The world today is a global village, thanks to technology we can listen, share and connect to digital music from artists all over the world, at the comfort of your home and convenience. In a cutting edge feature, that is unique, Spotify allows you to collaborate playlists with friends and family.

That’s not all, in the spirit of collaboration, you don’t have to be in close proximity for that to happen. Awesome right?

Through collaborative playlisting, people connected can be able to rearrange, add or delete, and they can do that wherever and whenever they are and want respectively. It also has no limitations to the number of people who can contribute to one list, hence, it can provide one with a diverse list with songs or content from different places.

Most interestingly, you don’t need a premium subscription (but would be nice to avoid streaming adverts that you would skip but rather shuffle-play) but can use a free subscription for equivalently the same purpose, the difference being able to edit on your phone for premium and on their laptops or computers for free Spotify subscribers.

NB: You can use either the iOS or Android operating system to experience and be part of the digital trend.

In an art shell, share your link to your friends and family to collaborate and have a Spotify playlist that motivates and speaks to you and gives you the music thrill.


Steps on how to create a collaborative playlist in Spotify

The process is easy and would take less than a minute to complete and be ready for an awesome experience. Additionally, the procedure may be slightly different on phone and on desktop, but primarily the experience and the time to create a playlist is the same. There is no good music on the phone and one desktop.

On desktop

Step 1: In the left panel, right-click on the playlist you wish to open up.

Step 2: Select collaborative playlist.

Step 3: Right-click on the playlist again, scroll down and click share.

Step 4: Select copy playlist link, then distribute it to your friends.


On Mobile

Step 1: Select your library

Step 2: Tap playlists and select the one you want to make collaborative.

Step 3: Click the three dots in the upper right corner

Step 4: Select make collaborative

Step 5: Tap on the three dots again, on the upper right corner.

Step 6: Click share

Step 7: Choose copy link, then send it to a friend.

It can be extremely difficult for a musician to break through the industry, especially as they are just starting out.

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