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    Aspiring artists, singers, music composers, DJs, and even the well-established ones always look out for all the possible ways and innovative ways to make it bigger in the music industry for which famous singers and musicians who are renowned leave no stone unturned. And as far as the beginners and aspiring ones are concerned about finances and investment to establish them is quite huge which is never easy to achieve.

Recognition and popularity are all they need and when there are ways of achieving it through the power of the internet with very little or no investment at all then there will be no looking back.

Promote your music for free and gain recognition for your music by making the most use of SoundCloud

    When it comes to Soundcloud promotion of music it involves a lot of effort and investment which is never a concern when being backed up with money or a gig banner or label.

But for newcomers and struggling artist, it is a task difficult to achieve. But the internet has opened newer possibilities for music promotion without the need of much investment and some of the well-known bands and singers are also promoting their music using the internet. Video sharing site like YouTube is a place where you can upload your creation which you need to create a video of as well. And its fate depends on the fact that it must receive maximum hits to gain popularity and increased visibility.  

The fact that YouTube is a video-sharing site a lot depends on the video content rather than the song. Thus for music promotion unless you have a great music video for your song it is never a better site for music promotion. Then how does one promote music when there is no video content or the means of creating a video? The answer is music sharing social sites like SoundCloud where only the audio matters.

And the fact that it is a social network which gives you the scope to interact with listeners and fellow singers and musicians through comments makes it a great platform and especially for music promotion SoundCloud.

Your profile is what makes people recognize your soundtracks

    SoundCloud is an excellent platform particularly for promoting music for both new artists and established artists. Whether you wish to showcase your talent or you wish to promote your musical knowledge, art, and talent in front of the world as a professional, SoundCloud is the right start to a glorifying career in the musical industry.

This also helps one to get you recognized on the global platform without any hassles. You can begin with creating a SoundCloud profile for yourself and then building your followers. The more popular you are the number of followers you can have. It is as simple as that. Make the most of SoundCloud promotion free and get going to successfully fly high in your career.

    Soundcloud is one of the popular global platforms that are solely dedicated to music. And as it is a social network it allows millions of artists to connect and interact with one other through means of groups and communities. Music genres and styles are many and each of them has their own kind of music and by connecting to people with similar interests and passion will help in your work being recognized where it really makes the difference.

How to Get Followers for your Band

  • Quality Music – Listen to your track again and again and ensure its quality before uploading. People these days are very impatient and fickle minded online and if they don’t like something, it won’t take a minute to spread a negative word around. Get your tracks checked by your close friends and family members and get an unbiased opinion.
  • Profile Picture – create a profile picture with a nice image describing your work. Enter a catchy description of your band as these things help create an impression.
  • Tags – when you look for something on sound cloud, what kind of tags would you enter? Similarly, make sure you use sound cloud tags so people can find your tracks. Use genre specific tags and try anticipating what people usually look for on sound cloud.
  • Join Groups– Groups are a good way to meet more people. Join as many groups as you can where you can meet like-minded people. You can share your tracks in the group and make it a free download to create an impression and remember to ask for feedback.
  • Use Comments to Interact – Ask for comments to your work by mentioning it in your description. It’s a good way to interact with people and get constructive feedback for your work. You can also do Soundcloud repost to make it work for you.
  • Right time – As important as what you upload, it is equally important when you upload it. Many people are busy throughout the week, so it’s suggested to upload your tracks before the beginning of the weekend. Many listeners are available on weekend and they browse for freshly uploaded new tracks than.
  • Social Networking Sites – You can share your tracks on other social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Create a group or community and share the sound cloud link there, ask your people to check it out, like and share the tracks. These networking sites give immense popularity.
  • Spread the word – Do not shy in spreading the word about your band. Wherever you have signed up, talk about your work, with friends or family; ask them to spread it across their network. This helps in getting more followers.


    In conclusion, SoundCloud remains one of the best platforms to promote your music. Get 500 Free SoundCloud Plays on our SoundCloud Page!

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