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*Become a Spotify Star Today! FAME must be your ultimate goal! 

*Get thousands of new listeners and increase the chances to get on Spotify Chart!

*Buying this promotion you will increase your chances of getting into the Official Spotify Playlists!

What will you get with this package?

*You can send 1-5 tracks/songs max!
*3.000-6.000 Plays and Monthly Listeners

*5 Playlists Placement!
*80% USA Listeners!
*20% Europe Listeners!
*High-Quality PRO Users!
*Minimum 300 Followers!
*The promotion starts in 24h.
*Delivery Time is 7 days!

You can order this package multiple times for the same track/s and you will get always new listeners. We target different people in each campaign.

Other benefits you will get from this package:

* Increase chances to reach an Official Spotify Playlist;
*Get thousands of monthly listeners, plays, streams, and followers;
*Results will start to appear in max 24h-72h!
*100% Guaranteed Delivery or Your Money Back!
**This service is fast, efficient, and professional!

Real Spotify Promotion!

Get more serious when it comes to gaining new plays and followers. With this service, you will be able to get close to thousands of plays and hundreds of followers and start to strengthen your reputation as an artist in the industry and gain more notoriety and fans. Buying Spotify Promotion will increase your chances of having your music heard by more and more people, and it’s very easy to place your order and you will see the results in a matter of days.

Try Today our BestSeller package and you will come back for more!

146 reviews for Spotify Best Seller(75%off)

  1. Edy

    It was great! I will buy again

  2. bosco6

    Honestly I’m very impressed man, I’m going to be working with you again

  3. blockb

    Yeah they delivered. Around 18k plays All across 3 countries inc US. Cant complain

  4. oeboii

    fast and efficient

  5. jay84

    As described + good bonusses! Good.

  6. Samuel

    Provided an exceptional service & got even more than I asked for! The honest feedback/engagement from the SC Users truly benefits as well. Great communication, and work at lightning speeds. Thanks again!

  7. titus

    Excellent Service! Will order again! 25 STARS!

  8. Noah

    I was satisfied with the results!

  9. Stweart

    As expected! dope service!

  10. sammyboy

    Satisfactory experience. Thanks for going extra mile to meet our demand.

  11. goodpace

    I recommend this

  12. kmullin

    Very quick service

  13. Richard

    Dope Dingeroooos my brother

  14. josephs

    I wanted other people to hear my music and these guys really wanted to help me make that a reality.

  15. Daniel

    Thanks again will be submitting a new song in a couple weeks.

  16. Thomas

    Thanks for the great work this helps a lot.

  17. badguy

    Got what was offered

  18. stepha

    This exceeded my expectations. Thank you. I guess this was just a start…

  19. centric

    I highly recommend that you use this promotion to help kick start your career

  20. andre

    good work done

  21. eivind

    Great work. 🙂

  22. rome

    Great job. Very prompt and professional.

  23. stark

    Quick and easy – my tracks were playlisted with a good spot almost straight away! Thanks andychatzi 🙂

  24. izris

    Always great service thanks

  25. creatively7

    Great seller, went beyond and I received positive feedback. Will definitely use again,. Thank you so much.

  26. lordconrad

    Amazing service. Outstanding professionalism. I love this. Thank you. Will Order again.

  27. europe_5

    Job well done! Nice!!!

  28. Norman

    As described! Kind seller and very concise, trustworthy communication & service!

  29. ylikett

    real promotion

  30. daniellej

    great job … will come again… you get streams & listeners as well & thats exactly what you want with REAL views ..

  31. heliaijon

    Impressive work

  32. jondonmusic

    certainly showed my track to organic people, as I saw an uptick in streams/listens (~1000k streams, ~100 unique listeners) and my follower count increased by 64 people (from 11 to 75). I imagine these numbers will range depending on the quality and type of music.

  33. ondnoel

    Very well delivered!!

  34. Benjamin

    Very good services.
    I get more that what i wanna.

  35. martin

    Great as usual!

  36. Anon

    Yo, this actually works
    Also, subscribe to Pewdiepie

  37. youm

    Highly recommended! It’s working ! I have more followers en Spotify 🙂 Quick response ! Always available. Able to quickly solve a doubt / problem. Thank you so much

  38. Jak2

    Well done!

  39. mhhill1

    Delivers as promised!!!

  40. jasonwill

    used before will use again

  41. mannyh

    Good job yet again !

  42. jeff

    High quality work, much appreciated!!

  43. icalav

    Great service and worked.

  44. eppa

    High quality work, much appreciated!!

  45. Elijah2

    Super easy! He finished in half the time it said it was gonna take. Appreciate it!

  46. eliaal

    Very good and quick

  47. stiv99

    Great job!

  48. vonmen

    I appreciate your assistance!

  49. musicrecords

    Very good service!

  50. bigoggi

    Excellent promotion!

  51. lyasjia

    I will be back for more!

  52. igoriyao7

    Thank you so much!

  53. andrelimb

    Amazing seller!

  54. valiarnik

    you’re the best!

  55. arci1990

    Always a pleasure working with you!

  56. minikbon

    Amazing work as per usual

  57. taraniiiks

    They are great and results great too.

