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*Become a STAR  Today! FAME must be your ultimate goal! 
*Targeted promotion to thousands of music lovers leading to massive results!
*You can send only one song with this package!

What will you get from this package?

*Get thousands of new listeners for your music;
*We will promote your music on Shazam single to 1000 new people. 
*Increase your sales and online reputation!
*Promotion in front of thousands of active people!
*Get global recognition for your music!
*This service is fast, efficient, and professional!

Artists who have worked with us gain real streams, new fans through playlist placements and connections with the best curators out there.

Dream big, but also be armed with effective marketing strategies for your music promotion.

Being an industry leader promotion, these results are sure to be authentic and genuine.

13 reviews for Shazam Starter

  1. wickey2

    Awesome! Highly recommended!

  2. rojas

    Amazing as always. Will keep coming back.

  3. sharidoKan

    Amazing again thank you!

  4. hulestion55

    Another great job!


    The Business

  6. Tmuffo

    Great job!

  7. porsche

    It’s perfect service!

  8. robsheps

    Amazing work!

  9. sheils3

    Awesome logo and quick. Great communication. Thank you

  10. AzzaN17

    Highly Recommend fast delivery great service


    A great person to work with. Very professional and prompt.

  12. jared55


  13. burston

    Excellent thanks!

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