Technology has connected individuals from all around the world, and billions of individuals use it every day. There are many music artists that are trying to figure out how to gain more followers, whether it’s a pop singer who wants to use sexy pictures to attract more fans on Instagram or an indie band trying to figure out how to get music on TikTok. Of course, the first point is to make sure that you have a quality song that people would want to hear. There are many artists and bands that create songs, but what separates bands who know how to get songs on TikTok from those that don’t?

Fans want to feel like they are actually participating in your song for a certain reason. Does your song touch on any current events or topics, or does it make you want to dress up in a costume?

If so, makeup artists might consider using your song for a TikTok video, and this solves your issue of how to get music on TikTok. Your song might appeal to a certain niche, and you may even want to reach out to influencers in that niche when it comes time to figure out how to get songs on TikTok.

We all know that there are some social media platforms that gain a lot of traction very quickly. Facebook might have started in a college dorm, but it is now worth hundreds of billions of dollars. There are world leaders and celebrities that use Twitter to make their opinion known. It’s clear that having a voice and personality can go a long way, no matter what sector you are in. Here is some advice for musicians and artists trying to understand the mystery of how to get music on TikTok.

Understanding The App

If you’re an artist trying to figure out how to get music on TikTok – there’s one fact you need to consider. Influencers have huge audiences, and there’s a good chance that the influencer understands the power that comes with this visibility. If you are serious about how to get songs on TikTok, what are you willing to invest? It’s easy to ask influencers to use your song on the Tiktok app, but you don’t have much leverage if you aren’t offering them any money.

You might find a way to work a deal out with a particular influencer, but it’s important to remember that they aren’t obligated to promote your song if they aren’t paid. Either way, the TikTok app is also geared toward a younger audience. This is also important to remember for those who are concerned about how to get music on TikTok.

Let’s say that you are a rock band that has a huge fanbase of people in their 40s and 50s. You might think that since TikTok is the new app, that your focus should be solely on how to get songs on TikTok. You may have been reading about the app, and there are plenty of those in the music industry that believe that the app is the future. However, this would be shortsighted: you should make sure that the app makes sense for your demographic before even worrying about how to get your music on TikTok.

It’s also to remember that content creators on the app create short clips that go viral. This isn’t the time to promote your 7-minute rock symphony: this is the time to capture attention as much as possible, within seconds. You might be thinking more about how to get music on TikTok, rather than WHICH SONG would work best for TikTok – and this should be considered.

Is There A Visual?

Lil Nas X was not an artist that had to worry about how to get music on TikTok, and he already had a smash single out in the form of “Old Town Road.” This might not be great news to hear for those who believe that TikTok is the future. After all, if you are trying to figure out how to get music on TikTok, you might not have a smash single out at all.

Old Town Road” was new because it combined rap music and country music, and there are visual ideas for content creators here. There are influencers that could dress up in country outfits as soon as the beat drops, and it makes for an exciting and short visual. Lil Nas X didn’t have to figure out how to get music on TikTok because he created a moment that content creators could take advantage of.

There might be a huge switch-up in one of your songs, where things switch from happy to sad quickly, or vice versa. You can figure out how to get songs on TikTok if you figure out an interesting MOMENT in your music, that might express a certain emotion. You might also want to offer a challenge involving the lyrics in your song, and that “challenge” can go viral on Tiktok.

If your song has an “anthem” feel to it – your focus shouldn’t be on how to get music on TikTok. It might be the kind of song that could involve multiple people, and groups of friends might get together to make sure that the “challenge” goes viral.

Music artists think about music, but what about consulting with a visual artist to figure out potential angles for Tiktok? It’s not just about how to get music on Tiktok, it’s about what TYPE of challenge and visuals could go viral on Tiktok.

Getting Feedback

Music artists are incredible and creative people, but not all of them understand the ins and outs of social media. Some bands might want to consider social media consultants or marketers to help them figure out how to get songs on TikTok, which songs to use, and which influencers to contact. Of course, this is much easier if a record label decides to pay for these hires, and chooses to invest in these artists/bands significantly.

Your fans are also a well of inspiration that you can draw from. If you are an established artist, with a fanbase, you might ask your fans on Facebook what song works the most for Tiktok. You can also tweet out a poll asking for fan opinions about which song to create a challenge for, as well. Many artists seem to overlook the fact that it is your fans that will be using Tiktok to push your music, so why not ask them how to get your music on TikTok?

Your fans might also offer some feedback on which songs to NOT use for TikTok. You may have had plans to launch a big single on TikTok, only to find that only older people like that particular song. In this case, Tiktok might not be the venue to launch the song, since so many younger people use the app.

Millions of people use TikTok every day, and are pleased with the short videos that they find. Many of these videos also end up getting shared elsewhere – which is one of the most important aspects of how to get music on TikTok If you do it right, your music will go viral – and it won’t even be on TikTok only: it will be on Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, and more. Younger fans like to use social media platforms of all kinds, and TikTok can help your popularity significantly.


If your ultimate goal is trying to figure out how to get music on TikTok, the answer is simple: offer influencers money, and make sure that the song works for the TikTok platform. One very simple way to figure out how to get songs on TikTok is to find out what influencers choose which songs to use for content. You might find that your sound is very similar to an artist that they already like, and shoot them a message asking them what they think of your song/sound. If the influencer loves the sound, they might even offer themselves to use it for a TikTok video.

Of course, you can always pay influencers to make sure that your song is on TikTok. This is an easy explanation of how to get music on tik tok, but it might not be the most realistic option for artists that don’t have a budget. Either way, it’s something to consider. You might know a music manager or an investor who would be willing to foot the bill.

If you choose the right song and the right moment, and there’s a clear “idea” for a challenge or video: it shouldn’t really be that difficult. Music is very important on TikTok. There are many popular music artists that will already be featured on any social media platform, no matter who they are. Beyonce and Rihanna, for example, have tens of millions of followers who already love their music. If you are serious about how to get music on TikTok, try to find a specific “angle” to consider, and it will help immensely.

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