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Edy is our Music Marketing Manager. He worked for MTV, Universal Studio and FHM1 and he is the most experienced member of our team.



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Jordan is our marketing specialist. He handles all the orders and makes sure they are delivered on time!



Creative Marketing Specialist

Mia is our creative marketing specialist. She is originally from Italy and speaks five different languages. A real asset to our company.



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Mark is our marketing agent. He is helping our artists getting deals with major music labels.

Indie or mainstream artists, bands from any music genre are using iTunes to reach audiences worldwide as part of their music promotion strategy. No matter how narrow or wide your focus audience is, the internet is a great tool for you to reach it, and grow your fan base, as well as your earnings. People are eager to listen to new music, and you can provide your songs or albums to them.

But because it is such a great tool for artists, with low entrance costs and potentially viral results, it is also hard especially for beginning artists to get noticed on this platform. Also, we believe that your main focus should remain to make great music, but at the same time, you should always strive to have an effective Internet promotion activity.

Here is where an Apple iTunes promotion help from a seasoned company like ours will help you achieve this goal. Tap in our extensive expertise in the online promotion market and with the use of our own social network, affiliates and other tools we will get noticed and expose your music to a wider audience.

    Whether you have a single to promote, or an album, a worldwide audience or certain countries, we have the tools and knowledge to help! Also based on your music genre and target demographics we can come up with the best solutions so you can have plenty of iTunes streams.

    Earn money from your iTunes downloads and also get noticed by other people in the entertainment industry. There is always the potential for creating a serious buzz around your single or album and gain more fame and fans. Stay informed about the results with the reporting tools and always have a proactive marketing approach. And most importantly, move people with your music and reach to as many as possible

Frequently Asked Questions

How does iTunes promotion service work?

We promote your iTunes music via our own network social with over 500.000 listeners. We use different ways to promote your music such as direct marketing, email marketing, social media ads, blog posting, radio placements, and other methods. Our iTunes promotion services will help your music go Viral!

Do you offer Apple promotion too?
Yes, we can promote your Apple music too. We will bring you success in the long run and you will also start seeing results pretty fast using our service.
Do I get any statistic of the iTunes promotion?
Yes! After the promotion is over we will send a google analytics report with the final results of our campaign.
What sort of audience can I expect?
We will customize the audience profile based on your wishes, music genre, and demographics. The music genre is the key factor when coming up with a strategy, and the more general or more narrow the genre is, will lead to different audience profiles. Whatever the genre and target group, we can make it happen!
Do you offer iTunes Album promotion?
Yes, we offer the promotion for singles and for albums. For album promotion, we recommend using the Best Seller pack to get the best results for your music iTunes download.
Do you guarantee that my music will get into the iTunes chart?
We cannot guarantee that your music will get into the iTunes chart, but we are confident that using the proper marketing campaign we can achieve this for you. However, we can guarantee you worldwide exposure which will help gain you more fans and thus increase your sales.
What types of musical genres do you promote?
We promote all type of music, some of the most frequent genres are Hip-Hop, Rap, and Electronic. Your promotion campaign is unique, and we design it according to your musical genre, audience, and distribution requirements. As a result, you will get a strong increase in your fan base and engagement.
What is the Go VIRAL package?
The Go VIRAL Package can make your iTunes music Viral and get it into the iTunes chart by getting thousands of listeners.
Do you guarantee iTunes downloads or sales with your service?
Yes, we can guarantee that using our service your music will get you noticed in this saturated music industry and you will get the whole package, streams, plays, sales, and downloads.
When will my iTunes campaign start?
To set-up, a new campaign usually takes up to a day, and also for our partners to receive the music info and prepare the campaigns. Usually, the campaign starts 12-24 hours after purchase.
What demographics are you covering?
We cover a worldwide audience, but most of our promotion efforts and networks are in North America, but we are also active in Europe, in Asia, Australia, etc.
What are the benefits of iTunes promotion?
You will have a global recognition, reputation, and enjoy the rewards and royalty from using our music promotion services.
What do you need to get started?
All we need to get started is the iTunes link of your single or album. That’s it. We will take care of the rest.

How To Promote Your iTunes Music in 2019?

    iTunes is one of the largest digital platforms in the world for artists, especially music bands, musicians, singers, composers, producers and songwriters or lyricists. Technically, iTunes is a media library, media player, broadcaster and streaming application. Apple has a humongous library of songs. The library users can access will obviously depend on what they have purchased and the free contents they choose. It is needless to point out that the library is growing steadily and more artists are trying to find a foothold on the platform. Unlike some other platforms, iTunes has a direct financial consequence. Artists can make money by selling their creations. Hence, iTunes music promotion is not just about getting more plays or reaching out to a larger audience. iTunes promotion has to have an impact on the bottom line.

The Challenges of iTunes Promotion

    There is no scarcity of iTunes promotion packages. Many iTunes promotion services claim to improve the outreach of an artist. There are different ways to enhance the exposure and to get more sales but not all methods are equally effective. One of the primary challenges of any iTunes promotion is the ultimate objective of getting users to pay to access a song. It is hard enough to get people to access songs or compositions for free on many platforms. There is simply no dearth of content so people have the luxury to choose and discard. Only the finest iTunes promotion services will be able to convince an audience to shell out money to access a song or album.

