SoundCloud has transformed how the industry and world find new music. Whether you are just starting on SoundCloud or looking to boost your listens, you need to know how to promote your SoundCloud album if you are going to make it.

We recommend doing the following things to promote your SoundCloud album:

To learn more about these SoundCloud album promotion ideas in more detail, read on.

1.      Create a Marketing Plan

Even if you are amateur dabbling with music, you should view your music as a legitimate business venture if you want to make it. Almost all businesses start with a plan and a clear goal. The same goes for your SoundCloud album promotion.

The first step for promoting your SoundCloud album is creating a marketing plan. This marketing plan should include clear and attainable goals as well as action steps for you to take. Do you want more likes? More buys? Create a marketing plan that addresses your exact goals.

Once you know your goals, think of things you can actively do to reach these goals. For example, if you want to broaden your reach, you can start promoting different sites, attending different events, or vamping your marketing persona. Just make sure that your action steps give you a clear direction for achieving your goals.

When you are both creating goals and action steps, keep your target audience in mind. Your target audience is the people who are most likely to be interested in your music. Keep them in the back of your mind so you can create goals and action steps that relate to them specifically.

What matters most about your marketing plan is that it is clear, attainable, and measurable. Without any one of these factors, your marketing plan will be ineffective, and you will not have a successful album promotion on SoundCloud.

2.      Buy SoundCloud Album Promotion

You can pay to promote your SoundCloud album. This is a great way to bring your track to a specific target audience so that you can easily be found and promote your album.

When you buy the SoundCloud album promotion, you can reach exactly who you want to. There is a variety of targeting options to choose from, like age, location, gender, device, or genre. This ensures that you are reaching the people who are most interested in your music.

You can also target your album to specific locations. This means that you can build your popularity to specific areas that you may want to tour or have live concerts in later on.

Finally, buying SoundCloud album promotion also means that you can track its success. Data doesn’t lie. It is much easier to know what you’re doing right and what you’re doing wrong when you can see the results for yourself. Track your success using this promotion.

You’ll be more likely to be picked up by tastemakers or labels if you can track your success long term.

3.      Use Precise and Easy to Find Tags

Tags are what allow new listeners to find your music. However, poorly selected tags may be hurting you, not helping you. Make sure you promote your SoundCloud album by creating accurate, precise, and easy to find tags.

The best way to create tags is to make them precise to your music. Do not add a bunch of somewhat relevant tags. Instead, use tags that are accurate to the music they reflect. Even if your album has different genres, try to stick to one genre as closely as possible. Then, add tags that directly relate to that genre.

Make sure that your tags are simple too. If there are too many words or characters in your tag, fewer people are likely to search for them.

4.      Use Social Media

The beauty of SoundCloud is that it can so easily be shared on different social media platforms. Social media is a great way to promote your album for little to no money.

When using social media for your SoundCloud album promotion, it is best to develop an account specifically for your stage persona. You can also promote on your personal account, but a professional work account will help you track data and have a clearer aesthetic for your marketing.

When using social media, interact with your followers, create a consistent content schedule, and post with similar aesthetics. This allows your social media to be branded, which can make you recognizable. The more recognizable you are on social media sites, the easier you can promote your SoundCloud album.

5.      Work on your SoundCloud Album Promotion

You can promote your album simply by working on SoundCloud. I mean by this that you can use your SoundCloud presence to promote your album simply by being more interactive on the site. Follow other artists, leave comments, and join groups that you are interested in.

The more interactive you are on SoundCloud, the more people you may reach. Even if they are your potential competitors, these artists may like your music and cross-promote with you. Being interactive and kind on SoundCloud is an easy way to get fans that like you beyond just your music.

When you’re working on SoundCloud, do not spam or be rude. Instead, be as genuine, kind, and uplifting as possible. Remember: you always catch more flies with honey. Be kind and respectful for album promotion.

Final Thoughts

Promoting your album on SoundCloud isn’t necessarily hard, but it does take a lot of work. Just like everything else in life, promoting a SoundCloud album doesn’t happen with no effort.

We recommend creating a marketing plan, buying SoundCloud album promotion, using precise tags, using social media, and working on SoundCloud. These techniques will help you to promote your album for very little money.

If your SoundCloud promotion goes as planned, you can start to reach tastemakers in the industry, allowing your music and talent to be recognizable on a larger scale. Good luck!

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