  58. juuliavins

    Done good will work with again in the future.

  59. lookhip

    Really good service.

  60. sunny7

    Awesome thanks!

  61. babygivesvibe

    Thanks for the support a True Professional service

  62. monkihing

    Thanks, the best as always!

  63. mahako

    Great wrok wil order again!

  64. decchevree

    Excellent job. Very satisfied!

  65. Gilsaint

    Definitely will use again

  66. poinyfeatur

    Thanks, order as expected – will be back again

  67. Dopeboymenssss


  68. semkokko

    Great service – worked well.

  69. taraniiks

    Your review *Thaanks The best like always!!

  70. suny821

    Impressive thx

  71. Dopeboyfresh

    Your review *Great steady service

  72. Hge23

    Good job!

  73. Hge23

    Did exactly as advertised again.. thanks will order again!

  74. Babygere2

    Your review *Good job! I will order again!

  75. savannah2273


  76. NikoGorh

    Great as usual!

  77. dimonchikk

    Really the best promo

  78. djklubni4ka

    Let’s Go to VIRAL?! YYYYYeeeeesssssssssssss!!!

  79. everybady76253

    You can try it!

  80. agaukion

    Great work!

  81. mydremov

    I like it! Thank you

  82. oksinel564

    Great communic. & job

  83. diladron65

    Appreciate it! thanks

  84. jakedasz

    Quick communication and great results.

  85. thefivea

    Probably one of the best services for Spotify promo! Buying again 100%!

  86. cazokinss

    Awesome and great customer service.

  87. macarkinow

    everything as described perfectly

  88. pepolin3

    Will be ordering again!

  89. davidhac4

    Thank you for an amazing service

  90. asiquoikk

    My favorite service

  91. merrymiks

    Very well thx U

  92. mixsound213

    Excellent worked in just few hours very happy

  93. kitvikxi987

    Ive been using Musipromocorp for a very very long time. Thanks!!!

  94. boikodeniaa

    Very very helpful service!

  95. hochalavkir

    Great thanks!

  96. Phemmy11

    Awesome service, will use again. Thanks

  97. zugyunpop


  98. Lunchmoney

    Nice work. Thanks again!

  99. paunosk74

    thank you perfect

  100. asenserm

    Good work!

  101. lokiira

    Very well!

  102. ahratiko

    always good wrok

  103. larionn


  104. larionn

    thank you

  105. speedyjet

    Great Service, Highly Recommend

  106. marcusgareera


  107. Sassy

    You really have to try this seller. His work is superb and very professional.

  108. Frankiose

    Very efficient & Fast Service! Thank you 🙂

  109. dowinklin

    It’s working!

  110. 1998dasojiod

    Awesome thanks!

  111. lvivonjersy

    Really Really super PR. Will hire her again shortly!

  112. onokotcha

    Fast and efficient. thanks!

  113. znayryu249

    Very good service

  114. denkova2

    Excellent promo

  115. Dilanmaqq

    Excellent so far!

  116. Stivenrox96

    Thanks so much

  117. grapiro

    Very good !

  118. stiv99

    Really good service.

  119. LillilIEan

    Very impressed!

  120. Begemons2

    Thanks a lot!

  121. grubeyon

    Thanks for the help

  122. mwproads33

    Appreciate it!

  123. prodycloud

    Great Service, Thanks a lot!

  124. sindylamel

    perfect as always

  125. Amymy

    Great job – thank you so much. Really pleased with the result!

  126. RylanSport

    Brilliant work!! It is, as I wanted!! Well done to you!!

  127. PiratesBeat

    Good fast delivery

  128. AmericBrend

    Good choice

  129. DonnyRegarsio

    Amazing ! Put in great detail and wrote it so well to highlight key points. Looks very professional!

  130. marvodryt


  131. feedgo2

    Excellent. Thank you

  132. LongGame

    Brilliant and delivered to me incredibly quickly! Thanks so much!

  133. Barakanas

    Nice job! Recommend

  134. CentreofMusic

    Thanks a lot!

  135. marlynbord

    Excellent Service just what i wanted

  136. Rozkviry

    Excellent service. Recommend highly.

  137. SCPrint

    Great communication would be happy to use her again Thanks

  138. apologriks

    excellent,production and service..

  139. david (verified owner)

    When my stats came in I was blown away! They go above and beyond for a great price!

  140. Christian (verified owner)

    Very good job. The streaming/listener stats seems to be better than promised, and within given time frame as well. I will now buy this service again for another of my releases. Thank you and keep up the good work.

  141. FUE (verified owner)

    the service did exactly what it said it would do definitely Appreciate will re up!

  142. Skadot

    Doubled my streams and gained 95% more followers over night! Can’t wait to see more results! Best promo results I’ve seen so far, By far.

  143. fmr6records (verified owner)

    Music Promotion Corp is a more better, efficient, marketing company over any competitors. This program can place your career in music in a great viral position that will provide outstanding service to get your music 100% satisfactory results..

  144. Nate (verified owner)

    After some email exchanges they made it right and crushed it. 👍🏻

  145. Biggs

    How do you guy send your songs to them

  146. lekanmint

    I have a question. Are the plays eligible for royalties

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