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Jordan is our marketing specialist. He handles all the orders and makes sure they are delivered on time!



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Indie or mainstream artists, bands from any music genre are using iTunes to reach audiences worldwide as part of their music promotion strategy. No matter how narrow or wide your focus audience is, the internet is a great tool for you to reach it, and grow your fan base, as well as your earnings. People are eager to listen to new music, and you can provide your songs or albums to them.

But because it is such a great tool for artists, with low entrance costs and potentially viral results, it is also hard especially for beginning artists to get noticed on this platform. Also, we believe that your main focus should remain to make great music, but at the same time, you should always strive to have an effective Internet promotion activity.

Here is where an Apple iTunes promotion help from a seasoned company like ours will help you achieve this goal. Tap in our extensive expertise in the online promotion market and with the use of our own social network, affiliates and other tools we will get noticed and expose your music to a wider audience.

    Whether you have a single to promote, or an album, a worldwide audience or certain countries, we have the tools and knowledge to help! Also based on your music genre and target demographics we can come up with the best solutions so you can have plenty of iTunes streams.

    Earn money from your iTunes downloads and also get noticed by other people in the entertainment industry. There is always the potential for creating a serious buzz around your single or album and gain more fame and fans. Stay informed about the results with the reporting tools and always have a proactive marketing approach. And most importantly, move people with your music and reach to as many as possible

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Apple Music Promotion service work?

We promote your Apple music via our own network social with over 500.000 listeners. We use different ways to promote your music such as direct marketing, email marketing, social media ads, blog posting, radio placements, and other methods. Our Apple Music Promotion services will help your music go Viral!

Do you offer Apple promotion too?
Yes, we can promote your Apple music too. We will bring you success in the long run and you will also start seeing results pretty fast using our service.
Do I get any statistic of the Apple Music promotion?
Yes! After the promotion is over we will send a google analytics report with the final results of our campaign.
What sort of audience can I expect?
We will customize the audience profile based on your wishes, music genre, and demographics. The music genre is the key factor when coming up with a strategy, and the more general or more narrow the genre is, will lead to different audience profiles. Whatever the genre and target group, we can make it happen!
Do you offer Apple Album promotion?

Yes, we offer the promotion for singles and for albums. For album promotion, we recommend using the Best Seller pack to get the best results for your music.

Do you guarantee that my music will get into the Apple chart?

We cannot guarantee that your music will get into the Apple chart, but we are confident that using the proper marketing campaign we can achieve this for you. However, we can guarantee you worldwide exposure which will help gain you more fans and thus increase your sales.

What types of musical genres do you promote?
We promote all type of music, some of the most frequent genres are Hip-Hop, Rap, and Electronic. Your promotion campaign is unique, and we design it according to your musical genre, audience, and distribution requirements. As a result, you will get a strong increase in your fan base and engagement.
What is the Go VIRAL package?
The Go VIRAL Package can make your iTunes music Viral and get it into the iTunes chart by getting thousands of listeners.
Do you guarantee iTunes downloads or sales with your service?
Yes, we can guarantee that using our service your music will get you noticed in this saturated music industry and you will get the whole package, streams, plays, sales, and downloads.
When will my Apple Music campaign start?
To set-up, a new campaign usually takes up to a day, and also for our partners to receive the music info and prepare the campaigns. Usually, the campaign starts 12-24 hours after purchase.
What demographics are you covering?
We cover a worldwide audience, but most of our promotion efforts and networks are in North America, but we are also active in Europe, in Asia, Australia, etc.
What are the benefits of Apple Music promotion?
You will have a global recognition, reputation, and enjoy the rewards and royalty from using our music promotion services.
What do you need to get started?
All we need to get started is the iTunes link of your single or album. That’s it. We will take care of the rest.

How To Promote Your Apple Music in 2020?

There are many digital platforms out there, but Itunes is arguably one of the most respected music platforms in the world. After all, Apple remains one of the most powerful and influential tech giants in the world and has access to an incredible selection of songs.

