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Music Marketing Manager

Edy is our Music Marketing Manager. He worked for MTV, Universal Studio and FHM1 and he is the most experienced member of our team.



Marketing Specialist

Jordan is our marketing specialist. He handles all the orders and makes sure they are delivered on time!



Creative Marketing Specialist

Mia is our creative marketing specialist. She is originally from Italy and speaks five different languages. A real asset to our company.



Marketing Agent

Mark is our marketing agent. He is helping our artists getting deals with major music labels.

 MusicPromotionCorp is connected to the most popular stations and streaming providers with an extensive network of affiliates both in the US and the worldwide market, as well as many more niche and independent stations.

Your goal as an artist is to have your music heard by a wide audience: we can help you achieve that goal and let you focus more on creating great songs.

Get your music to your fans and start growing your fan base with us!

    It is important to us whenever we take on a new artist to come with a tailored promotional radio promotion package. Through the years we’ve gained valuable knowledge and resources that allow us to navigate the complex music marketplace. Our collaborator’s network is made of hundreds of stations and we have a close relationship with the radio programmers and music industry key players and stations. All artists, indie or signed, from any genre, will get our focus and attention to find the suited radio formats for their music to play.

How does it work?

  1. First, you will choose one of the packages and we’ll begin your campaign.
  2. We will identify the right listener’s group once we receive your song. After that, we will choose the right radio.
  3. Your song gets played on the right radio stations, leading to thousands of plays and an army of new fans!

    MusicPromotionCorp has helped many artists throughout the tears to have their music heard by fans who would otherwise not heard them, is a key part in their success. Whether you are a solo artist or a band, having the right promotion is very important in creating a core audience and then grow it over time. Radio is the perfect way of creating a bridge between you as an artist and your listeners, new or existing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I buy radio promotion for my music?

Don’t rush to judgment and dismiss radio promotion as a mass media advertising option. It is something you should definitely consider your music. You can reach thousands of people with a single ad and let you engage with people who want to discover new music and rely on music curators for that.

How does Radio Airplay work?
Radio Airplay is a great way to promote your music. With radio Airplay, you can access many listeners in many places – quickly. It can be utilized in several ways. The most obvious is the ability to reach thousands of listeners at the same time all over the globe or very localized. Having your CD played on the radio several times per week will only help make a greater impact with the listeners. The more people hear your music, the greater opportunity to cultivate new fans, drive sales and help take your career to the next level.

Can I grow my fan base with your radio promotion service?
Our specialized services for music artists are specifically thought to gain sales and grow their fans, by exposing new listeners to their music.

We deliver results! With our many years in this field, with strong and extensive relationships with many radio stations and partners, you can be sure you will benefit from our radio play promotion packages. Each new client is individually assessed, to come up with the best marketing strategy to have the most results and impact.

What countries do you cover?
Our contacts network includes most of the radio stations from North America, but we also cover the European and other worldwide markets.
How long does it take until I get radio airplay for my music?
 MusicPromotionCorp offers a GUARANTEED radio airplay service at an affordable rate. Start getting radio airplay within the next 48 hours from any of our various radio station panels! Simply choose a package and let us help you start building YOUR radio airplay story today!
Why radio airplay is a smart idea to promote my music?

The element of human connection between music and the audience is something that hasn’t been replaced even with all the changes and shifts with the development of the online environment. Radio is the means of discovering new music for many people, with the help of music curators behind the microphone and we still see growth in this sense.

Why MusicPromotionCorp provides one of the best radio promotion services on the market?
We are a team that knows what they’re doing! Every artist wants their music heard and enjoyed. That’s what we are best at doing it. We believe our promotion services are one of the most effective in the world, based on our extensive experience and network.

Is Radio Promotion A Smart Idea To Promote Your Music And Grow Your Fan Base?

 It is a dream for any music artist to win the hearts of people by their music and flourish in the industry. But for that, one needs to be heard. Unfortunately, a lot of people enter the industry with the same aspiration but not all of them make it. A lot of work goes in there other than just producing good music. That involves effectively promoting yourself. In this competitive world, it is important to get noticed and be consistent in that. There are several techniques and platforms used by marketing professionals. If one really wants to find a place and stand firm in the industry, it is advisable to sign deals with music marketing companies.

Most difficulties arise when you are just starting out. Often people are clueless about what should be the next step. Initially, artists cannot afford to hire a professional. So they go for DIY methods, going to relevant music events, doing live shows, meeting important from the music industry and so on.

When your songs are still fresh, the best kind of promotion you can do is through playing them in radio stations. Yes, you have heard it right. New music excites people. And if it is catchy and good enough it will start trending, allowing more replays in the radio station and ultimately has the potential to top the charts.

If you are an artist struggling to promote your music, this will be a great chance to expose yourself to thousands of people around the world.

But you might be wondering why radio when you have other power social media platforms. We have explained It in the next section. Keep reading.

Radio Still Matters

Haven’t you heard of the phrase ‘old is gold? The world has progressed to a digital media platform where new music is available just at the tip of a finger. We have switched from buying music CDs to downloading them online. There are several websites and online stores where you can discover new releases and purchase them. In spite of the modern techniques, some of the oldies are still persistent. One of them is the radio.

 Radio airplay has a valuable contribution to promoting good music and bringing the not-so-known bands and artists into the limelight. It is because, in one single play, one will be able to reach out to thousands of listeners. Even till this date, people do listen to radio stations while they are driving or in grocery stores, barber’s shop. Just like television, radio connects with mass.

