Are you looking for organic SoundCloud promotion? We provide SoundCloud promotion services that will make your music go viral! Read more on how you can get viral Soundcloud promotion and follow our steps to became famous. We are witnessing an era where anything and everything is about clicking, uploading or sharing. From personal pics to large data everything can be shared within a few clicks, thanks to technology and seamless internet connectivity. With technology and innovations invading most of the work are done online these days. If you are getting a book published, you really don’t have to wait to get that painful long process of getting publishers. People go for self-publishing these days, which is quite easy and convenient. This was just an example from thousands. We all know that YouTube is the biggest platform for sharing, uploading videos. But when it comes to music, the Sound cloud is the new trend! To be specific “Sound cloud is an online platform where a person can share as well as distribute music. This website is operated from Berlin, Germany. Apart from sharing music one can try music promotion on SoundCloud very conveniently.

Benefits of SoundCloud in today’s world


    There were times when it was quite easy for a person to advertise or promote your music as there were few artists and whole lot of listeners, but the situation has changed drastically and  now with over 10 Million music creators on the platform it is not that easy to mark your place instantly very easy for your music to get lost in the ocean of things and it may happen that hard work go unnoticed. But there is no need to get desperate now, with SoundCloud one can store your tracks in one place and can share with any other social networking arena with ease at any point in time. Sharing it with another platform like Facebook, Twitter and will definitely boost your fan following. SoundCloud promotion can give the musician in you a platform to exhibit and promote your music publicly. One of the4 main advantages is that it is free of cost, yes! You heard it right. Promoting anything is never free of cost, but with SoundCloud, you can set up an account free of cost. However, to get SoundCloud promotion free there are quite a number of offers and if you want more features to play you may need to pay some amount which will definitely not be on a hefty side.

How to promote your music in SoundCloud: Here is 5 Smart ways!


    It is a fact that most of the people are attracted to the content that is popular and trending. On a social platform, the weight is obviously for that content which has a high amount of views, likes, and shares to its credit, no matter whether it is a video that went life or any personal video channel. Without any second thought, the social network platform is the most powerful medium these days to share your content and get popular in no time. Hence, let us put it on the top of our list for music promotion on SoundCloud

  1. Social networking sites: People are knowingly or unknowingly had become addicted to some of the platform meant for socializing. It won’t be completely wrong to say that if you need to grab people attention you merely have to post it on Facebook, there you are pouring with likes, views, comments and share! Same as in the case with Instagram- a very highly recommended platform to grab some well-knows valuable attention. Twitter can help you to spread your content rapidly in no time. some can be also, let’s get to know some more about the techniques to promote sound cloud on social networking site.
  2. FacebookEveryone is very familiar with these platforms, it has literally swept away entire nation by wave within a span of five years. People get to reunite with old friends. One can upload pics and videos here. Like, comment and share on that content determine the popularity of the same. Hence when it comes to organic SoundCloud promotion one can easily promote music by sharing tracks or playlists to Facebook. All you have to use SoundCloud’s Share feature, where tracking your friend’s playlist or even yours does not be a problem. Your followers can also track your playlist at ease. By promoting SoundCloud through Facebook all your friends and followers can directly go to the selected track and play it. In case, you have shared the list, then the click would take you to the playlist page. The process of connecting your SoundCloud to Facebook is quite easy and convenient. Just go to the connection settings page and on the Facebook button there will be a button “connect additional accounts” and thus you can sign in to SoundCloud via Facebook. There is no rocket since when it comes to the working process of Soundcloud through Facebook. You are required to click on the ‘Share’ key below there is a waveform that will appear on clicking the share button on the screen. An overlay will become visible on which you are allowed to share the playlist and track. Then comes the main part- how much activity do you participate in promoting your track will, at last, give you the popularity you deserve. You have to post the track to your page or to your personal profile page. Copy the URL or the track and simply paste it. Keep a track on the developments and You will definitely get the popularity you are looking for. using Facebook not only help you in SoundCloud music promotion but also give your friend and fans a high-quality experience.
  3. TwitterSecond best way to promote your SoundCloud music is through twitter! You literally put your tracks right out into the world. SoundCloud links are directly connected to Twitter cards which allow the embedded track starts to play automatically as Twitter Card is clicked and expands with the embedded player thus making it avail for SoundCloud Visual Player is the default on Twitter and thus includes your album and tracks automatically in every upload. one can also promote SoundCloud music through the “sharing” option available on twitter. The process is simple- click the share button that can be found underneath the track’s waveform. And the track gets automatically uploaded. This is the most convenient way when it comes to promoting your music SoundCloud through twitter. There is one more option available in twitter which is manually tweeting. Well, all you have to do is copy the track or playlist URL and paste it to twitter account by manual tweet. Instagram is one of the easy yet powerful sources when it comes to promoting your music. If you want your music to look and sound good, then Instagram is the best platform to do so. Instagram helps you make your music & audio sound great. Soundcloud has launched a new integration with Instagram to make it flawless to add anything you want to your SoundCloud post and profile. The process is simple, connect your Instagram feeds to your SoundCloud account. This is how you will be able to share your profile through Instagram to all over the world.
  4. Blogging and Vlogging – Make your SoundCloud account accessible to the bloggers and vloggers.
    The blog is nothing but a consistently updated website that will help you gain information instantly about anything or everything. The recent update can be seen first in the row. The benefits of letting bloggers know about your music are that you will get immense exposure through their writings and updates. Some bloggers may have few readers but do have a wide range of readers, no matter what, you will get new fans into your credit. The best part about a blog is that there can be new visitor any point of time, for say if your post has been updated one year back there are still chances of new fan visiting the site. There are a few things that need you to keep in mind on how to opt for a blogger. First, make sure that the blog keeps an interest in music, you can’t randomly contact any blogger who has nothing to do with music or related things. Go through the submission guidelines thoroughly and it is a good idea to avoid some unwanted situation for smooth SoundCloud music promotion. The thumb rule is to pitch properly- yes you heard it! If you are selling something you need to master the art of selling. Bloggers with highest followers must watch their content in order to maintain their reputation at precise on the subject line, don’t confuse them or make them struggle to find out what actually is your requirement. Add few descriptions about you and your music and don’t ever forget to add the link to the place where they can hear your music conveniently which will allow them to decide. After you have done your work, wait patiently! Don’t follow up continuously and desperately. The bloggers will update your content when the right time comes. A weekly follow up can be done. Follow the same process to get in touch with vloggers and set up your content with them.

