Looking for ways to promote your music? Have you tried radio promotion, if not you must go for it? When you talk about the promotion on the radio it seems like a walk on roses though it’s not that. One has to get in touch with radio stations and promote the song to them using different ways like faxes, phone calls, one-sheets etc. and then wait for the response from these radio stations.

This is not an easy job the competition that one faces here are also quite big, getting noticed in so many applicants is quite an achievement itself. It becomes easy if you have a big budget and support. Though if you don’t have any such things don’t be disheartened music speaks for itself.

What is radio airplay?

    The radio airplay is the number of times a particular song is played on the radio stations. The song which is on spin or one can say which is being played quite frequently is supposed to have large radio airplay time. The promotion of your song is done through airplay time. If your song is repeated again and again and is engaging enough it becomes a hit and you get to be recognized by more audience. To promote your song on social media radio promotion are used.

    There are two kinds of radios where you can promote your songs:

  • Non-Commercial Radio – All students’ radios and community radio stations come under this category. It is considered as the great starting point for new and up-coming independent singers. Though they are non-commercial we should not belittle them as such, it works as a great platform for you to start your journey into being a singer. Some of these stations are widely famous and this may lead you being noticed by commercial stations.
  • Commercial Radio – Commercial Radio stations are the one which has commercials if we put it plainly. After you have made your foundation on non-commercial radios you move to smaller commercial radio stations and then to medium and big stations. Though it may look like a ladder game to you. It is not. Big radio stations would consider you only if your career is growing, just having good quality doesn’t matter. They will only be willing to take the risk if you can add value to their ratings.

You can always hire radio promotion companies to help you with the task of getting listed. This can decrease the hassle you have been going through.


Role of the Radio Promotion Company


    If you have decided to use radio promotion companies than you must have many queries related to them like regarding the radio promotion cost, what is the way for best radio promotion and many more?

    Let’s see what the role of radio promotion companies is:

  • They should review data from daily and weekly music charts also keeping an eye on social events like Shazam charts etc.
  • They should have good PR with music directors.
  • Not just music directors, they should be on good term with agents, concert managers, and other field persons.
  • They should be able to provide new songs and tones to music directors on time.

    These companies are required to work with these people on your behalf:

  • Promoters
  • Mediators
  • Press and Media
  • Radio jockeys
  • Internal staff
  • Artists
  • Managers

    These companies get in touch with music directors and radio promoters who will, in turn, help you out in making your music popular.

How do radio promoters select their client?


    When you have selected the radio promotion company though you don’t have to do much still there are things that one must know in order to excel in this field.

  • A radio promoter selects the clients seeing the current workload, their existing clients or through singles that are already in news.
  • The one thing that is obvious is your song quality.
  • If you are coming from a strong brand then it becomes easier for you.
  • If you are providing singles than keep in mind they want their singles to be diverse.
  • If you or your song is embraced by some followers and is trending right now.

    These radio promoters are always looking for new talent you just have to be vigilant enough. They have their own networks and referral systems in place which helps them to make this task easier. If you are going to hire a company see that you hire one with good networking system so that it can promote you easily.

Are you going for Radio Campaign?

     Thinking of doing promotion yourself rather than a company, tie up your boots and start the Radio Campaign.

  • Start at least 4 to 6 weeks before the set date.
  • The first task is to mail the promo CDs to all the program directors of different stations.
  • Now give a week’s time for your package to be seen and get feedback whether all have received it or some went missing if so mail the ones which went MIA again.
  • Next few weeks you would be receiving and collecting feedback about the singles and will get to know which stations are interested to give it airplay and which are not.
  • Keep program directors in the loop of whatever you are doing. Update him about the musicians that are available in the market, shows, and sales that are going on.
  • If you want to row your boat in bigger markets, you can announce your singles and look out for ads to promote for them.
  • In the concluding week, you would be pushing for adds and hold your fire for the outcomes.

Though the process looks small, we have tried to explain it in a nutshell. This is the basic outline of what you would be doing to get your songs radio airplay.

Once you are on the airplay, music is the thing that will win millions of hearts and will lead to become famous and gather followers. Once started sky is the limit. You just need to unleash your energy for first push.

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