to finding the best SoundCloud promotion packages to use right now is to know if the company will deliver precisely what it claims. You can explore different kinds of services and many artists seriously contemplate using more than one package. Whatever is your personal preference and compulsion on the platform, you will have to compare the popular promotional services to find the most relevant option.

  • You can consider Devumi. The marketing company specializes in promotions across social media, including YouTube, Twitter, and SoundCloud. At the crux of their propositions lies the option to buy followers for your SoundCloud profile. The service is pretty straightforward. You pay for a certain number of followers and Devumi delivers. The company has been in business for almost ten years now and their services have gotten better with time. It may not come as a surprise to you that some of the most popular artists have purchased followers to boost their fandom. It is not just artists who rely on the services of Devumi. Professionals across industries and brands looking for a larger following on social media have routinely relied on Devumi and its myriad promotional packages.
  • One of the best SoundCloud promotion packages to use right now is offered by The company gets you plays, likes, comments, reports, shares, and followers. You can consider any one of these or go for a package that boosts every metric that matters. is not into black hat practices. You are perhaps aware that many companies offering SoundCloud promotion packages used to rely on questionable tactics. There would be traffic, plays, and likes driven by bots. Such shady practices are no longer easy and many social media platforms have actually come down heavily on the use of bots, dark web, and fake profiles. uses legitimate promotional tactics to get you the boost you need.
  • You have to ensure organic growth and gradually boost your popularity on SoundCloud. A viral event may make you popular overnight but that should not be manufactured. The easiest way to invite stringent scrutiny is any abnormal activity that is not substantiated with genuine fandom. This is a reason why you need to increase the visibility of your profile and reach out to more fans. Simply amassing likes, followers and reposts or shares, will not suffice. Hypeddit offers some of the best SoundCloud promotion packages to use right now if you wish to reach out to more people. Hypeddit specializes in promoting music. It uses many tools to expand the outreach of artists. More people come across the uploaded creations and this increases the likelihood of garnering more plays, generating more likes and amassing more followers. Hypeddit has a simple proposition. Signing up is a cakewalk. The platform uses many tools including the promo channels of SoundCloud to help artists gain the essential exposure to generate enough traction.
  • Click DJ is another option at your disposal. The track promotion platform uses SoundCloud, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube to boost the popularity of musicians or artists. Click DJ has many effective features such as Followers Sync that can bring about a real change in your influence on SoundCloud. This function, in particular, enables users to increase followers on all social media platforms. If you are followed by a hundred users on Click DJ, you are going to have the same users following you on all the synced social media profiles. You can basically increase your social media following, across all synced channels, by only working on more followers for your Click DJ profile. The platform allows artists to integrate the profile with the SoundCloud account and all campaigns can also be in sync to secure a much stronger impetus.
  • Landr is one of the more popular options among the best SoundCloud promotion packages to use right now. It is not an outright seller of likes, followers, comments, reposts or shares. Instead, the platform enables musicians to improve the quality of their compositions. Landr has a cloud-based mastering software that can analyze the tracks you have created and there are tools that will enhance your compositions. Quality is a driving force for most artists. Many musicians do not realize that a slight enhancement in quality can entice hundreds of more listeners and there is a proportionate likelihood of generating likes and acquiring new followers. You can get started with Landr for free. You will need to upgrade to a premium account, which is chargeable if you have plenty of tracks to master.
  • The Artist Union is a useful tool to ascertain your influence. You may already have a following, a history of engagement with your listeners, some fans and a particular niche you are catering to. These can be your strengths and you can harness that potential to improve your status as an influencer. The Artist Union assesses your following, likes, reposts, and shares among other factors to determine a score. This score is between zero and a hundred. The objective assessment of your popularity will let you know how well you are doing and then you can further boost your fandom with concerted efforts. Your score will depend on fan engagement, a number of followers, reposts, and track likes.
  • MusicPromotionCorp has some of the best SoundCloud promotion packages to use right now. You can buy as many plays, likes, and followers as you want. The company also offers free plays for those who subscribe. You may also spread the word and qualify for free plays. Music Promotion Corp is one of the most transparent companies operating in this niche. They have straightforward SoundCloud promotion packages with reasonable pricing. You can get the boost your track needs to burst onto the scene. New artists can establish their foothold on the site. Those who have been on SoundCloud for a while can plan viral campaigns with Music Promotion Corp.
Best SoundCloud Paid Promotion Services To Use Right Now!