If you are an Itunes member, you are well aware that the service is one of the most used music platforms throughout the world. It offers more than the ability to download songs and playlists, it can also be used as a streaming application.

It’s this kind of versatility that has made Itunes so relevant to the music industry, and it’s one of the reasons that many artists choose to focus on apple music promotion.

Many of them are interested in figuring out how to buy apple music plays, as well.

Apple Music Promotion For Artists Isn’t Always Easy

At the end of the day, there are many various Itunes promotion services that will tell their clients that they can deliver a certain amount of plays as soon as possible. Unfortunately, it doesn’t take much to realize that there are many different expectations and results, and it depends on what you are hoping for.

You also will have to realize that many fans have access to free music libraries. You have to weigh out whether the free promotion is worth it, but realize that it might be unrealistic to expect fans to pay for certain songs.

There are hundreds of apple music playlist promotion services out there, but Music Promotion Corp has the connections and influence to make sure that your song is heard and even possibly curated.

Artists should be thinking about an overall marketing strategy, and an effective itunes music promotion campaign can be quite integral to that strategy. Of course, artists should also be thinking about how they can cross-promote their following, as well.

Itunes Promotion Packages: What Are My Options?

Music Promotion Corp offers many various Itunes promotion packages. We are currently, for a limited time, offering 75% off of our service. This package has been quite successful for our clients, and it includes targeting specific audiences and demographics to maximize your campaign with the best apple music streaming promotion.

Music Corporation normally charged a $55 bestselling package that reaches thousands of users. We deliver real results. While the competition might deal with bots or fake statistics for their apple music promotions – we like to stand out. We believe in helping artists earn more, rather than maintaining an illusion. Our $55 package is now discounted tremendously, and can be purchased for $25!

Music Promotion Corp has a network of blogs and can create a compelling apple playlist promotion campaign that will help your fan base grow faster than before.

Artists should also do whatever they can to promote their links on their own social channels, or in whatever interviews that they happen to participate in, as well. Our bestseller package might be the inspiration needed for hundreds of fans to begin listening to, or even purchasing, your music!

Artists are interested in some real growth, more than just watching the numbers change. At Music Promotion Corp, we know that there are some bands that are willing to spend more than just a couple of dollars in their career.

We offer a $155 apple playlist promotion with the objective of helping our clients land on the Itunes charts. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, we will do everything in our power to make sure that you can promote apple music and your own music more efficiently than ever before.

It’s an affordable package that can do a lot for your future! If you need a boost in your following and want some results as soon as possible, contact us for more information.

Where Is Your Focus?

If we are going to have an honest conversation with artists about their apple music promotion for artists, we have to talk about the fact that there are different campaigns for various artists.

There are some artists that might be more elusive than others and are comfortable sharing their links on one social media platform, but might have an issue with starting an account elsewhere. Artists should understand that they have to be more flexible than ever before to cater to their fan base.

For example, let’s say that you are a pop artist and make some incredible music. However, you find that your Twitter account ends up going viral thanks to some funny tweets that you shared that showcased your sense of humor. You may want to then pivot and think about a Twitter promotion strategy that can help you gain more followers.

However, for many independent artists – the trick is actually getting their music video seen or getting their music noticed, which is why focusing on organic apple music promotion might be the right move.

You may also find that a band offers better perspectives in a long-form podcast rather than a short video interview, as well. Either way, every artist has to understand where an apple music playlist promotion fits into their overall strategy.

Remaining Realistic

Ultimately, artists have to understand that it might be a long time before they are truly recognized. Your band might not have created a classic album yet, but that doesn’t mean that you aren’t capable of producing something great in the future.

Artists should also focus on their craft as much as possible. If you are putting out the best music you possibly can, then your apple music promotion will only improve.

It doesn’t matter if you have thousands of dollars to spend on the best apple music promotion if your personal life is preventing you from working on your music.

