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      Submit your music for FREE to 150 Music Blogs to review your song/s! REAL VALUE: $157!!!
    • 15 $
      3 Days Radio Promotion to over 100.000 US and worldwide active listeners!
    • 25 $
      We will send your music to multiple major US Record Labels.
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      Send your music to over 500.000 active listeners on our network and partners!
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      Get over 1000 new IG followers, likes, and views!
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      Get 5 days Promotion In Top Spotify Playlists!
    • 25 $
      Get over 1000 new views, likes, comments!
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      Get over 15.000 plays, likes, and reposts!
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      Get Your Music In Top Apple Playlists!
    • 20 $
      Get over 1000 Active Soundcloud Followers!
    • 10 $
      Get over 100 Subscribers on YouTube!
    • 30 $
      Get over 1000 Active Spotify followers!


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This Package is perfect for any artist who is serious about his music and wants an active promotion!

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7 reviews for Amazon Music Best Seller

  1. Isabella

    Great, Real results

  2. Gravattjewels

    Really fast quick service! several really good ideas! Many thanks.

  3. goodvocal

    Suprpasses brilliant!

  4. dhilst

    The work is amazing!!! I got exactly what I wanted!

  5. fesatre

    Thanks for a great job

  6. Leogrin

    Great work will use again many times

  7. frankimacquin

    Great service , Highly Recommend

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