There are some Spotify playlists that are simply one of the most important playlists in the world, and Spotify rap caviar is definitely one of the most important.

There are many huge rap stars that have been featured on the playlist through a RapCaviar playlist submission, and it’s heralded as one of the most respected rap playlists out there.

There are many underground and mainstream artists alike that would love to be featured on the playlist, and it has definitely led to a profile rise for many talented emcees.

In many respects, you have to be a rapper of a certain caliber to think about a RapCaviar playlist submission. You have to be taking your career extremely seriously.

If you work a 9-5 job but simply rap every once in a while in a studio, you might not be the type of artist that Spotify rap caviar is looking for. The original curator is Tuma Basa, who now works at Youtube.

Regardless, it can be difficult to have a successful rap caviar playlist submission, but here are some ways to help your chances.

Looking For Consistency

Rap caviar is a playlist with millions of followers, and they are often hip-hop fans that are hungry to listen to the next big rap artist.

You should be releasing music consistently if you want to be noticed by some of the top playlists. Does this mean that you have to release a project every week?

Of course not…however, you might want to rethink your rap caviar playlist submission if you are only here to release a song a year.

You might think that your hit single should be your rap caviar playlist submission, but you should ask around for more feedback about your music.

Fans might even offer you feedback or suggest artists that you can potentially work with.

You may find that a deep album cut ends up resonating more with your audience, and should think about ways to promote your music to make the right decisions.

Support Spotify

There are many platforms out there, but Spotify remains one of the most important companies in the music industry.

There’s nothing wrong with expressing yourself, but you can’t expect Spotify to curate your music into a top Spotify playlist if you are bad-mouthing them on social media.

In fact, you might want to consider tweeting at Spotify and letting them know when you appreciate a specific feature or include them when you tweet or post about a song, for example.

If you show love to the company, it couldn’t hurt, right?

Of course, if your music is terrible, but you think praising Spotify nonstop will somehow get you a free rap caviar playlist submission, that might not be the right mentality, either.

Your team should figure out the way to interact with Spotify, and you might want to consider contacting some people at the company for more connections.

Get Noticed

Let’s say that you are an independent artist with not that many resources. Where do you go from here?

The truth is that at this point, you shouldn’t be thinking about a rap caviar playlist submission. You might want to focus on recording quality music and consulting with your team about which songs to consider as potential hits.

You might be wondering about Spotify playlist submission hip hop, only to find that you really aren’t producing music at a quality and rate that makes sense for curation.

There are so many Spotify playlists out there for different genres. If you don’t have any connections in the music industry, you might want to consider emailing bloggers that could help you get your music noticed.

You could end up in a playlist, and if you end up on multiple playlists – this could easily improve your chances at your rap caviar playlist submission. Even if you are landing on lower playlists, make sure that you are always trying to land on higher playlists.

Many rappers have moved up the rap caviar Spotify ranks through landing on other playlists, which got their music noticed faster.

Collaborate With Peers

Let’s say that you are an artist that is willing to invest in your career, but you notice that your fan base isn’t growing steadily.

If you have the resources, you might consider collaborating with someone that can get your music noticed.

Of course, you will have to have the right kind of budget to collaborate with certain artists. It is important to remember that there are many Soundcloud rappers that charge thousands of dollars perverse, with some rappers charging over $100,000 perverse.

If you have that kind of budget, you might find that the right collaboration can increase your chances of landing on many different playlists. If the song garners a buzz, it has the potential for becoming a rap caviar playlist submission.

It’s important to remember that collaborations don’t guarantee a rap caviar Spotify playlist submission by any means.

Contact Employees

As an artist, you shouldn’t go out of your way to bother Spotify employees. However, if you are a talented artist with a buzz, you might find that contacting Spotify curators through Linkedin might end up working out.

Of course, this all depends on your tone and the way that you word the fact that you are interested in a rap caviar playlist submission. Is your song relevant? Does the sound seem “modern”? Are you working with other artists that are landing on Spotify rap caviar?

You should make sure that when you contact these Spotify curators, that you don’t keep sending follow-up messages.

Let’s be honest – this can come across as very annoying, and there’s a good chance that rap caviar Spotify employees are busy at their job.

They might not respond to every email, tweet, or Linkedin message, but you never know!

Choosing Distributors

There are many artists that are consistently recording quality music who never get the big break or the exposure that they deserve.

The truth about the music industry today is that it’s not just about being talented and hardworking, it’s about having the right connections. Are there other parties fighting for your interests?

If you’ve built your record label from the ground up and are an independent artist, do you bother thinking about hiring marketing agencies to send the right message to your audience?

You might want to consider enlisting the help of a music distributor of some kind. One of the benefits of using a distributor is that you might be giving up some of your profits to make sure that your business is handled efficiently.

These distributors might charge fees or even take a percentage of your royalties. Artists should research about distributors for choosing one that might present a rap caviar playlist submission.

Even though rap caviar Spotify only accepts a fraction of artists in the world, a respected distributor making the introduction might help your odds.

Some popular distribution partners include companies like CDBaby, which has been around for a long time. In fact, the company was founded in 1998.

While the company originally made CDs, it is now focused on digital services: such as landing on rap caviar Spotify and helping artists that need rap caviar playlist submission.

Distrokid is another popular distributor that many artists use all over the world.

UK artists have also used London-based Ditto Music, which is known for quite the perk: letting artists keep ALL of their royalties. ReverbNation also remains one of the most well-known music distributors in the world, as well.


There are so many ways for artists to make money in the music industry these days. Some artists might not have the largest following, but have created merch that has gone viral and generated millions in revenue, for example.

Others might be known for their sense of humor or ended up dating another well-known artist which helped both of them land in the most well-known websites, blogs, and magazines.

Does a successful rap caviar playlist submission mean that you will suddenly be making millions of money off of your music?

No, however – with the right song, you might find that you are able to elevate your profile and charge more for your services.

Rap Caviar is definitely one of the most respected playlists in the music industry, and it’s a testament to how well it is curated.

You can certainly be successful without ever landing on rap caviar Spotify, but it’s a milestone for many artists that have gone on to become massively successful.

You should choose carefully when it comes to your rap caviar playlists submission, and continue to submit music if you feel like your music is good enough to make it.

We all know that streaming platforms are the future, which is why landing on playlists like rap caviar Spotify is more important than ever.

It also means that your music could potentially be successful in countries that you’ve never visited! It’s not just about a rap caviar playlist submission hip hop. Rap Caviar is about the exposure that could lead to true financial independence.

If you are looking for Spotify promotion, MusicPromotionCorp can help you get thousands of new listeners.

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