Other artists might be too stubborn to receive any feedback from their collaborators or producers or even their fans. Either way, it’s not just about a simple move to buy Itunes streams.

Artists should be doing everything they can to take advantage of their resources and connections, and incredible apple music promotions can only help the situation.

The best apple music promotion can’t change the fact that a band might not have the right chemistry anymore, for example.

It’s also important to remember that old songs are also potential assets. There are plenty of situations where a band puts out a song, and there isn’t really much reaction.

They might not think much of the song, only to find that it has been included in a viral Tiktok our Instagram challenge. All of a sudden, the song is now a viral hit and is climbing back up the streams.

There are plenty of situations where you might want to consider the option to buy apple music plays for a specific purpose, such as maintaining that kind of momentum.

In that situation, Music Promotion Corp is the kind of company that can help artists with their itunes promotion needs.

There are so many artists out there that didn’t grow up with music industry connections. They might also know one or two music managers thanks to their friends but are unsure about taking the next concrete step towards fame.

Artists often aren’t the type to sit down and strategize – often, they are focused on remaining inspired and creating the best music that they possibly can. Others might be focused on other potential ways to create revenue, as well.

The Way You Promote

Some music executives would argue that it’s actually better than an artist have a solid work ethic than actually be extremely talented. While it might sound ridiculous, the truth is that an extremely talented musician can still end up never becoming successful.

For example, it might be about their attitude, offending someone powerful in the music industry, or it might be that they simply didn’t come up with apple music streaming platform promotion campaign that worked well.

You might be the type of artist to answer every DM. This obviously works for artists that are successful on a local level, but this kind of strategy wouldn’t work for a superstar hoping to penetrate a new global market.

Itunes has a different kind of credibility throughout the world, which is why an incredible organic apple music promotion campaign can do wonders for your career.

A Bit More Private

There are still some obstacles when it comes to apple music promotion for artists, and one of them involves a community. One of the reasons that Spotify has become successful is because there is a community aspect of the platform, where influencers design their own playlists depending on awards, events, seasons, and more. Many Tidal playlists have been critically acclaimed, which is one of the reasons why that platform has also managed to generate millions in revenue.

Apple Music is user-friendly which is one of the reasons that it is successful. However, this also means that curation is less likely, and you might realize that organic apple music promotion isn’t as easy as you thought it would be.

So many artists are focused on the best apple music promotion, but the truth is that many successful artists have their own resources for leverage. Drake, one of the most successful artists in the world, has actually inked deals with Apple for certain albums, and it’s obvious that the average independent artist would never be able to partner with a tech giant.

Apple also has strict music policies, so there are some obstacles when it comes to artists that want to buy apple plays.

You might be wondering why Apple didn’t pivot to figure out how to make Apple music members feel better about liking and sharing their content. The truth is that Apple has tried to pivot, but it wasn’t successful.

If you are an Apple Music member, you may remember that there was an “Apple Connect” feature that helped users discover artists and creators.

Jimmy Iovine, one of the most respected music executives in the world, originally imagined Apple Connect as a central pillar of Apple’s music business. However, the platform actually no longer exists, since users rarely used it.


At the end of the day, there are many artists that are able to grow on various social platforms. Their connections might be able to land them in pictures with major celebrities, which can help their following grow quicker than usual.

Similarly, you might realize that another peer, with millions of followers, ended up tweeting out about how great your songs are. This is the kind of salute that can lead to thousands of new followers overnight! For many bands, this simply isn’t going to happen for them.

Music Promotion Corp offers some incredible apple streaming music promotion services, and you can take several steps to make sure that your following grows.

You might be updating songs and albums with unique cover art, by an artist that has a distinctive style. Other artists might simply finally want to give their streams a boost once they release an anticipated album.

At the end of the day, there are artists that take their apple music promotion extremely seriously. Others might simply want a quick boost so that their metrics make sense, given the fact that they might have a larger following elsewhere.

