If you are looking to promote your iTunes music and get more sales, then this article will teach you how to do it correctly and get your music on the iTunes chart. Being a musician is a creatively taxing job, which requires your full attention most of the time. But their job is not to just create good and melodious music, promotion and popularity of the music is also part of their lives. To make a living a musician should be able to promote his/her song.

    In old times, the person would go from one marketing agency to another to promote their music. But in today’s era digitization has improved the condition. Though the competition has increased due to easily available digital marketing methods, but still the taxing job of finding a marketing agency has been greatly reduced.

    iTunes Music Promotion is also one of the digital media marketing techniques.


How does Itunes promotion services help?


    iTunes is the world’s biggest music retailer through their being a hefty number of competitors. Since there are a large number of users on iTunes, it is quiet beneficiary to be listed on the front page of iTunes music.

One can utilize iTunes promotion services to help in getting more plays, downloads and increase the sales. Let’s go through some of the points to get music featured on iTunes music:

  • The team at iTunes tend to choose their featured items weeks before. So if you want to be featured, you have to plan your release date weeks ahead so that you can promote and increase the pre-order sales needed for iTunes. Also, the links you provide should be easy to access and clear.
  • If you are using a third party to enter into iTunes they can help you with increasing pre-order sales and message keywords. Pre-order sales are combined with your release date sales hence improving your position in iTunes music promotion
  • To get on the main page of iTunes you need to be to be noticed first. Itunes team doesn’t mind if you are an independent musician or from a big band, what matters is the visibility of your song to the audience. Do PR and whatever social media campaign you can, get your music to be downloaded enough to be noticed by iTunes team.
  • Now you may say stating this here is a very basic thing, but just to remind you, a professional recording of your song is a must. If your song doesn’t have high-quality recording no one would like to hear it and hence it won’t become popular. So hire a good studio, production house and do the recording properly and with good quality.
  • Itunes promotion team prefer albums over the singles. They have a distinct single charts for other genres, which could aid one construct his/her status and influence.
  • You must always look out for your competitors. There are always a big number of bands who are trying to get front page listing of iTunes. If the bands and person you are competing against is a big production or is quite famous, then there is a hard chance of you getting on the iTunes list. Plan your time period of featuring accordingly so that you can get some footage and fan following at the time.

How could you increase your sales and streaming online?


    As a musician, the worst part of the job is to market your song. It is one job that takes the fun out of the music. Here let’s see few points which can help you to market, distribute, promote, make money and get famous (or just heard). These pointers will definitely make you understand how listeners or audience use streaming platforms and how it can help you achieve a better digital sale.

  • People tend to search for popular songs and are always interested in the different version or cover of such songs. You can record a cover of famous songs to get followers and if they like your version they will also listen to your other songs. Though before doing the cover of any song clear the right issues beforehand.
  • An attractive cover art is also necessary. Browsing through a digital music library is also a boon to eyes, so if the image which acts as your cover art stands out and can increase the curiosity of the person, he/she will listen to it once, hence increasing the chances of more downloads, streams, and buying.
  • Song titles are not copyrighted. People search for songs using the title of songs they want to hear, so you can use the title of some popular song if it goes well with what you have sung. This method can be leveraged to increase your visibility to your potential fans.
  • Selling your album or solo from a direct link could be a hassle to most people, and not everybody is comfortable sharing their payment details on every page out there. Use trusted sites like apple promotion, iTunes music to share your link where the details are already there and payment is just one click away, hence making it easier for the listener.
  • If you have fan reviews, testimonies on your account, share them on iTunes religiously. Ask your super fans to post reviews and encourage them to write testimonies about you. This will attract new followers for you.
  • Try to get your song listed in a streaming playlist. These playlists can get you more fan followings. Search for a playlist that is similar to your song genre and asks the playlist to indulge or involve your song into it. If done the visibility of your song will increase as the playlists are shared and playlist doesn’t die easily if it became a popular one.
  • Last but not least, get your song heard. The more your song is heard by people, and if it has the potential it will be become more popular and would increase your fan following.

    To get yourself noticed and become popular one needs to follow these pointers. If you follow these pointers and produce good engaging music you will definitely be increasing your followers and popularity.

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