  The ever growing competition is a reality all musicians and singers will have to come to terms with. Apple has stringent terms of service too. Hundreds of iTunes promotion services vie for the same traction and hence there is a direct conflict of branding, marketing or advertising as well. It is also necessary to have an omnichannel strategy. An isolated iTunes promotion strategy will work but there has to be complementing campaigns on multiple platforms, as many are relevant for a musician.

iTunes Promotion Packages

    Music Promotion Corp has three iTunes promotion packages. The bestseller iTunes promotion services are available at a discount of seventy fi percent. Originally priced at fifty-five dollars it is now available for twenty-five dollars. The bestselling package includes targeted promotion on iTunes to reach out to thousands of users who love music and are interested to explore new artists or creations. The entire iTunes promotion campaign is organic. There are no bots and there is no shade practice. Music Promotion Corp uses a network of blogs and multiple social channels to generate interest and to drive targeted traffic to the album, song or track. There is a direct impact on the earnings of an artist, band, producer or label. The bestseller package is designed and executed in a manner that will influence hundreds of sales.

    There is an iTunes starter package that is available for five dollars, a markdown from fifteen dollars. This iTunes promotion strategy is good for beginners. Not every artist is poised for stardom with their very first creation. One must test the waters, establish some fan following and then aim for the stars. The iTunes promotion services in this package will directly target a thousand users on the platform, encourage streaming and downloads, push for sales and also create more awareness in the process. The starter package works quickly. Artists who want to reach out to a new audience or get more people to learn about their presence on the platform will easily benefit in a matter of days. The outreach planned may not be as extensive as is the case with the bestseller package but the objective does include a spike in sales.

    There is a viral iTunes music promotion package. Music Promotion Corp charges nearly two hundred dollars for such iTunes promotion services but you can avail the package now for $155.The objective of this campaign is to get a track, song or composition go viral within a span of seven days. The campaign aims to get a song featured on the iTunes chart. This iTunes promotion campaign is not confined by geography or any other limiting factor. The outreach is worldwide. The target audience is the masses. The quest to become a viral sensation can be accomplished with this package. The campaign has an immediate effect on the present count of plays and downloads. There is a significant boost to both downloads and plays so an artist can skyrocket to the next level of stardom in a very short span of time.

iTunes Promotion should be a Perennial Strategy

    Many artists turn to professional iTunes promotion services when the going gets tough. Astutely developed and effective iTunes promotion packages can definitely provide a boost during a slump but it is necessary to think of branding, promotion, and engagement as a perennial exercise. Artists should be working on their creations. They should not be spending all their valuable time trying to engage with an audience or even contemplating the feedback. The focus should be superior quality productions. However, it is imperative to keep the iTunes music promotion machinery working all the time. An old song is still an asset. There will be somewhat of a rollercoaster ride for most artists. There will be spikes in sales and periods of gloom. Only a perennial iTunes promotion strategy can keep the pot boiling.

    All artists need to promote their works. Some are already popular so they can directly reach out to their fans using their social media profiles. Most artists need a thoroughly planned strategy. Even the most celebrated musicians, singers, and bands have public relations mavericks working on their promotions. Since iTunes is one of the few available and reliable mediums for aspiring artists and those who are yet to sign up for labels, an effective strategy should always be in place to constantly boost sales. The outreach can never stagnate. Only a growing audience and fan base will keep improving the bottom line.

Homework before you upload

Now we will be penetrating deep into the ocean of internet marketing. The first and foremost issue that most of you may face is there are numerous channels, networks, and platforms. So which one should you prefer? Obviously, the one which can bear you the fruit you desire. Thus, it is advisable to do your homework properly as to where you would like to upload your music. Mostly, the websites would not cater to your needs pretty well unless you try them out. Surely, the website or the platform is of no use if you are not able to feature your album and earn some money. iTunes, on the other hand, is pretty well designed to organize and provide you with tools to rank your music to the top among iTunes charts and earn money through pay per click or advertisements. iTunes sales are directly linked to your iTunes page which hosts the music library while iTunes promotion services will help you get the traffic with the usage of specific conversion tools that are available online. The visitors listen to your songs and rate them. Accordingly, with a normalized procedure, the votes are counted and this reflects the traffic on your page. When the traffic crosses the threshold, your songs will be featured on the chart.

Once your single or album makes it to the charts, you will receive a good amount of traffic to your page which can help you get a 2-3% conversion. The visitors can also recommend the music to a friend or friends of friends and thus, a chain is formed which drives the proactive marketing on your behalf. However, there are specific genres like pop, hip-hop, rock, and alternatives that have high sales input and are much popular. So, you can expect a good crowd if your music lies in these genres.

You also need to work on the type of music you will be working as the genre and content will stay for a period. So you must identify who your target audience is and promote your music likewise. There also some strict regulation that inhibits you to promote music to a certain age group where the music does not appeal. Even the iTunes streams aid to increasing your fan base which eventually increases your sales and can attract advertisers. There are various iTunes promotion services available on the internet where the providers are specialized in search optimization as well as promoting your music through the iTunes platform.