    Artists must have a strategy to promote their music on SoundCloud. Sporadic attempts and incoherent tactics do not lead to sustainable growth in the number of followers or greater engagement with fans. The strategy has to be thoroughly planned and well executed to secure quantifiable outcomes. This is the primary reason why artists should consider SoundCloud paid promotion. There are many types of promotional services available today. There are tools that can be used to feature on promo channels. There are companies offering comprehensive strategies. Choosing a random approach will not be helpful for most musicians. It is imperative to choose one of the best SoundCloud paid promotion services to use right now.

How to Assess SoundCloud Paid Promotion

    The first requisites are plays, likes, and followers. Some artists will prioritize plays and hope the traction will automatically convert to likes and followers. This may very well happen if those listening to the tracks eventually like the compositions and start following the artist or band. Generating plays is not a surefire tactic to get likes and subsequently or simultaneously followers. Hence, the best SoundCloud paid promotion services to use right now are those that secure plays, likes, and followers. You should be able to choose how many plays you want for each of your tracks, if you want a certain number of likes for all those compositions and how many new followers you seek.

    Plays, likes, and followers are verifiable facts and the numbers feature prominently on the profile of an artist. The next attempt should be to increase the shares and reposts. The best SoundCloud paid promotion services to use right now should have provisions for shares and reposts. Now, this is a tricky terrain because you do not want shares and reposts from users that do not have a substantial following. Such users sharing your tracks or reposting the compositions to their nonexistent or insignificant following will not generate any traction for you. There has to be a ripple effect of shares and reposts. You must be able to draw some traffic and reach out to new listeners when your existing following shares and reposts your compositions.

    The best SoundCloud paid promotion services to use right now are plans that get you exposure among influencers. There are many users on SoundCloud who have a substantial following. These users are influencers who can swing popular opinion in favor of or against the artists they like or dislike. When influencers share or repost compositions they like, the artist gets an immediate boost as their creations are plugged to several new users who would otherwise be inaccessible. The reposting is also an endorsement and such plugging by influencers work greatly in favor for artists and their creations. 

    When you compare some of the best SoundCloud paid promotion services to use right now, there should be a focus on the quality of the traffic generated. It is one thing to get new users with no history, following or influence to listen to your compositions and like them. It is a completely different ballgame to have users with great following to listen to your songs and then promote them by reposting or sharing. Artists should enquire if a SoundCloud paid promotion company has the ability to target influencers. It is not uncommon for some of the perceived to be best SoundCloud paid promotion services to use right now to create new profiles of users or have a database of such profiles to listen to songs, like tracks and follow artists who pay them for chosen packages. This may lead to an increase in the numbers of plays, likes and followers but there may be a limited boost to the popularity of a profile.

    The maximum boost can be secured when there is a spike in the various counts along with a significant expansion of the outreach. When new genuine users who are most active on the platform come across your tracks through SoundCloud paid promotion, you can expect an exponential growth of your popularity. The chain reaction or the ripple effect is necessary to sustain the boost. A spillover effect is also essential to go viral. Some of the best SoundCloud paid promotion services to use right now factor in the tactics required to make chosen tracks go viral in a preset period of time. It is rather futile to expect for a track to go viral if the promotional campaigns lead to slow growth in plays, likes and following. The changes have to be instantaneous and there should be a fillip in just two to three days or at the most five days for compositions to go viral.

     Another aspect of the best SoundCloud paid promotion services to use right now is spreading the word beyond the platform. Limiting the promotional effect to SoundCloud will not suffice for most artists. All other major social media platforms should be explored. The same influencers on SoundCloud have a presence on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and perhaps YouTube too. Whether or not they can spread the word across these platforms should also be seriously looked into. Only a few of the best SoundCloud paid promotion services to use right now will be able to deliver on this. Most SoundCloud paid promotion services will not have the ability to influence the influencers or general users to plug tracks or compositions and profiles of artists across different channels.

    Finally, there should be a serious consideration to include comments in the best SoundCloud paid promotion services to use right now. Engagement is not just about plays and likes. Comments play a pivotal role to initiate the engagement. Many artists proactively engage with their target audience, some to acknowledge their fandom and often to get direct feedback, others simply wish to be in the thick of things and correspond with their listeners. Comments are a crucial element in the whole process. Artists will do well to have SoundCloud paid promotion companies to deliver some comments to entice others to chip in with their opinions.