Either way, if you buy itunes streams, you might find that it helps your music career down the line.

How Apple Music Promotion Works

Apple Music is poised to change the industry. It has its own rules and there are not the same as those you may be familiar with on Spotify or other platforms. Artists and others associated with the music economy will have to come up with evolving tactics for Apple Music promotion. The usual metrics of popularity are still relevant so you do need Apple Music promotion services that will increase your following. You also need iTunes Chart promotion. The playlists or charts on such platforms are the contemporary versions of billboards, top hundred and top two hundred.

 The Challenges of Apple Music Promotion

Apple Music promotion is more challenging because of its stringent policies. Most artists have to pitch their tracks or songs to be featured on playlists. Any iTunes Chart promotion strategy has to be well thought out and it cannot be similar to what is used on Spotify or other platforms. Generating enough plays or streams, gaining substantial exposure on different platforms, amassing a decent following and using the growing fan base to further boost your popularity are obvious quests. The problem with iTunes Chart promotion or Apple Music promotion, in general, is the intervention of curators.

Apple Music is a largely private platform when you compare it with others. There are fewer opportunities for Apple Music promotion. Public playlists featured on the platform are approved by curators. These are experts and form the editorial team at Apple. The only other way to get featured on such charts or playlists is to have companies or professionals who are working with the tech behemoth. There is no public curator. No third party is empowered to curate or feature such playlists or charts. Artists can pitch their music to the editorial team or the groups and companies working with the application but there is no guarantee that their applications will be entertained or subsequently approved. This does not mean you cannot rely on effective Apple Music promotion services to gain popularity and find your way on the charts.

Basics of Apple Music Promotion

The first and most basic requirement is profile verification. You should verify the artist profile you have on Apple Music. You can use Apple Connect. Whether or not you are already distributing tracks on the platform, you should have a verified profile. If there is one already, claim it and verify it. The second step is to attain some degree of popularity. You must have a substantial following to be regarded as important by curators and editorial teams. You can use all other platforms available and employ all legitimate means to boost your following. You need to impress the curators and editorial teams when they come across your profile and assess the following. Finally, you should try to find a distributor and work with those who have connections with the editorial teams at Apple.

Apple Music Promotion Services

MusicPromotionCorp offers different types of Apple Music promotion services. You can begin with the iTunes Starter plan that is presently discounted from $15 to only $5. You can get your music reach out to a thousand people. You will get more downloads and streams, leading to sales. The starter plan can give you a head start. It can serve as the foundation for artists who have just started exploring Apple Music. Those who already have a profile and some presence will be able to gain more exposure. Artists who have a substantial following but with stagnating growth of exposure routinely use such Apple Music promotion services to catapult their status into varying degrees of stardom. The starter plan is affordable and effective. You can use this Apple Music promotion for both singles and albums.

Music Promotion Corp has an iTunes Bestseller plan that is presently discounted from $100 to only $25. The Apple Music promotion services can get your music out to thousands of listeners. This is a targeted promotion. Exposure to thousands of users who love music has the potential to influence hundreds of sales. The outreach or growth in exposure is completely organic. You will get to reach out to real users who are active on the platform. Music Promotion Corp uses blog networks and social channels to promote your music. You will witness an increase in downloads and you can earn more from iTunes Charts. The Bestseller plan is great for artists who want to focus on their creative pursuits rather than toiling to get more listeners or fans.

There is an iTunes Viral campaign you can consider. The Apple Music promotion services to make your composition go viral costs only $155, down from $195. The campaign spans seven days. You can make your music go viral, not just in your region or country but across the world. This campaign is for those who have a revenue target through iTunes downloads. The viral campaign is well planned. It includes iTunes Chart promotion. It is fitting for all genres of music, bands or solo artists, an aspiring artist or a veteran. The viral campaign is powerful and effective. It is strategic Apple Music promotion. There is no randomness in the process. Everything is planned but artists do not have to invest any effort or time in the exercise. Music Promotion Corp will attend to all that must be done to make your creation go viral.

