SoundCloud is saturated. Do not believe anyone who tells you otherwise. There are more than ten million creators on SoundCloud. If every creator uploads just one track in a month, there are over ten million compositions for the users.

How many songs can one user realistically listen to in a day? How many hours does an average user get to spend on the platform every week? Answer these questions and you will realize the daunting task of promotion for SoundCloud.

Artists, musicians, producers, promoters, bands or composers and even those who simply love music and want to share their own creations have a mighty uphill battle at their hands. The audience is still vast and growing.

The potential does exist and artists can attain fame on SoundCloud. All that one must do is work really hard on promotion on SoundCloud.

How to Promote your SoundCloud Music:

  • Creators must use promo channels available on the platform. Many creators are already using it but it is still not explored enough. Soundcloud Promo Channels empower new artists. Latest tracks can be highlighted and creators can promote themselves using this method. Original compositions can be best promoted using such channels. Creators can upload a demo. It is also in the best interest of creators to become fans of these promo channels. They too need a larger outreach so the channels will be kinder to those creators who actively follow their presence, activities and contribute, from comments to sharing more exclusive content.
  • Millions of creators use the platform but only a few of them have a gargantuan following. Most have a modest following and they are looking for more fans. These artists are receptive to collaboration, not in regards to music in every scenario but to return the gesture of listening to their creations and following them. Creators should target fellow artists who have a similar following. Listen to their compositions, leave comments and follow them. They will return the favor. This tactic has its limitations but there is a possibility of enticing the following of fellow artists. Both artists engaging in such exchanges can benefit as a result.
  • The same strategy can be extended to fans or users who do not create content but are really interested in exploring new songs and artists. Creators can use genres as tags, search for users who are serious about their preferences, check out their comments and engage with them directly. There are millions of users who do not comment and many who do will simply leave behind a word or two. A substantial section of users leaves elaborate comments. They are committed to the genres they love. They want to discover great music. These are the real fans. Look out for long comments and engage with such users. These users are also more influential so they will facilitate a chain reaction and get others to explore your profile.
  • Creators should make the most of tags. Tagging is a quintessential requirement while uploading compositions. It is also essential for any type of promotion on SoundCloud. Use effective tags so people can easily find and discover your profile. Use more relevant tags and be honest with your choices. If you have a track that is mostly drum and bass, then choose the same as your genre. You can also add a location. Choose moods that best describe your song. There are tags for promotion on SoundCloud as well. Select the main genre and do not go for abstract tagging that will confuse the users. Do not try to target every genre or a larger irrelevant audience with just one track. Be accurate and concise. Such a tagging strategy will be the most effective. You can also tag collaborators and get influencers on your side for promotion on SoundCloud.

Best Ways to do Promotion for SoundCloud:

The aforementioned tactics are relevant for one and sundry. Reposting chains, creating playlists when there is no new track to be shared, going for swaps in regards to plays and follows, likes and comments, using clever tags and also categorizing the collection neatly into free downloads, collaborations, remixes, official releases and royalty free tracks are the best ways to do promotion for SoundCloud.

One of the best ways to do promotion for SoundCloud is to add a link to buy. There should be an attempt to monetize your presence. Plays, likes, comments, and followers will not finance the new equipment you have been longing for. Monetizing is not easy but it is possible.

The dedicated fans are aware of the fact that all artists need to keep themselves going and there is always the quintessential requisite called money. A buy link will enable this and also establish your profile as that of a professional. Fans and even those who are discovering your profile for the first time must be shown that you are a professional musician, singer, composer or artist. Else they could very well think that this is what you do in your pastime.

There are many other ways to plan your promotion on SoundCloud. You can create waveform and tell a story. You can generate some useful feedback and engage with a much larger audience if you are honest and chip in with inputs at one or two stages of the track when you can discuss its making. You can use drafts to generate feedback.

You can always revisit a composition and publish a better version. This often satiates the dedicated fans. Focus on the album art and make sure it is the best you can do. Use private links as and when you want if you wish to go pro at some point in time.

All these tactics will have an immediate effect and a sustained impact. Your promotion for SoundCloud should also be an ongoing exercise. Whenever you need some boost or a numerical impetus, you should explore getting free plans, amass more followers and garner likes. You can use the services of MusicPromotionCorp for effective promotion on SoundCloud.


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