    5. Smart Tagging with genres – Soundcloud ways of promoting your music.
    These days we tag to get discovered, hence tag your content with the properly associated genre to get noticed easily like say-if your genre comes under Metal, don’t just go on and tag with pop, that creates a lot of confusion. When a listener is searching SoundCloud it will be easy for your music to get exposed. Keep in mind to be precise about your tag, the more accurate it is, the easier it will be. Similarly, there is an option called “buy” in SoundCloud that allows you to buy links to your track upload, even though it is not for free of cost as the name suggest “buy” but will definitely help you get more footage to the tracks and playlist that you update. Always add the right track and the one you want to be heard first. If you are an owner of the pro account, then you have the facility to change the button to whatever you like. Let say you want to convert your button into buying or share or donate you can do it with much ease. with the donate button one can give the links to some good websites or app for free. it more like advertising, and you have no idea the number of fans you can get into your credit. Once if you have done your part by uploading your track to SoundCloud and if it turns to be a hit or not, there is eventually no looking back-means if you for any other reason what to make changes in the track and your taker it down then all the valuable comments and likes from the fans will be deleted automatically and cannot be retrieved back. Thus, it is very important to be right at the very first or else create a new track in order to preserve the valuable comments and likes of your fans and followers. But if you want to do it all easy the buy SoundCloud promotion pro subscription. This will allow you to swap the track altogether without any changes.


    Soundcloud is definitely one of the largest platforms for the music lovers to create their own identity and place into the world of music when you sign in to SoundCloud you will find a number of useful tools for your convenience. The trick is to use them and to use them efficiently. If you have less experience in handling the tech part, there is no wrong in taking help of anyone having good knowledge in it than doing some silly blunders.

Ok, we had enough of discussion on how to promote or sell your content, but the main thing is to be steady, a continuous upload is required. No one will recognize you on the very first instant, you need to show your presence by continuously uploading and keeping in touch with the followers and fans through comments. Make it point to grow together- which means do repost another artist’s work as well along with posting yours. This gives others a boost to support you as well which may give you more fans in the long run. If you are a full-time musician doing it for the purpose of earning as well, then follow the steps religiously, take some effort and pain to promote your music. After all, success doesn’t-come in handy.

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