Getting your songs on Spotify can be an excellent booster for your music and the trajectory you want your career to take. It is a way to reach millions of potential listeners and meet exciting new people on the way who can help you grow as an artist.

However, promoting your songs on Spotify is not an easy task. It requires arduous amounts of time and effort.

If you want to grow as an artist on Spotify, you may have to find a balance between your creativity and your marketing skills.

However, if you think you can’t do both and only want to focus on the creative side of things, you can quickly get services like those offered by Music Promotion Corp.

This company helps you out with all of your music promotion needs. They will curate playlists, contact companies, build a portfolio and do all that is necessary for you to enjoy success in the music you make.

What is Music Promotion Corp?

Music Promotion Corp is a company that provides social media management for all kinds of music-related tasks.

They have a professional team ready to assist you with social media marketing, promotions, and whatever else it may take to grow your portfolio as an artist.

They work on all platforms, including Spotify promotion, and are proficient in each and every one of them. Their approach to marketing is unique and compelling.

Many people have rated them high on the marketing media spectrum, and a lot of artists have grown through this platform. In fact, this platform is also officiated by many of the social media platforms they work on.

For example, there are official MPC Spotify playlists on Spotify and on Youtube. So, if you’re thinking about getting on board to make great music and have everyone listen to it, then you should do it as fast as possible.

Services and Prices 

MPC offers many music promotion services for Spotify at many different price points. So, if you are tight on budget or just want to try out, you can do so by using some of the low-priced options.

Alternatively, you can also choose the pro options, which will cost you a little more but will come with a lot of unique features. Let’s look at some of their special services:

Spotify Single Promotion 

The single song promotion features only cost $10 and will allow you to take advantage of MPC’s many unique features. It will help you feature one track, which you can promote repeatedly, and will promote it all over Spotify. Your music doesn’t have to be of any unique genre. You can practically make music of any kind.

They further guarantee that all their listeners are real people, so it is not a scam of any sort. In fact, you also get a 30-days money-back service if your music doesn’t get the desired reach. So, you can trust all their services.

With this feature, you get 3 days of Spotify playlist promotion, which means your music will be added to a playlist that is already well established and popular over Spotify. You will also get one playlist placement, which means your song will permanently become a part of a famous playlist.

Moreover, you will be eligible to claim royalties for your music, which essentially means you will most likely make the $10 back very quickly.

This feature also guarantees that 90% of their listeners will be from the USA and 10% from Europe, to add more validity. The delivery time for these features will be 3 days after the payment, and your order will start within 24-hours of request.

re money than you have spent promoting your song!

Spotify Best Selling 

This feature comes with 75% off the price tag of just $35. It offers all the features that are mentioned above but with added benefits. You can choose to promote anywhere between one to five different Spotify songs of any genre that you like.

Once again, you will be guaranteed that you get saves and Spotify followers, or you can have your money back within 30 days. All users are also guaranteed to be real people, out of which most will be from the US and some from Europe.

The unique thing about this feature is that it is much quicker. This allows you to get your order delivered to you within 12 hours, and you will have a boost in exposure within 7 days of payment.

As stated above, all of your songs will be eligible for royalties, so you will most likely make the money you spent back. In addition, you can order this feature as many times as you like.

Spotify Premium Promotion 

This is MPC’s most unique service yet. It is priced at $55, and it comes with a whole different set of features. So, you can choose to promote anywhere between one to three Spotify songs of any genre, and all of it will be heard by real people.

The unique thing about this feature is that it allows your music to be promoted on a popular Spotify playlist for 12 whole days. That’s a lot of exposure! It will also give your songs 4 playlist placements, which means your songs are destined to become popular.

With this deal, people will be able to stream your songs, add them to Spotify playlists and follow you on your artist’s profile. This means you will gain many new Spotify followers who will stay with you for new music in the future.

The same features as before are also available in this deal, so hurry up and subscribe to the premium offer.

Spotify Viral Promotion

This final offer is what will make your songs go viral, and it will only cost you a mere $135. You can promote anywhere between one and ten Spotify songs, which essentially means you can potentially promote a whole album if you want. This feature guarantees all the features that are listed in the other sections.

However, the unique point is that it will guarantee that your song has at least 15,000 to 20,000 plays and an incredible boost in Spotify followers. This much exposure will make you go viral, and since you can claim royalties, you will most likely make all the money back within a week.

This is an excellent offer for anyone who wants to get discovered in the larger music scene and wants to make a big name out of themselves.

Other Spotify Promotions

The Music Promotion Corp does not only promote individual songs but can also promote a host of other things. For example, if you want your artist’s profile to be known to the world and you aren’t able to figure out how to make that a possibility, MPC can do it for you.

They can make you gain Spotify followers instantly, and that too all real people. Alongside, they use organic marketing to help you gain supporters for your profile and promote Spotify songs.

Organic music marketing means they will make your profile appear in front of people’s screens again and again so that they can know who you are. This means your followers will be real people and not bots.

Also, you can promote an individual album. The same organic music marketing will be used for this promotion as well.

In addition to this marketing style, what MPC does is that it includes you in already established playlists and profiles. To make sure that all your followers and fans are real people, they build collaborations with famous independent curators.

These curators then take some money from MPC and give some space for your songs to be featured. And since these playlists are famous, your songs, by entering these playlists, become famous too.

This way, all of MPC’s marketing becomes entirely secure, and it is all done through various organic means. There is no scamming or fake profiling being done. MPC guarantees money back in 30 days. So, you can test the strength of your followers out.

If you put out songs after your MPC promotion and don’t get enough reach, you can get your money back. So, there is no reason to not trust them and go with the assistance you’re getting.


  •  Max 1-15 Tracks / Songs
  • All Music Genres
  • 15.000-20.000 Plays
  • Monthly Listeners
  • Eligible for Royalties
  • 90% US 10% EU Audience
  • Playlists Placement
  • Over 1000  Followers


If you want to promote a Spotify song, but you may not have the time and energy to do so, the Music Promotion Corp is here to save the day.

They will build a team that will only cater to your particular need and makes sure that you have all the assistance you need to promote your Spotify music. Each song that they promote will individually get tremendous reach and will have a tremendous positive impact on your artist profile.

If you think you may not have enough money to go through with the deal, you can always choose the safer route by merely taking up the $10 offer. It is most likely that you will make this money back since you will be eligible for royalties on your music.

So, potentially, it could be so that you earn more.

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