There are many ways for artists to make sure that more eyes are on their music, and many have benefited from Instagram music promotion.

Some of the largest artists in the world have tens of millions of followers, and some have capitalized on some of the smart ideas out there regarding marketing music on Instagram.

Often times, it’s a great way to show off your personality, as well. Some artists have millions of fans, where it’s beyond just the Instagram music marketing – fans might also be attracted to their image, personality, backstory, and more.

On Instagram, some artists have tens of millions of fans.

Another great way for singers or rappers to utilize Instagram music promotion is to showcase what they have been doing lately. It’s also a great way to show respect and props to other artists, as well.

Here are some ways to take advantage of music promotion Instagram.

DM Your Fans

Let’s say that you are consistently putting out music consistently and you notice that you are gaining thousands of followers.

You might find that a high percentage of these followers are fans of your music and comment/like your photos.

Have you considered DMing your fans as a music marketing Instagram tactic?

You might find out that this is one of the best ways when it comes to how to promote your music on Instagram. Let’s say that you end up building an email list, which can provide fans information on your tours, live shows, merchandise, and more.

Believe it or not, you might find that this is a profitable Instagram music promotion method.

Let’s say that you have a new album, and you have 10,000 followers.

One popular Instagram music marketing method is to simply DM as many followers as you can to let them know that you have a new project.

This will not only lead to increased streams, but these same fans might end up buying tickets to your show, or merchandise from your company.

Capitalize On Hashtags

There are so many trending topics on social media platforms of all kinds, and viral posts have helped many businesses over the years.

Similarly, many artists have begun to capitalize on some of the hashtags out there. We all know that “Throwback Thursday” is one of the most common themes on many different social media platforms, such as Twitter and Instagram – so why not use that theme to pay homage to past legends that inspire you?

If there is a clothing trend that you appreciate or an Instagram challenge that meshes well with your music promotion Instagram – it might help with your organic reach.

Of course, it’s important to remember which hashtags to capitalize off of, and which topics avoid – such as religious and/or political hashtags.

Show A Personal Side

Let’s say that you are an artist that is known to release some incredible music, but fans don’t really know that much about you. One smart Instagram music promotion method is to showcase the way that you live on a daily basis.

Your fans might connect with you on a deeper level, whether it has to do with pictures of you cooking in the kitchen or putting up relationship photos of your significant other.

In addition, you might find that showcasing your personal life can give you an opportunity to show your fans other sides of your personality.

If you are an artist that doesn’t mind pursuing an acting career, you may find that this leads to new advertising opportunities or reality show offers.

While this path might not be for everybody, the point is clear: the best artists in the world understand the best music promotion Instagram marketing methods.

If you take music promotion Instagram seriously, you may also realize that it’s an incredible way to get some honest feedback from your fans. Their comments might tell you whether they appreciate the way you are moving creatively and can help guide your future career.

You also might want to consider consulting with your team when it comes to brainstorming music promotion Instagram tactics.

Stay Hungry

Let’s say that you have been working in the music business for a long time, and you have released a hit single.

You are surprised to find that your followers have skyrocketed from ten thousand followers to one hundred thousand followers, and you feel as though your next several hit songs will take you to a million followers.

You might feel as though an entirely new level has been reached, and feel like you finally made it!

However, it’s important to remember that marketing music on Instagram is still extremely important.

You might find out that Instagram music marketing is the perfect way to roll out some new music, whether it’s a video of you dancing to some new unreleased music of yours, or footage of you having honest conversations with media outlets.

If you understand how to promote music video on Instagram, it might help you gain millions of views, which could help to get you trending. If an artist truly understands how to promote your music on Instagram, it’s the kind of invaluable skill that will pay off significantly.

Investing In Your Career

Of course, we all know that artists with the right resources can do much more than artists without them, so why not invest in your own career and pay for some Instagram music promotion?

You might find that sponsored ads can help you reach a level that you never expected, and your music might speak to a specific demographic that can be targeted.

This might be tougher for independent artists, but many signed and established artists have invested in marketing music on Instagram.

If you are able to create an ad that can get attention, it might even get thousands of engagements.

Music marketing Instagram can be tough. You might find that one approach or marketing tactic works better than others, and you will want to continue to test how to promote music on Instagram for the best results.

Either way, it can be an incredible way to reach fans that never heard your music before.

Let’s say that you spend a significant amount of money on a high-budget music video, and want to use your music trailer as a way to improve marketing music on Instagram.

Instagram music marketing is about finding the right moments to promote, and figuring out how to make sure that people understand what’s going on with you.

Constant Access

If you want to have a successful music career, it’s about making sure that you are doing more than Instagram music promotion.

You might be thinking about how to promote music on Instagram, without remembering that shouting out your Twitter on your Instagram account can lead to more followers there!

This is a great way to cross-promote your socials, which can help increase your reach when it comes to how to promote your music on Instagram.

You never know if it will be a Tiktok challenge that will help your music go viral or a thoughtful tweet that ends up getting traction – you can make sure that people know about your music whenever you find that a particular method is successful.

Your music promotion Instagram can certainly help your success, but make sure that you also communicate to your fans that they should follow you on ALL platforms.

You should also keep track of what platforms are doing the best for you, so you can understand what Instagram music promotion strategies you should work on, or re-think.


Everyone has their own personal brand, and some Instagram music promotion methods might work for some artists, while other artists end up showcasing other aspects of their personality. Either way, your fans want to know more about you, your thoughts, and your opinions.

This might really shine in an Instagram live where you can answer questions from your fans that they have always wanted to know, or you might be able to promote products as part of an advertising deal thanks to your large following.

There are countless ways when it comes to how to promote music on Instagram – you might begin to put up cryptic lyrics as a hint at your next song, or you can dance to a snippet of your own music in the background.

The best music promotion Instagram makes the fans feel like they know you better. Unfortunately, some artists also begin marketing music on Instagram by creating drama, hoping to land on gossip websites.


Music promotion Instagram is complicated, and there are many different approaches that can be taken.

You might want to consult with your manager and/or publicist about how to promote your music on Instagram and make sure that fans stay up to date with you and engaged.

It’s also important to remain consistent when it comes to content – whether it involves offering your thoughts on current events, promoting the music of your peers, or speaking about the way that you make music.

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