With the internet becoming an integral part of everyone’s lives, companies, businesses, individuals are looking towards expanding their business models into being more computer-friendly.

What does that mean for the emerging artist who’s looking to make a name for themselves in the 21st century?

It means that artists need to look towards promoting their music using promotional teams and services that expand their image via social platforms.

There’s hardly a soul on the face of the Earth who’s living a life without the involvement of the internet. Alternatively, everyone has a social media platform.

Every social profile is just one more potential fan you need to target for promoting your music. And Music Promotion Corp is just the right company to help you reach them.

Creating A Social Presence

Promoting music in the 21st century is a lot more than handing out pamphlets and playing at the side of the street or on the subway for better reach.

It’s also a lot more than having your music played on television. Instead, modern-day music promotion is all about uploaded those pamphlets online, providing download links to your music, and having your music a part of music hosting websites’ top ten.

Benefits of Boosting Your Social Media Presence

-Several social media sites such as Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook have an algorithm that allows you to reach a targeted audience if their frequently searched keywords match the concept of your brand of music.

-Verified profiles are seen as legit and authenticate by audiences. Making them more comfortable in following such accounts.

-Your social media presence could be a lot more than just your music. Therefore, your audience will stay engaged with your profile for longer.

Your fan base will be able to stay in the loop for any upcoming music releases and concert gigs or tours.

Releasing upcoming music is a lot more visual-based and is cost-effective.

Generating buzz is a lot more quicker and efficient owing to post sharing and sending.

Social media is an all-around easier way for emerging artists to develop their brand and become well-known for their music.

It allows them to communicate with audiences, give out information for upcoming events, and engage with their fans.

Why Do You Need a Promotional Team to Back You Up?

To boost your music promo online, you need to have a dedicated team that’s backing you up every step of the way.

Alternatively, you’ll need a team to manage the promotional aspect of things while you focus on creating your music. Had emerging artists focused on both marketing and creating, they’d never been able to get off of the ground.

At Music Promotion Corp, we recognize two things:

 Emerging artists need a strong promotional team to stand by them and better their brand image.

These artists are often working with a tight budget. Therefore, to give their clients the best music promo and music promo services.

Music Promotion Corp has created and curated several music promotional packages across varied social platforms for promoting music.

These social platforms include:

Spotify. Our team is offering the best Spotify promotion services on the market.

Facebook. Facebook promotion for artists is available on our website.

Instagram. Our Instagram promotion services will help artists get more followers, likes, and views.

YouTube. Our youtube promotion services will get you thousands of views and likes for your videos.

SoundCloud. Our SoundCloud promotion services will help you get more plays for your music.

Apple. Promote your Apple Music using our services and get thousands of new streams.

Twitter. Use our Twitter promotion to get more followers for your profile.

Radio. Our radio promotion services can put your music in front of millions of people worldwide.

All of our music promotion packages are kept at reasonable rates with several features in each package. However, you might still be wondering why music promo packages are even necessary? Isn’t the music enough to gain fans and following?

The answer is simple, while your music might undoubtedly be amazing, it won’t do you much service if it isn’t marketed right.

For example; you could be an instrumental prodigy, but without a contract and a signing onto a larger brand, you won’t be able to do much with those skills.

How Does Music Promotion Corp Help Artists promote their music?

Music Promotion Corp helps in two ways:

We take over promotional management of your social media platforms and curate content for your audiences

 We expand your reach to target audiences for an increase in viewership within 24-48 days. Some artists are wary of the idea of music promotion services because of the second aspect; results. However, over at Music Promotion Corp we provide real views and expand your reach to stay organic.

The word ‘organic’ implies that our music promotional services aren’t manufactured with bots and services that provide fake and temporary results just for the sake of having something to show for. Instead, our reach is to a target audience that was, in all probability, looking for music similar to what you produced.

Therefore, the audience is more likely to remain hooked on your music for longer.

To keep them engaged for longer, the team at Music Promotion Corp also curates engaging posts that are in line with your music and your brand image.

Our results are quick (within a day or two), which is what separates us from other music promotion websites and companies who like to take their time in giving results (milking you for money in the process).

We offer two things; visibility and exposure. After the package limit is up, we part with the artists and give them everything that could be construed as necessary for building their brand image up further.

The Internet > Big Budget Labels

To say that the internet has revolutionized the way industries work is an understatement. The music industry, in particular, is a testament to the fact that the internet can create limitless opportunities for emerging talent – something a big-budget label could in a lot more money.

At Music Promotion Corp, we believe that an artists’ brand is in their own hands and the internet is a great way for them to showcase their brand. Instead of waiting on someone to sign them on and provide a fund for their talent. Artists need to be able to create their image.

With the music industry being as competitive as it is, artists can’t sit around and wait. They need to establish their brand before a label takes them on.

Music Promotion Corp offers music promo services, such as:

 music promo for Spotify

music promo for SoundCloud

music promo for youtube

Artists face the daunting task of advancing their music and engaging with their crowd. While your primary focus needs to stay on delivering extraordinary music for individuals to appreciate, you should likewise utilize every resource accessible online.

Music Promotion Corp makes use of the fact that it has never been easier and more natural now to have your music heard by a huge number of fans around the world.

You can upload your music on SoundCloud, videos on YouTube, and utilize Facebook’s incredible assets to advance your work. This will give you the chance and the duty of overseeing and establishing your group and climate to assemble a solid fan base.

What Separates Music Promotion Corp From Other Companies

With the number of music promotional companies and organizations out there, it can seem a little overwhelming to choose from amongst them.

Music Promotion Corp is one of the world’s leading and finest music advancing organizations with proven results in the shortest amount of time.

Here’s why:

We are affordable, which is extraordinary for artists everywhere in the world that are striving to construct an image for themselves.

While a portion of the other best music advertising companies is cheating artists for exposure, we clarify that various bundles take into account artists with budget restraints.

We convey on schedule, so you’ll never be pausing and questioning about results.

We accept that the best music showcasing organizations are the ones that convey as opposed to having artists keep an eye out for quite a long time, thinking about what they did with their cash.

We additionally have free advancements consistently, because we are glad for the way that we genuinely back up our cases.

We are straightforward about our promotions, you’ll know where your money is going(rather than being invested in) with our dedication to transparency.

Music Promotion Corp isn’t here to cheat for our administrations, yet offer a route for autonomous musicians to advance themselves without going through unbelievable measures of cash.

We do accept that we are extraordinary compared to other music advertising organizations on the planet, which is one reason that we offer free advancement arrangements to demonstrate to our customers that we care about their prosperity.


Promoting music online has never been easier than it is now. However, with several different music promotional companies to choose from, emerging artists might get lost in the sea of options.

Music Promotion Corp stands a foot apart from the rest with its transparent business model, it’s dedication to giving results and it’s budget-friendly packages.

Music Promotion Corp offers social media exposure on popular social platforms, such as Soundcloud, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Spotify, Apple Music, and radio promotions.

With our dedicated team backing you up, you’ll be free to dedicate your time to making music while we handle the result.

Our views aren’t bots and bought, we promise our clients organic viewership and dedicated fan bases. We’re in this with you!

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