WorldStarHipHop is an entertainment website. It is specifically classified as a content aggregating video blog. Founded in 2005 by Lee “Q” O’Denat and presently operated and owned by Worldstar, LLC, the platform has become immensely popular. The Alexa rank of the website has been appreciating steadily over the years. It is presently placed at 235 in terms of website traffic in the U.S. and at 992 in the world. The website is mostly used by young audiences and hence has become a sought after platform for aspiring artists, especially musicians, singers, and performers. The website hosts assorted content that draws over half a million unique visitors every day.

WorldStarHipHop is unlike other entertainment websites and video blogs. It is not as welcoming as other platforms, particularly if artists are new or aspiring and do not have any major following. It has a kind of a niche approach in how it treats artists. While artists want to get their videos on the platform, World Star Hip Hop has made it increasingly difficult or costly. If you do not have enough money or if you do not have a sufficient fan following already then your chances of getting your videos hosted on the website are nearly zero. It is unheard of for unknown artists to have got featured on the site by just submitting their videos.

How to Become a Hip Hop World Star?

To become a hip hop world star, you must have a video of your own. It should feature you or your band. It cannot be just a cover and it definitely cannot feature celebrated artists. A hip hop world star video should have something original. The song may not be original but the video should be. Alternately, a video could be inspired but the song should be original. There are various stringent guidelines for anyone to become a hip hop world star. Your video cannot feature any artist who has not authorized you to use their recording or footage. You cannot have references to them in any way that can influence people to like you. The platform is not always forthcoming with all its stringent selection criteria, which makes it all the more difficult to get your videos on World Star Hip Hop.

Three Ways to Pitch your Hip Hop World Star Video

There are many platforms like World Star Hip Hop. They are fiercely competitive. The target audience is the same so everyone is fighting for supremacy. Among the nearly dozen such video blogs and entertainment websites, World Star Hip Hop wields considerably better influence and is hence more stringent with the submissions. Here are three ways you can pitch your hip hop world star video.

•           You can try to get your video featured for free. This is an apparently straightforward proposition. You should submit your video and the curators will decide if they will host that on their platform. There are some conflicting reports and varying opinions about how the submission process and subsequent approval actually works. Some reports state that you need at least forty thousand views on the video you are trying to get hosted on the site. There are other reports that say you must have fifty thousand views on the video you are pitching. There is a substantial difference between forty thousand and fifty thousand. One has to be sure so the preparation can be in accordance to the objective. The real problem with trying to get your video featured for free is the discretion of the curators. You may or may not be given a convincing reason why your hip hop world star video is being rejected. Those who do not have forty to fifty thousand views are anyway not in contention so even trying will be a futile exercise. Hope does not count in such instances.

•           The views should be legitimate and not faked in any way. This can be a bummer for those who have bots driven traffic, likes, views and shares. The second method of submitting a video to World Star Hip Hop is a surer option. It is simply to pay the platform to host your video. The cost is at least seven hundred and fifty dollars. It could very well be much more in a specific case. Aspiring artists and those who are trying to create a foothold rarely have so much money to spare. If you have nearly a thousand dollars, then you can consider many other marketing and promotional campaigns. Paying nearly eight hundred dollars to become a hip hop world star means you will need a proven system to monetize the popularity. You need a return on the investment. More than seven hundred and fifty dollars is an investment, not just a cost you pay for a hosting service. The outreach will definitely be helpful but whether or not you will have monetary gains out of that exposure is the key determiner of how viable this is and if it is affordable at all.

•           The third option is kind of a middle road. You do not have to pay the hefty fee to World Star Hip Hop. You can get the video hosted and featured for free if you can generate the requisite views. There are legitimate promotional services for videos that can clock thousands of views in a few days. You can choose packages to get closer to the forty to fifty thousand views needed. There will be organic growth too so you do not have to pay for all the views you can amass. This option will cost you much less, actually a fraction of what the platform is demanding. If you have the required legitimate views and can prove your popularity then the website or its curators will have a hard time rejecting your submission. This is the best way to go about it. You will clock a lot of views, get noticed, invest a reasonable sum of money, get some freebies along the way and get to become a hip hop world star.

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