Plan Sustained Apple Music Promotion

There are times when Apple Music promotion should coincide with the release of a new song. There are instances when already distributed songs should be plugged or re-plugged. Whether you are planning a starter or a viral campaign, you must ensure sustained Apple Music promotion. Unless your following is steadily growing and you have already found favor with the curators and editorial teams, you should sustain the promotional campaigns to attain the popularity that will ensure no one gets to ignore your presence. Apple Music is changing the music industry. It can change the fortunes of an artist. You should explore its full potential with Music Promotion Corp.

How To Promote Your Apple Music with MusicPromotionCorp

Apple Music was a little bit late to the game as far as music streaming services are concerned, having only launched in June 2015 (little more than four years ago).

At the same time, however, it had the advantage of being powered by the folks at Apple – the folks behind iTunes, iPhones, iPads, and iPods – so it should come as any surprise to anybody that it quickly accumulated millions and millions of subscribers almost overnight.

Still, a little bit behind Spotify (at least as far as overall music streaming popularity is concerned) Apple Music is a force in the industry these days.

If you are a new artist serious about succeeding in the most competitive music environment that’s ever existed and want to take advantage of everything Apple Music has to offer, you’ll want to make sure that you zero in on the inside information, tips, tricks, and tactics that we highlight below.

Everything we include in this quick guide is going to help you with your Apple Music promotion efforts, skyrocketing your success not only on Apple Music but also on iTunes (and potentially even Spotify) depending on how you play your cards going forward.

Let’s get right into it!

Verify Your Apple Music Account

Right out of the box you need to make sure that you jump on Apple Music and verify (or claim) your artist profile ASAP.

It’s going to be absolutely impossible to put together any Apple Music promotion for artist’s efforts into play until you have claimed your artist account, giving you total control over your Apple Music platform that makes these promotional efforts possible.

A lot of people start this promo process off with a decision to buy Apple Music streams before they claim their account. That’s putting the cart before the horse and you want to make sure you aren’t getting started with the promotion until you’ve locked up your account and set it up for success to begin with.

Use Links and Badges to Bring in New Listeners

Apple provides all kinds of resources to help you promote your music on the platform just for activating your account and verifying that you are the artist behind it, and you’ll want to utilize those resources as much as possible.

After all, when one of the most influential (and successful) companies in human history is trying to help you market and promote your music you’d have to be at least a little bit crazy not to make the most of that.

Links and badges provided by Apple are going to go a long way as far as organic Apple Music promotion is concerned. You’ll want to essentially spam these resources anywhere and everywhere you can (within reason), including them in your social media profiles, including them in your email message footer, and plastering them all over your websites and on platforms like Reddit whenever you have the opportunity to do so.

Reach Out Through Apple Connect

The social side of Apple Music is called Apple Connect, and it’s basically a Facebook for people that are really (REALLY) into music and are looking for new bands, new musicians, and new artists that they can connect with and engage with.

After claiming and verifying your page you’re going to want to start reaching out to other people on the platform. This is a big piece of Apple Music marketing that a lot of artists and musicians miss out on, but it’s a pathway to organic Apple Music promotion that can really supercharge your results when done correctly.

Start connecting with other artists in your genre that you are interested in potentially collaborating with, but really start connecting with other artists that you think share a similar audience.

If you can start drumming up some engagement with those artists and those fans the odds are pretty good that you’ll have to buy Apple Music plays less and less in the future just because the flood of organic engagement will be more than enough to get you the success and notoriety are after.

Definitely start to lean on the social side of Apple Music and your promotional efforts will take off.

Upgrade Your Cover Art Game

Cover art is a huge piece of the puzzle when it comes to Apple Music promotion for artists, and again it’s something that often goes overlooked, ignored, or sort of left until the very last minute.