Various iTunes promotions services

The internet hosts various freelancers who have developed tools to help you promote your music on the Apple music platform and uplifts your records into the Top iTunes charts for streaming and download. The service array is wide with different pricing, each being unique and offering different services to the users.

Following are the promotional services with their features. The details might help you to select the best and effective method or the service to make your music noticed in the entertainment industry as well as reach the right audience.


This service is exclusive for music video promotions. They stitch your music video to different platforms like YouTube, iTunes, and Spotify to generate the required buzz among the crowd. Moreover, the service is fast and legit as they reach to 100 million active users around the world. They are highly professional and are capable of increasing your music exposure to a vast audience. As the exposure gets high, the probability of conversion increases. Sales increases with an increase in fan base and thus your music gets featured into the iTunes charts.

How does this work?

You provide pro-professional with the music and select among the three schemes which are namely basic, standard and premium services. The basic service involves exposure to 5 million users around the globe where your music video will be circulated for 2 days. While standard reaches to 3 days exposure among 10 million users, premium includes viral promotion strategy through 4days. The cost associated with basic, standard, and premium services are $10, $30, and $60, respectively.

Podcast Studio

Podcast Studio is an online marketer offering promotion services for music on the iTunes app. The service also entails refund guarantee for an unsatisfactory result. The array of services involves marketing, advertisements, podcast promotions, and showcase on the internet to reach to the target audience. They have also been specialized in promoting business by involving the users to rate, review, and comment on your music.

How does this work?

 The Gig has three packages namely Silver, Gold, and Diamond. Each of the packages is associated with rate and comments on your music that will help other users to be able to see the link. Higher the value and quality of the ratings, the search engine optimization algorithm helps your music to rank the charts and be noticeable among various users of the iTunes platform. The silver package will get you 20 ratings and comments within 2 days which costs $10 and the diamond package will get you 100 ratings and comments within 5 days for $50.


 This Gig is operated by a social media marketer with extensive experience in digital marketing and advertising on social media platforms. If you are looking for an iTunes promotion of your music, this Gig provides you with the ample tools to generate a buzz in the social network thereby pushing your sales and attract advertisers. The services also include earnings from iTunes stream and iTunes downloads.

How does it work?

 The services range from $5, a basic service placing your music to 10,000 iTunes audience within 2 days to a premium service costing around $55 reaching to 500,000 audiences and promote your iTunes Music through iTunes interested audience within 4 days.

Similarly, there are various Gigs on the internet that may help you to identify your suited audience and promote your music. It is up to you to decide which criteria you should hold on to if you want your music to be heard. The online promoters facilitate your music to reach a number of users in limited time through which conversion is roughly estimated at 1%. If you want to earn money from iTunes download and streams, it is advisable to opt for an audience and if you are more inclined to search for a dais in the music industry, ratings and comments will do the trick.

How does promotion work for the audience and the artists?

iTunes promotion services directly deal with organic and real audiences around the world or in a specific geography or for certain demography. There are different ways to promote your music such as direct marketing, electronic marketing, social media marketing, blogs, and other methods.

The artists only need to find a marketer and provide them with the copy of their singles or album which they publish on the digital platform or send push notifications to different user segments via e-mail or direct channel marketing.

The promoters accept all genre of music generally and each of the promotional campaigns that they undertake is unique. The design is totally based on the musical genre, audience and distribution requirements. This has an overturning effect on the fan base and you as an artist will be able to track results on a daily or weekly basis. Google analytics helps in making the report of the traffic that listens to your piece and if the promotion services have really kept their word of promoting your iTunes page.

The audience base is quite huge as already mentioned and depending on the type of package you have selected, the marketers will customize the audience in terms of demography and music genre. Then, they carry out a campaign for the provided delivery time to deliver you with the promised number of audiences. This campaign is made for worldwide promotion and surely the exposure to a large number of people can enhance the fan base as well as feature your singles or album in the iTunes charts.

It all comes down to selling

Every marketer will comfort you with the fact that the end result is always the sales value. No matter how good your piece is. If your music has not undergone proper promotion, it is likely to get decayed without anyone ever noticing it.

This is where promotion is necessary. Promotions can be considered a step to actually make your consumers aware of the product in the first place. If your consumer does not know it, he won’t buy it. Similar is the situation with music.

There are billions of people out there looking for new music. Some might even love to get hooked at the intro tune. Since iTunes is one of the most easily available mobile applications with its salient features of online streaming as well as downloads; it is considered by far the best and most effective music store. But among the 50 million songs, it is pretty difficult to make your piece audible. So, social media marketing actually sells your music by creating awareness and facilitating viewership. As the viewership increases, the chance of featuring into the iTunes charts become easy and thus, enhancing sales. You get paid for each iTunes streams or download.

The investment is also low as compared to the effort and the sales figure it will match. So, what are you thinking? Go and get yourself heard and make a name in the music industry.

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