The music streaming industry has been growing at a rapid pace with numerous platforms being available today. Spotify is one such platform that has seen a tremendous rise in the recent past. Spotify today boasts of more than 100 million monthly active users. Today it is considered one of the biggest music streaming platforms helping you promote your music and grow your fan base. With millions around the world using Spotify for streaming music it can be used as a good advertising platform as well. Spotify provides various promotional tools that help you connect with a bigger audience.

Details of such promotional tools offered by Spotify are as follows;

  1. Spotify provides links that can be shared on Facebook and Twitter. Posting the links on Facebook will create a 30-second preview while on Twitter a playable Audio Card is created.
  2. There are also Spotify follow buttons and Spotify player available that can be embedded on your website. These can be excellent tools for getting more exposure and streams.
  3. Spotify also offers QR like scannable codes which can be useful in sharing content on the platform. The built-in scanner present in the Spotify app can be used to scan these.
  4. Spotify ad studio is another important promotional tool that aids in creating ad campaigns. This can be an excellent opportunity music promotion Spotify and to get the listeners to hear your music.

Different Types of Spotify Ads

    There are three types of Spotify ads available that aid in promoting your music. Number one in the list is the audio ads that appear during the breaks between songs. The inclusions in an audio and are audio spot, clickable campaign name and cover art. These are 30-second ads played every 15 minutes and can be run on tablets, desktops and mobile phones. Next, there are the display ads comprising of clickable images displayed for 30 seconds. These can be run only on the desktop and the web. Lastly, there are the billboard ads flashed after 5 minutes of user inactivity while using Spotify. These are eye-catching and guarantee 100% viewability. Whatever your choice be these ads make a perfect tool for Spotify promotion. With these, you get more people to listen to your tracks and explore your fan base.


Steps to Promoting Your Music With Spotify Ads

Following are the steps that could aid in creating the best Spotify ads for your music campaigns. Ensure that you follow the steps accurately;

  1. The first step to start creating your ad campaigns is going to the Spotify Ad Studio and sign up for a Spotify account. The next step is to join the waitlist if there is any. You will get an email notification from Spotify after you have been added to the ad studio.
  2. Once the request has been accepted you are given two options to create your ad. This basically includes the objective for which you wish to create your ad. It can be creating awareness for a brand or business. Also, it can be for the promotion of a concert or any other music-related content.
  3. Depending upon your choices there would be further steps included where you have to make a selection like a target audience, age, location, gender and many more.
  4. Further, the target audience can be channelized by choosing the listening behavior.
  5. The next step is to select the medium on which you would wish to run the ad and also the type. The choice can be made between desktop, iOS, and Android platforms. After this select the start and end dates for the ads to be displayed.
  6. Next comes the most difficult part that is the budget. One can choose a custom budget of as low as $250. Another important point to be remembered here is that you can stop your ad at any time and pay for only what you have spent. The allocated budget is generally distributed between the start and end dates of the ad campaign.
  7. Once the above steps have been completed it is time to upload your audio file as per the required time limit that is either 15 or 30 seconds. Spotify provides you with the choice of providing the voice-over text and background music. You can either opt for this or let them create one for you. But remember there are no discounts if you provide them the ad content.
  8. The last step is to upload an image with the dimensions of 640*640 pixel file in JPEG or PNG format along with a headline for the ad. You are also required to provide a target URL which the listeners can click through. After you are through with all the steps double check your ad before uploading them.
  9. Once the formalities have been completed the ad has to be submitted for review. If it has been accepted by Spotify you will be notified by an email. The approval process can be a matter of hours or even more.



Spotify today has become a popular streaming platform amongst the music lovers all over the world. This means using Spotify ads could be the best choice to ensure that more and more people listen to your music.  The higher the fan base the more is your popularity as an artist. Hence using Spotify ads for promotions is highly recommended. If still skeptical you have the choice of trying out using a customized smaller budget. This can be used to judge the impact of the add-on your popularity as an artist on Spotify. Rather than spending huge amounts, a customized small budget could be a huge start for the experimental ad campaign. If you get lucky a small test campaign can lead to higher incremental gains. Another major draw about the Spotify ads is that they offer audio ads as well. This is highly useful in situations for example during driving, cooking or taking a shower when video and cannot grasp your attention. When you buy Spotify promotion for your music like the ads you can actually get more and more people to listen to your tracks and increase awareness about the same.

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