    On another hand, modern open-source platforms like Spotify, YouTube, Soundcloud, Pandora, Apple music and so on you get new music from artists who are well established or are already known by people. Also, there is no panel to judge the quality except for the audience. As a result, not always you are going to get quality music. The submissions in a radio station go through scrutiny before it gets aired. Once it gets aired, it immediately adds up to the curiosity among people about who the artists are. Since like on YouTube, you are not really able to see them. Also, the fact that people who regularly listen to radio are somewhat connected with the host of a particular show in a radio station. We listen to the music played by them and instantly fall in love with it. Music curators and DJs decide the playlist. There is a human touch that cannot be replaced by any other automated system or algorithm. This increases the chance of making a solid fan base through radio play.

So we can conclude that Radio stations can be a good way to launch for up and coming artists. Radio station staff will understand your genre and connect you with the right kind of audience. The rest of the magic is done by your music.

Just how difficult it is to get airplay is proof of the fact that radio is not a dying medium. In fact, it is one of the top 5 platforms to promote music according to research studies. If promotion without an external help goes successful, consider this as an achievement. If you are new to all this, it would be a smart idea to get in touch with a company that promoted music by upcoming artists.

Significance of Radio Airplay

Millions of people listen to the radio every day. Most listeners tune in when they are driving. Many also listen to the radio when they are unwinding after a hard day at work. It is true that people have several other options but the alternatives have not made radio insignificant. There is a distinct difference between radio and streaming services in general. A listener has to search for music on streaming platforms. This requires a bit of effort. Radios play songs picked by a curator. The listener has the option of switching from one station to another but a single platform plays only one song at a time. This makes for more targeting airplay. Streaming services can also be used smartly to reach out to a target audience but there shall still be options and listeners can always choose. Radio airplay provides flexibility but is also more predictable in reaching out to a chosen target audience.

Radio airplay has been significant for decades. It continues to remain relevant and just as potent. Radio airplay is not a one-off event. The same song can be played at different times of a day and on several days a week. Repeats tend to have a much greater impact on the listeners than just casually hearing a song on some platform only once. The human mind tends to develop a liking for something as it gets more attuned and the process takes time. Listening to a song and growing fond of it immediately is not a given unless the composition is truly great. Many regular listeners come across scores of tracks every day but forget most of them. This is also influenced by personal preference. Streaming services can help with targeting the right audience. Radio makes it simpler and more effective.

Radio stations around the world study their audiences. They understand the profiles of listeners and know very well what kinds of music they like. The curators pick songs according to the preferences of their target audience. There are also different shows slotted in a manner to suit the listening audience turning in at a given time of the day or night. Such kind of targeting is difficult on streaming platforms, albeit not impossible. Radio promotion is significant and it is more than just the perception of being a form of advertising on mass media.

Choose Music Promotion Corp for Radio Promotion

There is no dearth of radio promotion companies. There are actually more radio promotion companies than those that specialize in streaming services and online distribution platforms. However, you must select the most relevant radio promotion for your music. Not all radio promotion companies can deliver the outcome you want. It is not sufficient to secure some radio airplay on any random station or at certain times of the day when the target audience may not be tuned in. It is futile to get radio airplay on stations that do not suit the genre of music produced. How many times a particular song should be played, the number of days and the specific times are crucial aspects of the whole radio promotion strategy.

MusicPromotionCorp understands these specific needs and can work on a radio promotion campaign designed specifically to accomplish the present objective. You can choose to have your song played for one day or several days. You need not worry about exorbitant costs as the radio promotion plans are moderately priced. You need to pay only five dollars for one-day radio airplay. The usual cost is fifteen dollars but you can now avail a discount. Having a song played for a day on a chosen station and reaching out to a properly identified and sorted target audience will get you, new listeners. This can have a direct impact on sales. The same listeners will then want to find the artist, if they like the song, on streaming services and other platforms. There can be a ripple effect and all of it will be organic.

Artists looking for sustained radio promotion campaigns can opt for five days play. Five days radio airplay is priced at seventy-five dollars but a discount is available right now and you will only pay fifteen dollars. This is a nominal investment when you consider the return and the sheer outreach assured through the guaranteed radio airplay. A day may not be enough for some artists and certain songs. There are compositions that people must listen to a few times before they start to like it. Also, it is not unnatural for some people in the target audience to miss out on scheduled radio airplay on the first day or even the second day. Having a song be on air for five days certainly increases exposure and also nudges people who listen to it more than once to like it enough to seek out the artist online.

How to Use our Radio promotion services?

Music Promotion Corp can offer a prolonged radio airplay campaign. Artists can choose ten days of radio airplay. Such kind of radio promotion may not be necessary for those who have not yet monetized their music. The package costs a hundred and thirty-five dollars but a discounted price of ninety-five dollars is what you will get right now. This radio promotion campaign is useful for those who already have their albums on sale and want more people to know and like one of their songs so they check out the rest. This radio promotion is basically a viral campaign.

Final Note

Radio promotion has always been essential for musicians. Radio has traditionally been the only exclusive platform for music. While streaming services and music distribution platforms have become immensely popular, radio still remains a mass medium accessed by millions of people in the country. There are over a dozen music streaming services. Some of them are free to use. Most have a subscription model. Not all of them offer unlimited storage and distribution. You can use any and every such streaming service. You may also promote your music on such platforms. However, a presence on such platforms and promoting your creations across mediums do not dismiss or even reduce the significance of radio.

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