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*Become Super Star Today! FAME must be your ultimate goal! 
*Get thousands of listeners on your Shazam Music!
*You can send 1-5 songs with this package!

What will you get from this package?

*Get thousands of new listeners for your music;
*We will promote your music on Shazam to 5000 new people. 
*Promotion in front of thousands of active people!
*Get global recognition for your music!
*This service is fast, efficient, and professional!

There are several ways music artists can become famous.

With a large list of genre-specific music lovers, pages, and blogs, playlists,  this service can really help your music get the right exposure. 

Knowing how to boost your Shazam music is becoming a huge deal in today’s music industry.

MusicPromotionCorp will help you go VIRAL on Shazam.


15 reviews for Shazam Best Seller

  1. sweets

    Outstanding service and beyond my expectations. Well done!

  2. suzy

    Thank you!!!

  3. dno101

    Guaranteed plays

  4. Stweart

    good stuff will order again

  5. fiumonte

    Fantastic as always! Thank you

  6. klobaretion

    Thank you!!!

  7. mandgior

    Great work, very professional!!!

  8. kresbyglin

    great delivery will use again

  9. Diegodeen

    Thank you so much!

  10. waynemores

    Will use again in the future.

  11. Katpromote

    Thank you for excellent quality of work and service as always. Happy customer

  12. Samira

    Thanks for the great job

  13. Citibond

    Great, job, thank you!

  14. taread

    5*. Definitely recommended.

  15. gool54

    excellent, vocals, music,production and service..

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