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*This Package is perfect for any artist who is serious about his music and wants an active promotion!

*Every artist wants to be on a major Official Spotify playlist.

*Buying this promotion you will increase your chances of getting into the Official Spotify Playlists!

What will you get from this package?

*You can send only one track/song!
*1000-2000 Monthly Listeners and Plays!
*1x mShuffle Playlists Placement
*90% USA Listeners!
*10% Europe Listeners!
*High-Quality PRO Users!
*Minimum 100 Followers!
*The promotion starts in 24h!
*Delivery Time is 3-5 days!

You can order this package multiple times for the same track. We target different people in each campaign.

This package is a great opportunity to gain your first Spotify followers and plays in a very short period of time. Especially for rising artists, having a critical mass of plays and followers will make or break their online success, and this organic promotion is perfect to get your music played and start building your brand and audience at a very convenient price.

Act fast and claim this special offer!


96 reviews for Spotify Single Promotion

  1. maria

    Quick communication and great results. Appreciated the promotion and consider the gig a big success. Will be purchasing again. Highly recommend this website to others.

  2. Videojamtv

    Excellent service

  3. moonl

    Deffinitley will pay for services again

  4. deaandsaiy

    They gets you the results you want. The numbers grow over time, so just keep that in mind as well. Definitely going to return for more business.

  5. Samuel

    thank you for your service. job well done.

  6. Stweart22

    Good service!

  7. kim572

    Met expectations…

  8. w3alth

    first time user..great

  9. pheonixx

    my plays went up fast asf I respect this person hope to do more with them.

  10. Stwearts

    Great, Real results and quick turn around

  11. nyakin

    Delivered above and beyond. Thank you for your service.

  12. tzig

    Always a great experience

  13. tara

    Always great service and work!

  14. parkins

    Service has always been great. They are always available to help me. I fully recommend. Thanks

  15. lass13

    Great work, will definitely use their services for all my songs. 10 Stars

  16. Andrik

    Very easy and productive


    It was a really good service really professional I really enjoyed

  18. coper

    seriously good service! She is so good and communication very nice. overall good work.

  19. isaac

    Delivered as promised, will using again.

  20. slimwave

    very legit

  21. kosdillon

    Great Experience…….Highly recommended!

  22. igarcia2

    Great service, this is the second time and I’m happy with the results. Great work!

  23. hbassist

    Honest and helpful person. Impressive too.

  24. final.fantasy0079 (verified owner)

    im loving the results highly recommend this!

  25. phazard

    Good communication. Delivered as promised

  26. raxity

    AMAZING!!! Will repeat!

  27. shurik1003 (verified owner)


  28. arkuraymond

    amazing service

  29. sodream

    Excellent work

  30. douardm

    Impressive, excellent, thank you

  31. pecego

    Awesome work!!!! I would definitely recommend!!!

  32. eceg

    Awesome work!!!!! I would definitely recommend

  33. pecego

    Awesome work!!!! I would definitely recommend!!!

  34. Emma22

    Awesome work!!!!! I would definitely recommend

  35. Jake

    I recieved 100 followers but no plays or anything else 🙁

  36. seqouisss

    I’ve used this service for quite a while and have always a good experience and great results.

  37. mikkinels

    Started to worry, but got all my monthly listeners and followers in just few days 🙂 Excellent job guys!

  38. messi34

    Quick delivery of a high quality plays. Really satisfied with this service

  39. vagonkoxio

    great delivery very happy with your services

  40. mazioI

    Fast and real followers were added to my account. Very impressed!

  41. indigo2

    Takes some time to get the followers but overall good site

  42. lion75

    Quick delivery of a high quality plays. Really satisfied with this servic

  43. iolio987231

    Top promo mens! thx

  44. sten989

    I’m Flesh in the promo

  45. andivinkos

    Royalties after the promo Thanks

  46. siava1

    i become like a Bobber with you haha

  47. golinka

    Great work!

  48. rulia34

    Awesome thanks al ot

  49. vitikovich325

    Myy best experience)

  50. belariN

    Very easy – with you!

  51. bimbo8

    I recieved 10k st and 586 new follow thanks

  52. kilogmink

    I hope to do more with you

  53. pilbobak

    Excellent job

  54. earnesthodmusica

    Absolutely the best! Bravo!!! Will be back.

  55. birdbardsa

    The service worked

  56. lion9257

    Thank you so much!

  57. dinnokifan

    I will be back for more!

  58. luzinoms

    Super, good wrok!

  59. beremiyuyl

    The first time and i’m satisf.!

  60. dimix736

    My track on radio thanksyou

  61. vinikon3

    Quick start!

  62. dadago

    used this service for quite a while and have always had a good experience and great results

  63. kamivixi

    Excellent work, trustworthy and fast. Thanks, guys! I’LL BE BACK

  64. squidco3

    Works well every time.

  65. rusinluc2134

    Quick response rate.

  66. okochivan

    Great work and is very responsive.

  67. Chilly_nic5

    Fantastic job

  68. JPLFlash

    Excellent thank you

  69. marsikonw

    Awesome thx

  70. derquiot

    Thanks a lot…

  71. annie80

    Well done!

  72. smakilo7

    great job, thanks

  73. ricky78

    Great service. Very good job

  74. siwaxx

    Great Work!

  75. Eriksooon

    Perfect, we will absolutly order more articels…

  76. sjbrown

    Thank you so much for a well written press release. Thanks for your time.

  77. benbig5

    Highly recommend

  78. sellmuslab

    I’m ready to start again!

  79. primiepie53

    Great work! Thanks

  80. pietrovinss

    One of the best seller! Great!

  81. mmajor24

    Great job!

  82. figaroGo

    I appreciate your assistance!

  83. lilivons2

    Will be ordering again!

  84. Jimmiparn28

    great work delivered

  85. Eriksooon

    Great job!

  86. patrulons


  87. The Resource Music Group LLC (verified owner)

    Great product service and customer service every time!

  88. LucyBeal

    Excellent service

  89. Cavin_noum

    thank u good job very quick

  90. LilHeartBreak (verified owner)

    Best promotion service ..I actually got to keep my listeners which is nice, I check my “listening now” and there’s usually 5-8 ppl listening live even after promotion ended

  91. sandyb

    Excellent job, well sorted and to order, will use again.

  92. BabiesWorld

    Awesome product descriptions, really pleased with results. Would order again

  93. SteinBachGroup


  94. John (verified owner)

    Great service real streams,followers,listeners & playlists I’ll definitely be purchasing again.

  95. raffaelepetralia (verified owner)

    Amazing service! The best!

  96. Nick

    Bought this package and its absolutely beyond expectations! Got over 3000 monthly listeners and over 100 followers. Will buy again!

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