Why You Shoud Buy SoundCloud Plays – The Benefits!
Being a music creator and artists, you would probably spend long hours musing how to shift the career as a musician into high gear. SoundCloud is the platform that lets you excel in your career as a musician. But getting unlimited plays for your tracks is necessary to achieve success on this platform. Trying the organic methods to increase the plays for your music is not easy and it is time-consuming too. So, the best option to get organic plays is to Buy SoundCloud Plays online and get viral SoundCloud promotion. There are many benefits in buying the SoundCloud Plays:

  • Reinforces SoundCloud Credibility – Since SoundCloud is the social platform, the promoters only prefer to choose the artists or tracks with larger plays. The increased number of plays enhances the creditworthiness of the tracks and artists and promoters prefer working with them further. So, by having millions of plays for your track on SoundCloud you tell your promoters that you already got the launch pad and primed and all you need is a boost to take off. This type of credibility is sold easily and if you Buy SoundCloud Plays it will help you get promoted easily.
  • Popularizing the Songs – It is the human mentality to follow the crowd. Similarly the tracks with millions of plays are likely to get noticed and popular amongst the people. Many a time even people who are not fanatic about the kind of music you create also prefer listening to the tracks just because millions of people have already streamed it. So, if you Buy SoundCloud Plays, then it will help your song to get popular and even non-listeners will listen to the kind of music that you create.
  • Being Attention to Your Music – Even if someone likes your music, it is not guaranteed that they will suggest your tracks to other. But, the tracks with millions of views and plays are likely to get shared and suggested by listeners. It can easily grab the attention of other listeners and compel them to suggest the songs to others. This is the power of buying SoundCloud Plays.
  • Going Viral – With the right setup, the tracks may go viral with ease. If you want to get your music go viral, then it needs to be played by thousands in a short span of time. This is only possible when your Buy SoundCloud Plays as it will add as many plays as you want to your tracks to make it look creditworthy and this will help the music to go viral easily.
Why You Shoud Buy SoundCloud Followers?

There are many great reasons why one should Buy SoundCloud Followers. Once your profile starts getting millions of followers, then the major brands, PR companies, artist managers, and SoundCloud itself would take your profile seriously. But following the organic methods to increase the number of followers is time-consuming and the best and effective means is to buy the followers for your SoundCloud. This will increase the credibility of the SoundCloud profile and increase the plays and likes for your soundtracks on SoundCloud. It would become easier for artists to sell their music and tracks online and generate revenue.

    It is undeniable fact that artists with a larger number of followers are likely to get more plays for their tracks and they will receive more feeds of artist’s music. So, it is necessary for your SoundCloud tracks to have millions of followers so as to increase the credibility and plays for your tracks. Moreover, it would also help the artists to make their tracks go viral. To make your track go viral you need to so considerable amount of planning and marketing. The key to success is to have millions of followers for your SoundCloud tracks. You can also get free SoundCloud followers with MusicPromotionCOrp. The higher number of followers to your soundtrack would help it to get more shares, plays, and engagement with a chain reaction. So, Buy SoundCloud Followers to achieve success and enjoy these benefits. It will also help your soundtracks to get the attention that it deserves and the cost of marketing and promotion would also reduce significantly.

Why You Should Buy SoundCloud Likes?
Artists and music creators on SoundCloud are now buying SoundCloud likes so as to create their tracks prevalent instantaneously. It is required that all your tunes and soundtracks need to be played by millions of fans and followers. It is also equally necessary that the soundtracks also get the millions of likes of these listeners to enhance its credibility and visibility on the platform. If you Buy SoundCloud Likes for your tracks, then it enables you to see that others have seen your tracks and liked it and this will compel other listeners to follow you and listen to your music. When the number of likes for your soundtrack is maximized, then many people would start listening to your music and it becomes easier for social venues, radio stations, and clubs and record labels to notice your soundtrack and play it for you.

    Artists who Buy SoundCloud Likes are at the better chance to get their soundtracks noticed by millions of followers and PR companies across the world. This is the effective and easiest way to increase the number of likes for your soundtracks and this reduces the efforts and hard work required for SoundCloud Promotion and promoting your tracks on the varied platform to gain the credibility and visibility.

Learn More about Free and Paid SoundCloud Plays

    Every artist on SoundCloud is in pursuit of plays and subsequently followers. It is necessary to clock enough plays for a song or album to get featured and to draw more attention. There are many songs on the platform that have been played only a few times, that too perhaps by the friends of the artist who have come to know about those tracks. There are many ways to get SoundCloud plays but not all tactics are equally effective. Some tactics may be utterly futile, not particularly due to the nature of the SoundCloud promotion but because of the impact. Artists can get free SoundCloud plays. Artists can also buy SoundCloud plays. Let us explore the premise of music promotion on SoundCloud.

