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      Submit your track for FREE to 200 Top Spotify Playlist Curators to review your music! REAL VALUE: $357!!!
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      We offer a 30-day no-questions-asked refund guarantee if we don't meet your expectations!
    • 15 $
      3 Days Radio Promotion to over 100.000 US and worldwide active listeners!
    • 25 $
      We will send your music to multiple major US Record Labels.
    • 20 $
      Send your music to over 500.000 active listeners on our network and partners!
    • 15 $
      Get over 1000 new IG followers, likes, and views!
    • 25 $
      Get over 5000 new views, likes, comments!
    • 20 $
      Get over 15.000 plays, likes, and reposts!
    • 25 $
      Get Your Music In Top Apple Playlists!
    • 20 $
      Get over 1000 Active Soundcloud Followers!
    • 50 $
      Get over 500 Subscribers on YouTube!
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      Get over 1000 Active Spotify followers!


Viral Spotify Promotion is now HERE! Become FAMOUS NOW!

***Ranked NO 1 by Google as the ‘best Spotify promotion” service online!
***Get Your Music Into Spotify Chart! 

What will you get from this VIRAL Package?

You can send 1-10 tracks/songs max!
*15.000-20.000 Monthly Listeners and Plays!
*5 Playlists Placement
*80% USA Listeners
*20% Europe Listeners
*High-Quality PRO Users!
*The promotion starts in 24h.
*Delivery Time is 10 days!

*With a large list of genre-specific music lovers, pages, and blogs and thousands of Spotify playlists,  this service can really help your music get the viral effect! 

*Over 20.000 monthly artists are going viral using this package!

*This service is quick, efficient, and professional!

You can order this package multiple times for the same track/s. We target different new people in each campaign.

Viral Music Promotion works best when your materials become VIRAL, being enjoyed and shared by large numbers of people. This way you can enjoy great success and keep your promotional costs low. We have thought of the very best package that will give you the number of plays and followers to achieve great results!

Don’t delay your shot to Fame and order this package TODAY!

53 reviews for Spotify VIRAL

  1. ossont28

    Absolutely one of THE BEST things I’ve ever purchased. Fantastic results. Will definitely use again! Don’t miss this opportunity.

  2. bridge


  3. joelcambio

    Awesome, thank you so much. Excellent results.

  4. elguapmode

    Everything was done on time and over delivered

  5. simonmoffatt

    Great interaction. Did exactly as promised. Spotify plays increased several 100% during the course of the promo. Highly recommended.

  6. ikaaforej

    awesome work does a great job 🙂

  7. nowsbest

    love your work

  8. vladianioglo

    I needed to promote my music and MusicCorp did just that.

  9. Lucky

    Always deliver

  10. gdoccob

    As described + good bonusses! Good.

  11. andleah

    This is a awesome! result as promised.

  12. andymallo

    Best of the best

  13. beenj

    Performed as promised

  14. artbu

    Excellent, highly recommended

  15. stendunn33

    Very easy to work with and delivered as said.

  16. christoph

    They are good at what the do. I fully recommend.

  17. robbyknox

    best spotify promoter. highly recommended.

  18. iorlove

    Great delivery worked on the order as soon as it was purchased and saw pretty instant results.

  19. Stweart

    I bought this because of the seller’s track record. I’m satisfied with the service provided.

  20. jessypen11

    Real and promising service! Would gladly order again and recommend this

  21. whoisjrs

    Outstanding service!

  22. stonero

    Great work as always!

  23. roberto

    I am very happy with this. We did a custom order for Spotify Promo and delivered 100% and on time. I’m definitely gonna be using this again.

  24. AmeliaS

    thanks, good work

  25. xcreatIve

    Amazing boost. Gggggggggg

  26. AriaOscar


  27. Tessagrey

    nice and on time delivery

  28. ManuelDon

    A wonderful seller with great service…..Looking forward for more orders from him

  29. JackMeloy

    Excellent service & fast delivery!

  30. Adriankesh

    Very good service. Highly recommend

  31. Sophia90

    thank u

  32. simonclark19

    Excellent effort and appreciate the number of designs sent through to me for approval. Good communications as well.

  33. RoverRang_Gan

    Great work very professional and delivered fast, just what I like!

  34. Ridiksley2

    Thanks a lot!

  35. DjSTrolex

    Thanks, Corp, you’ve made it flow so much better!

  36. Obiliozko1

    U are the best!

  37. Endyfeeling

    Great as per usual.

  38. Darren2019

    Very good to work with, will use again.

  39. Wastecost88

    Always, consistently excellent. Thank you

  40. Capitsun_F

    Fantastic work yet again quick and spot on first time!

  41. davolason

    Perfect, good job.

  42. DoryGame

    A very professional service indeed and a pleasure to communicate with mpc

  43. JaguiarSix

    Quality work- Already using again

  44. Aroubicaa

    Very informative and fast, Thanks

  45. NesheNhe

    thankyou very much

  46. LyucyVins

    Brilliant promo and service – many thanks!!

  47. Xradety

    One of the best! Highly Recommended!

  48. GLWh

    Thanks so much for the service and the perfect promo, couldn’t have done without it. Perfect job.

  49. Barmington

    Thank you. That’s a great job

  50. ipmipm

    Thank you so much!Beautiful work!

  51. davgree

    Great job, thank you. Will use again!

  52. larrysmok

    Communication was good and the ord was delivered in pretty quickly. I would use again.

  53. reggirok

    Another job done , thanks for a great job again, many thanks

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