Do you want to get more followers on your IG profile? This article is the perfect guide which will teach you how to promote your Instagram in the right way. Instagram is a new era in the digital marketing that made user experience one step more close to the product in a virtual world. A product can be seen from the inception to delivery and Instagram can attract loads of attention given the right technique to marketing. It is human tendency to get more attracted to the objects in life that still, even better is when a still picture comes to life and this can be achieved through Instagram.

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Ways To Get More Engagement on Instagram



  •     Uniqueness is the key to engaging more people in Instagram. When a theme is created user can create more interest and engage the followers by the still pictures and gradually unraveling the product to a short video that kindles the curiosity of the followers, one of the popular themes can be a culinary product. The uniqueness of the product is attributed to multiple aspects such as region/person or the season.
  •     A person with a skill that is specific to certain region based cooking can come up with a surprise recipe in an unexpected season and that creates enough curiosity for the followers, the reason behind curiosity is it is always interesting to experience things out of blue. If this attempt is combined with a story of nostalgia or a noble cause it paves a path to instantly attract and engage people Also, in an era of powerful search engines, it is easy to find the uniqueness of one’s approach and anything that isn’t perceived as authentic can also be rejected very easily. So this always is a tightrope walk.


  •     It is one of the key aspects to gain more people engagement.  If an opinion is sought after from the followers, provide them with feedback on whether or not that is followed.  When the decision is against the majority of people justify that so followers will get the rationale behind the decision.
  •     It is always better to explain than letting people judge based on assumptions. Another key is being available, this is a vital part of making followers opinion count and also the most commonly missed aspect. If a suggestion is sought on a post be there to respond unless there is a strong reason not to do so, this projects a better image and improves the interactions in a virtual world. If the interaction is not mutual then it won’t help in engaging more people.


  •     Everyone will be interested in others life doings, like their daily routines, hobby, interests etc. It’s the best way to show our interest and Hobby’s through the social network, so we can gain advantage out of it by getting tips advice to relate to it. Can engage users by asking them to tag their friends who are having the same hobby, create a group of same Hobby’s can conduct a quiz on it. By doing this we can inculcate the hobby interests among young ones.
  •     Posting pictures and asking followers to caption it can create some interaction with them. We can ask them to create some short stories out of it will be even more interesting and engaging. Posting eventful pictures can drive in users to like it. Pictures easily connect followers with the event than our description of the program. We share our experience with different things, places we indulge. Interacting with them by replying to their comments is important.


  • All social networks have a timing response. Understanding that and posting can give us benefit. Talk of town topics with our different perspective and our opinions about it, create discussions among them. This or that posts to get followers input, getting their ideas, sharing our tips and tricks.
  • Inspirational quotes will sure engage many users because one way or the other they will relate to them in this hectic lifestyle. The comic scene of sensational topics, funny quotes and asking them to tag a friend relate to it. Following and updating the latest industry trends is a simple and sharp way to drag followers to engage. Examine the posts which get more likes and follow the link behind it. Find out the perfect timings followers who are active for instant likes and engagement.
  • Telling stories would be catchy since from small we love hearing it and can imagine us in that situation. Going live about the thing we learned and experimenting in front of them. Conducting a poll and sharing the thoughts. Connecting Instagram with other media to elaborate engagement is a simple method to do which outcome is valuable. Posting regularly and examine the user’s interest in our particular posts. Comment on other users pictures and likes will enhance our Network interactions. Using a limited number of hashtags consistently makes our posts neat and content full. Posting too many pictures can lead to messy. Perfect timing photos will make users wait for the next one. Using filters make pictures on point. What more? You can also buy an Instagram promotion to skip all these.


    Interacting with the followers, liking their posts, replying to their comments and giving small tips are the most important if we want to engage users. Creating trendy Hashtags will come around the feed. Hosting Contests and throwing tips on demand about it. Foods have become a trend now and it is visually pleased too to attract the followers. All personal care ideas, revealing our flaws when we attempt new things or any dishes; there come many followers who throw many tips on it.

6. Variety of interests:

In the world of Instagram, nothing helps better to engage people than being a jack of all trades. As it is generally not a place to compete and win it is always better to have a variety of interests and showcase them when apt. Statistically, a person with more skills at an intermediate level has an advantage over reasonably specialized skilled one due to the capability of engaging more people in a variety of fields. Among two persons of similar profiles, one who specializes in travel and art can easily gain more people in comparison to the person who specializes in the art unless he is as famous a Picasso. Captioning too is the key to attract more people, the subtlety in the caption is directly proportional to the interest people express.

    Even in the digital world, the same rules apply as a physical world where one can win over people with the core values rather than high profile advertising. So, what are you still waiting for?
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