There are so many artists out there that are concerned about how to get a song on the radio, and wondering when their fanbase will eventually grow.

Of course, there are some artists that might not ever get to the radio, and can still manage to have a successful career.

However, artists that are the most successful always get radio airplay of some kind, even though there are a few exceptions.

You might understand how to send songs to radio stations, but need more guidance about how to get more airplay.

Some artists have record labels and managers that can provide insight about how to get music on the radio, and some independent bands and artists might rely on themselves to do the research and open the lines of communication.

If you are an established artist, it is much easier to get on the radio, and many of these artists never have to worry about how to get music on the radio.

The radio already understands that more people will tune in if they play these records, but record stations are often wary about playing underground artists or those that are not exactly mainstream.

MusicPromotionCorp can help you promote your music on our radio stations.

We might live in a world where we can access music on streaming platforms wherever we are, but the radio station is still an important aspect of the music industry as a whole.

Choose Carefully

There are some artists that believe that the idea is very simple: figuring out how to submit my songs to radio stations, and sending them to as many as possible.

Some might believe that if they keep contacting these radio stations, several will immediately start playing your music. The truth is that this isn’t the case.

The most important thing that you can do first is to make a list of the right radio stations to target. If you are a rapper, you should not start off by contacting pop radio stations.

After all, these radio stations are used to playing certain pop artists and are not accustomed to rappers figuring out how to upload your music to radio stations. Some other radio stations might play more than one genre, and others might be more likely to play local or independent artists.

You should certainly find out what local stations can give you more information about how to get a song on the radio. There are so many local musicians all over the world that have ended up becoming internationally famous first through the local scene.

Lady Gaga was well-known in the New York City underground scene at one point. You can now find her music on radio stations all over the globe. However, you should recognize that your ascent to stardom doesn’t begin with figuring out how to get your song on the radio.

There’s another important aspect of submissions: you might want to read guidelines about radio stations and how they usually handle music submissions.

Make Yourself Known

Many artists might want to figure out how to get known without understanding how much work it takes. We all know that creative artists can often focus on their craft, without focusing on other aspects of the business.

However, how will you take advantage of understanding how to get your song on the radio if you don’t have a strong relationship with the radio station?

You might make yourself available for radio interviews, which can benefit both your career AND the radio stations.

There are other ways to make yourself known. You can upload your music to radio stations, but you also might want to reach out to music influencers to see what they think of your work.

This might eventually lead to more connections, which can help you when it comes to getting more exposure. If you are serious about your fanbase, you should cultivate relationships with those that can help you in the future, whether it’s a booking manager, program director, music manager, publicist, or artist.

You should also research online radio, and see whether there are influencers that you can reach out to. They might be happy to provide you information about how to get a song on the radio or tell you more about what they are looking for.

It’s important to remember that if you are serious about figuring out how to get a song on the radio, you should personalize your submission or cold e-mail as much as possible.

Invest In Yourself

Many artists end up becoming famous because of a combination of music marketing strategies, and not just because they know how to get a song on the radio. Some might understand that their image and presentation are important, and decide to invest in their career.

This is about much more than purchasing some fashionable clothes and showing up to music industry events – you might consider paying for a press kit, for example.

A radiostation might be more interested in helping you figure out how to get a song on the radio if you have made it clear that your music career is more than just a “hobby” to you.

Of course, you will also want to spend some time researching the music station and might want to learn people’s names to improve your networking skills.

Another way that you can invest in yourself is to give the radio station some free merchandise.

If the radio station uploads videos to Youtube, for example, some music influencers at the radio station might wear your merchandise and shout it out as a form of appreciation.

Remain, Patient,

There are so many people that are trying to understand how to get a song on the radio and take their music career seriously. As a result, you can’t expect a radio station to get back to you within a couple of days.

Let’s say that you are trying to submit your music to a radio station in a city full of millions of people.

Even though you might be serious about asking about how to get your music on the radio – that radio station might be dealing with hundreds of music submissions per day.

You might feel tempted to contact a radio station several days after submitting, but it might not be realistic that radio station staff will have heard it by them.

Technology makes it very easy to contact people, and there’s a good chance that you left your phone number and/or e-mail address with the station.

You might be excited about the possibility of how to submit my songs to radio stations, but you shouldn’t keep contacting the station repeatedly. It is much better to submit to different stations and wait for some form of contact from them.

You also might want to accept the fact that the radio station doesn’t accept your music. It might feel extremely frustrating that you spend time and energy learning how to get music on the radio, only to find that it didn’t work.

The radio station might offer some honest feedback, or they might just explain that they only have so much space and that your song isn’t the best fit for their radio station.

There are so many other radio stations that you can find, and you may learn the best approach to upload your music to radio stations over time.


There are many artists that have figured out how to get a song on the radio, only to find that their other songs don’t have the same success.

It’s important to remember that artists should always be creating and that they shouldn’t ONLY be thinking about how to upload your music to radio stations.

Artists also need to figure out how to improve their live show, execute marketing strategies, and record more music.

Artists might need to spend time promoting their work, as well. One of the ways that artists can truly be creative is if they have a manager or team that can handle how to get your song on the radio.

You might send songs to radio stations and not hear back for weeks, or even months. However, you never know when you might get that call or e-mail stating that your song will be playing on a radio station.

If you consistently are able to add your songs to radio stations, you will certainly grow a larger fanbase.

It’s up to you as an artist to take advantage of social media, and you may be able to take that one approach regarding how to get your song on the radio and gain a fan that is willing to attend your live shows, purchase your merchandise, and stream your music.

There aren’t many artists that have become wildly successful without the support of radio.

We all know that there are powerful music platforms out there that are into streaming, but there is an infrastructure of radio stations all across the world that can help you get heard.

If you are trying to figure out how to submit my song to radio stations, remember that you may be more successful if you are patient and respectful.

We offer Radio promotion services that will put your music in front of thousands of new listeners.

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