As the famous saying goes, “The music business is strictly business, and the purpose is to make money.” As a music artist, regardless of how long you have been in the industry if your music is not paying your bills, then you are not doing something right.

Have You Invested Enough in Your Music Promotion?

Music promotion is a very crucial element in getting your music to your fan base – wherever they are on the globe. Being that music is a universal language, there shouldn’t be any barrier to your music campaign.

Spotify Music Promotion for All Genres!

Since the launch of Spotify in 2008, the platform has recorded so many successes in promoting artists and their albums. Going by recent figures, in 2019 Spotify allows you to reach at least 248 million listeners, including 113 million active subscribers.

Making money from music is a game of numbers, and Spotify music promotion is the right channel to reach your music lovers. The mShuffle Society was created as a means of exposing good independent artists & musicians to independent music lovers by offering free Spotify playlist promotions and track promotion. Monthly Spotify subscription gives your fan the advantage of enjoying smooth music streaming.

Why You Should Promote Your Music on Spotify!

Spotify pays a percentage of the total revenue generated from the total streams an artist gets for his album, tracks or playlist. This payment is made to rights holders who, in turn, pays the artist based on an agreed percentage. In an attempt to ensure that artists are well compensated for their hard work, Spotify offers artists the option of making their album or tracks available to Spotify’s paid subscribers.

Benefits of Spotify Promotion for Artists!

Over the years, we have seen celebrity artists take in massive profits from Spotify promotions. Some of such big names are Taylor Swift, Thom Yorke, Ed Sheeran, and countless others. In 2015, Ed Sheeran was able to blow past the record 500 million streams with his famous song “Thinking out Loud.”

Another exciting milestone came in the following month as Major Lazer hit 525 million streams worldwide. The next year was also packed with stunning records that saw Rihanna clinching the artist on Spotify, with at least 31.3 million active listeners (every month) – a record that was previously held by Justin Bieber.

We could go and on about how Drake got over 3 billion streams in 2016, The Weekend’s 36.6 million monthly streams, and how Drake’s “One Dance” got a billion streams. The point is that so many artists have seized the opportunities offered by Spotify to gain international recognition for themselves and their brands, and you can easily do the same as (either a star artist or one at the start of the ladder)!

Invest in Spotify Music Promotion Services!

To effectively navigate your way through to the top of Spotify charts, you need experienced management to make your journey a smooth one and where else would you rather go than Music Promotion Corp.

Music Promotion Corp is a team of music Promotion experts who are committed to helping upcoming and established artists get the most reward for their music. We will go extra miles to ensure that your music gets the recognition it so much deserves.

We have achieved enormous successes in Spotify artists, albums, and tracks promotions. As Spotify playlist and track Promotion specialists, we will get your music across to over one hundred million paying subscribers across Europe and other parts of the world.

With over 2000 successful playlists and campaigns on Spotify, we are sure of getting your music right to the top where you can boost your fan base and listeners on Spotify, and you already know what that means – More streams from extended exposure. More streams equal more money, and we are here to help you rake in loads of them!

Target the Right Audience at Music Promotion Corp!

Getting plays on Spotify for your track, playlist, or album is half of your journey to the top league. You need to ensure that the right people are listening to your compositions and songs. Once you can reach the right audience on Spotify, you have successfully given wings to your music! How? The right audience of any genre will tell others about you and influence people to stream your music. Unlike random listeners who stream and vanish, you can rely on fans of a specific genre to spread the word and get people to check you out.

You can check these curators to get free Spotify playlist submission.

Now, this is where we Music Promotion Corp come in! Over the years of interactive presence in the music promotion business and especially in Spotify music promotion, we have identified effective means of matching your music to the right playlist and genre.

Get Organic Plays on Spotify!

It’s no news that some “supposed music promoters” on Spotify sell fake plays to unsuspecting artists to enrich themselves. If you are not making money from an increasing number of plays or streams, it’s high time to check in with us at Music Promotion Corp.

Unlike other Spotify music promotion companies, we guarantee consistent monthly Spotify listeners across our vast playlists and genres.

Our Spotify playlist promotion offers organic growth. You will get more plays for every listener you reach on Spotify. Our results are measurable, and whatever you can measure, you can achieve!

Buying Monthly Spotify Listeners!

As an upcoming artist, getting enormous plays and streams comes with time. However, you need that initial push to get things started for your playlist or album on Spotify. These early days are times when you need to buy Spotify listeners. You start your promotion and campaigns by buying monthly Spotify listeners in your genre of music.

This helps to eliminate what we refer to as “stagnation” in your promotion campaigns. We have the resources to help you reach these “catalysts” that will boost your popularity, listens, plays, and (organic) follow on Spotify.

How to Promote on Spotify!

We have narrowed our proven songs and playlists promotion strategy on Spotify down to:

  • Identifying the right audience for your genre of music
  • Target listeners through our robust social media platforms and other dedicated channels
  • Convert and retain while you build a broad fan base on Spotify!

How soon would my campaign start on Spotify, how long will it last, what demographics will you cover, so you do my genre of music? These are all valid questions you should be asking before doing the business with any Spotify music promotion company.

We are here to discuss any concern you may have, contact our warm customer support at Music Promotion Corp today and let’s get things up and running already. Call us today and claim our long list of affordable and competitive prices!

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