Everyone knows that you aren’t supposed to judge a book by its cover but the whole reason that is even a popular phrase is that we all judge things by our first impression. You have to be sure that your first impression – which is almost always going to occur before anyone actually listens to your music – is 100% rock solid and that means putting together great cover art for your albums and your singles.

The decision to buy Apple Music promotion services from a company like ours (MusicPromotionCorp) is always a smart, savvy, and strategic one. But if your cover art is anything but spectacular the odds are pretty good that you’ll have wasted your time, your energy, and your money until you get your cover art to a reasonable standard.

The last thing you want to do is by iTunes streams or Apple Music plays that send people to your music only to find them abandoning ship almost right away just because your art isn’t hooking them the way it could or should.

Take Advantage of Playlist Promotion on Apple Music

Apple Playlist promotion is a shortcut to success on Apple Music just the same way it is on Spotify, but cracking the code and landing on popular playlists on Apple Music is just as challenging as it is on Spotify, too.

At the same time, there may not be a better form of Apple Music marketing than playlist promotion.

For starters, if you are lucky enough to crack it big and get on any of the playlists that Apple themselves put together the odds are pretty great that you’re going to be put in front of a million or more listeners instantly – all of them geared up and ready to see what your music is all about.

But even if you land on smaller playlists run by influencers on Apple Music this form of Apple Music marketing can be a game changer, especially if those playlists are specific to your genre of music and are listened to regularly by the kinds of fans you are hoping to engage with.

Yes, it can take a little bit of time to drum up a list of influencers that you’ll want to reach out to, it can take a bit of time to find the right song for Apple Music promotion with this approach, and it can definitely take a little bit of time until you land on one of these playlists.

But as far as the best Apple Music promotion strategies are concerned (the ones that can skyrocket your success almost instantly) this really is right up there near the top.

Leverage Paid Advertising 

Paid advertising channels off of the Apple Music platform can sometimes be some of the smartest Apple Music promotion efforts you make, believe it or not.

On Apple Music you are going to be competing with millions of other artists fighting over the same listener group, the same audience, and the same people that want to find new music they really connect with. These people are going to be bombarded with new songs, new tracks, and the albums on a pretty much minute by minute basis and you are really going to be up against stiff competition across the board. 

When you take your Apple Music promotion for artists off the streaming network, though, and instead run paid advertising campaigns or media buys on other platforms, other websites, and even on social media all of a sudden your swimming with a lot less competition. You have a much higher chance of breaking through.

Obviously, if you’re going to go down this approach and choose to buy Apple Music promotion you’ll want to make sure that you are partnered with the right experts to help make that happen, experts like ours here at MusicPromotionCorp.

Make the Most of Social Media Marketing

Social media is a game-changer in so many different ways and it’s changed our lives from top to bottom – especially the way that we learn about and consume new music and new entertainment.

At the same time, there’s a lot of noise and a lot of clutter out there when it comes to Apple Music and iTunes promotion on social media. 

You have to be smart, strategic, and savvy about the kinds of campaigns and posts you run on social media – looking to engage with people rather than turn potential new listeners off – and that’s why you want to have the guiding hand of Apple Music promotion experts like ours assisting whenever possible.

Turn to Apple Music Promotion Experts Like Ours 

At the end of the day, if you’re thinking about making the choice to buy Apple Music promotion services, to buy iTunes streams or Apple Music plays, or just go with paid Apple Music promotion, in general, it’s important that you find the right partner to help you through this process from start to finish. 

Here at MusicPromotionCorp, we are incredibly proud of the success we’ve been able to generate on Apple Music (and other streaming platforms) for our musical artist clients in the past. Our track record of success is something that helps separate us from the rest of the pack for sure.

We are here to partner with our artist clients to get them the listeners they deserve, helping them share the music that they have worked so hard on with the rest of the world.

If you’d like to learn more about how we can help you with Apple Music promotion efforts we hope you’ll reach out to us ASAP. 

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