The Prerequisites for Music Promotion on SoundCloud

    All artists can plan different types of SoundCloud promotion. There are only a few prerequisites for SoundCloud marketing. An artist or band should have an active profile. The profile should have at least one song uploaded and available for listeners. Ideally, there should be more than one song. It is absolutely normal for an artist to have just one song but it does not augur well for sustained popularity. The users of SoundCloud are ardent fans. They are music aficionados and they want to listen to more songs, especially if they like an artist or a band. All artists should consider having at least a few songs on the platform. However, this quest should not lead to uploading and sharing all creations. The quality of compositions should be at par, if not better, than the kinds of music available on the site.

    The second set of prerequisites for music promotion on SoundCloud is mostly about the marketing company. Artists will need a SoundCloud marketing company for sustained promotions. Any artist can spread the word around on social networks and social media. It is possible for artists to create a website and set in motion a few branding campaigns. Most artists these days use multiple platforms such as SoundCloud, especially Spotify and YouTube among others, to share their music with the world. The more widespread a presence, the more challenging it is to sustain a promotion or marketing campaign. Artists should consider hiring a SoundCloud marketing company, from time to time if not for perennial promotions.

    The third set of prerequisites for music promotion on SoundCloud pertains to the specific nature of the marketing campaigns. Real SoundCloud promotion is not about spreading the word or sharing the music across platforms without any actual impact. There should be tangible developments. Real SoundCloud promotion delivers measurable outcomes. A SoundCloud marketing company cannot claim to have done its job if the song or an album does not get any observable traction. Simply sharing a link or campaigning for a composition with no verifiable result is not real SoundCloud promotion. Every SoundCloud promo should deliver the expected result. Only then is it worthwhile and should artists consider paying for such SoundCloud promotion?

Free Music Promotion on SoundCloud

    Every artist wants free SoundCloud plays. It would be a dream come true for musicians if their compositions become runaway hits. Rarely do artists, musicians or singers and bands have overnight chartbusters. Some songs do go viral. A few artists have become celebrities in a very short span of time. These are aberrations and not the norm. While all artists can expect or hope for a song to go viral, it is not predictable and very little can be controlled, albeit there are SoundCloud promotion strategies that can fuel such a development.

    Free music promotion on SoundCloud is primarily about getting free SoundCloud plays. It can also be about free SoundCloud followers or free SoundCloud likes. To get SoundCloud plays free, artists can simply subscribe to the newsletters of Music Promotion Corp. A quick sign up using an email address can qualify an artist or a band to get one hundred up to five hundred likes for one song. The free SoundCloud plays are limited to one song. These plays cannot be split among a few songs. The plays cannot be delivered to albums. Artists need to share the link to their chosen song and the free SoundCloud plays will be delivered, usually within twenty-four hours. There is no easier way to get SoundCloud plays.

    Artists have another option to get free SoundCloud plays. Spreading the word about Music Promotion Corp on social networks and social media can qualify artists to get as many as three thousand free SoundCloud plays. All you have to do is share the profile of Music Promotion Corp or post about the SoundCloud marketing company on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, email the proof or send it via the live chat and provide the link to the song for the plays to be delivered. The three thousand free SoundCloud plays can set up the foundation for more plays, possibly likes and followers too. Those who do not have many plays can get a head start with three thousand of them. Those who already have a sufficient number of plays can also benefit. Three thousand free SoundCloud plays can provide the significant impetus.

How to Strategize SoundCloud Marketing

The entire marketing campaign cannot be limited to free SoundCloud plays. You can get SoundCloud plays only once by posting about the company or subscribing for the newsletter. No SoundCloud marketing company will keep delivering free plays. Most do not have any such proposition. After the initial boost, you have to buy SoundCloud plays to sustain the promotion. Timely boosts are necessary. The simplest way to get SoundCloud plays as you upload new songs and try to reach out to a larger audience is the different packages available at Music Promotion Corp. You can buy SoundCloud plays whenever you need or want. You can buy as few or as many as you want. This is also true for likes and followers. After you get free SoundCloud followers or free SoundCloud likes, you need to buy to keep boosting your popularity. The organic growth will happen as a ripple effect.

Whether it is a free music promotion or you are paying a SoundCloud marketing company, there should be a strategy. You must have a short term objective and a long term goal when you buy SoundCloud plays, get real followers and secure innumerable likes. Real SoundCloud promotion must have a substantial impact to make a difference at the end of the day. While a SoundCloud marketing company can deliver the packages, artists should know when to opt for them, how to fully maximize their impact and how to subsequently boost their popularity. Here are a few tips to make music promotion on SoundCloud more effective.

SoundCloud marketing should always be timed well. You should consider getting SoundCloud plays for free when you upload a new song. Unless an artist or band has reasonable popularity and a substantial following, new songs rarely get much traction. The song can remain uploaded for days and may get drowned under new and popular tracks. A new song clocking a noticeable number of plays can set the ball in motion. Users will see that a recently uploaded song is being listened to by fellow music lovers. They will be tempted to play it. As more users come across the song and listen to it, the likelihood of enticing others is much greater and there could be a ripple effect.

Free music promotion has its limits. Real SoundCloud promotion you pay for may also have its shortcomings unless you are opting for a holistic campaign. SoundCloud promo cannot be confined to plays. A song that has been played numerous times cannot be on a profile that is followed by very few users. Similarly, a song that has plenty of plays cannot have scant likes. There has to be some correlation among the plays, likes and following, even if it is semblance. Artists or musicians should get free and paid SoundCloud plays. Simultaneously there should be campaigns generating likes and followers, also shares or reposts. This shall serve as the groundwork for subsequent campaigns.

Real SoundCloud promotion should not be limited to likes, followers, and plays. There should be a more resounding effect of a well-conceived promotion on SoundCloud. For instance, artists should choose viral campaigns. Just as there are advertising and marketing campaigns to make a brand or one of its products go viral, artists can also do the same with their compositions. These can be new songs or old ones that have now been stagnant on the popularity chart. Viral SoundCloud promo can get an artist or one of the songs leapfrog into featured sections. A song going viral also brings in a huge number of plays and in most cases an enormous new following. Artists should choose a song that has the most potential in terms of universal appeal and pays for viral promotion on SoundCloud. The impact can be momentous for the artist.

How to Avoid Ineffective SoundCloud Promotion

    It is imperative for artists to get real SoundCloud promotion. This can happen only when musicians choose the right SoundCloud marketing company and avoid ineffective promotions. A simple way to ensure this is to verify the credentials of the SoundCloud marketing company. Checking their track record, observing the specifics of every SoundCloud marketing campaign and pursuing tangible outcomes can help all artists to avoid futile services. For instance, it is not uncommon for SoundCloud marketing companies to use new and relatively inactive profiles to increase the numbers of plays, likes, and followers. This is an ineffective promotion on SoundCloud. Artists or musicians need high-quality profiles to play their songs. The users should be active. The traction cannot be generated by bots.

    It is not always easy to decide the perfect timing for a particular promotion. Not every campaign may have the same ripple effect. Some songs will become more popular than others. It is possible for a promotion aimed at one track to have an effect on other songs. How users shall respond to a promotion, the kind of interest a campaign can generate and the subsequent spillover effect cannot be predicted every time. What artists can and should do is observe the development and respond accordingly. When a promotion attempt is successful, it may be wise to let the organic effect pan out or it could be more effective to launch another campaign to further boost the growing popularity. Both tactics may work and the decision rests on the artist. The endgame must be kept in mind while making such a decision.

    Every artist wants more fans. The larger a fan base, the greater is the popularity of an artist and higher are the prospects of launching a career in music. Unfortunately, it is not easy to get millions of fans. Only a few artists get hundreds of thousands of plays for every song and without investing much on SoundCloud promotion. The growth of a fan base will also be in phases. Presuming the success or failure of a particular SoundCloud promotion campaign is unfounded. Not assessing the impact of verifiable facts is also a mistake. These conceptions will lead to ineffective music promotion on SoundCloud. An artist should know precisely when a particular song should be promoted. The same song may have to be promoted again. The same promotion strategy might not be relevant every time a song needs a boost.

Choose a SoundCloud Marketing Company that Delivers

    A SoundCloud marketing company that delivers on its promises and does not overprice its packages is the best bet for artists and musicians around the world. It is equally important to note if the same SoundCloud marketing company can also deliver similar impacts on other platforms. Most artists who use SoundCloud are also on Spotify. YouTube is almost unavoidable for any artist, not just musicians. Cross-platform promotion becomes necessary for most artists. It just enhances the chances of attaining the desired fandom. Choose a company that can deliver SoundCloud marketing and promotional services as well as on other relevant platforms.
    MusicPromotionCorp is the best choice to promote your music on SoundCloud and get thousands of new plays.

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