Do you want to get your music on Apple Music? This guide will help you achieve that.

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As an artist, you will certainly want to know how to get your music on Apple Music. Many artists prioritize Apple Music promotion over other streaming platforms and digital stores, primarily owing to the vast outreach assured by the premium medium.

While iTunes promotion can expand your outreach to Apple users, the exposure through Apple Music is beyond the flagship products of the tech behemoth. Apple Music is available on Android too. Hence, you are effectively reaching out to Android and Apple users worldwide. This is a much bigger number than users of either brand.

Introduction to Apple Music

If you are already familiar with the platform, then you can skip to the section below where we discuss how to get your music on Apple Music. Those who are not entirely aware of how the app works, it is necessary to highlight the advantages and the challenges. Apple Music is an application. It supports music streaming in real-time. There is an online radio.

It is a live radio station called Beats 1 and it operates twenty-four hours a day. There are many other radio stations, all of which are curated. There are stations championing classical, indie rock, funk, folk, and every other genre. The app has a feature called Apple Music Connect. This enables artists to interact with fans and amongst one another. Artists and bands can share photos, songs, videos, and lyrics.

Apple Music is now available in more than a hundred countries in the world. There is a free membership available for new users, but only for three months. Thereafter one must pay a monthly fee of a cent less than ten dollars to subscribe.

There is a family plan with a subscription fee of almost fifteen dollars for a maximum of six members. It is no secret that iTunes is not available on Android, but Apple Music is. This makes the latter much more conducive to reach a larger audience. No artist wants to stay confined to users of any one particular brand of phone, tablet or operating system.

Beats 1 offers effective Apple Music promotion and those getting their creations featured can expect a spike in royalty.

Apple Music library has more than thirty million tracks. The audience is spread across a hundred and thirteen countries. None of these facts matter unless you can actually get your song or track onto the platform.

Apple Music does not allow open or unsolicited submissions. Any and every artist cannot upload their creations and release the same through the app. Apple Music is not YouTube, or Facebook, SoundCloud, Spotify, Vimeo, Instagram, and Twitter.

Apple Music calls for aggregators. As an artist or a band, you must go through an aggregator, such as Spinnup.

How to get your music on Apple Music?

Apple Music uses aggregators to ensure its strict guidelines are met. For instance, the app has certain specifications. It does not accept all formats. It also does not accept all the qualities of songs. It is open to every genre but the quality of every track released through the app should be of the highest standard.

Apple Music also has more stringent legalities than the likes of YouTube, Spotify, and SoundCloud. This is not surprising for anyone who has observed how Apple has operated over the last two decades. It is always more stringent with everything it does, across all its products and services.

The first step of how to get your music on Apple Music promotion is to consider an aggregator. You may choose Spinnup if you like. As an artist or band, you must sign a release form. This is a legal prerequisite for all artists. Such release forms are also necessary for writers when they pitch their ideas or synopses to production companies, studios or agents.

As and when you sign the release, Spinnup or an aggregator of your choice will ensure the track is of the correct format. The aggregator will do everything necessary to get the track released on the app. Artists do not have to put in any extra effort if the format and other requisites are satiated.

Aggregators simplify the whole process, but there are many kinds. Spinnup is a subsidiary of Universal Music. This means the aggregator can also serve as the intermediary for artists to secure a contract from a record label. Universal Music is one of the largest record labels in the world. It has several scouts constantly on the prowl for new talents.

It is quite possible that working with Spinnup to get your music published through the Apple app can get you noticed and one of their scouts may contact you. Of course, the initial service you get from Spinnup is not for free. There are different types of services and the prices vary accordingly. Singles cost less to release than an album, but not on aggregate in every scenario.

Spinnup is not only an aggregator for Apple Music but also a distribution service. It is one of the major digital music distribution companies right now. Spinnup can also get your music released through multiple other streaming platforms and digital stores. Contracts are hard to come by though. However, artists can be hopeful. Spinnup has facilitated the scouting of many artists.

As many as fifty-nine artists have already been signed by labels owned by Universal Music after they were spotted through the distribution network of Spinnup.

You should plan an effective Apple Music Promotion         

Artists should use Apple Music to reach out to a massive audience. More users are likely to pay for songs and albums on Apple Music than access premium subscriptions of YouTube and other platforms. Apple is the most respected brand in the world right now, not just among tech giants but cutting across industries, products, and services. People trust Apple. Those who use Apple, its products or services, rarely switch to other brands. Having an artist profile on Apple Music is a necessity.

Apple Music has a cool feature that enables artists to engage with their fans. This is a secure platform. All engagements are qualitative and quantitative. It is like an exclusive forum, away from the hustle and bustle of Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. You can have the core fans and others attended to with exclusive photos, sneak peeks, videos, information and more through Apple Music for Artists.

Listeners can like, share and comment on tracks they enjoy. Sharing is facilitated through email, Twitter, Facebook and of course iMessage. All artists get access to these features. The app is also accessible on Mac. Apple Music does not isolate an artist or their creations as there is no shackling to exclusive products. Artists can share creations and profiles through Twitter and Facebook accounts.

As you learn about how to get your music on Apple Music through the aggregator and go about doing the same, you should consider the obvious next step. That is Apple Music promotion. Just as it is imperative for all artists to strategize iTunes promotion, Apple Music too requires certain tactics for a track to be discovered by users.

Simply releasing a song through the app will not ensure a massive spike in plays or streaming and downloads or sales. This is where Music Promotion Corp plays a consequential role. The Apple Music promotion company can help artists get the initial boost that is necessary. Apple Music will feature songs that are already generating traction. A popular track gets further exposure through featured sections. A track that has not been played or streamed by many does not get featured at all. The objective, hence, is to get noticed. That can happen with meticulously plotted Apple Music promotion.

Aggregators such as Spinnup and other music distribution companies do not necessarily have any promotional campaign planned in addition to releasing the songs. The service fees you pay to Spinnup to get your song uploaded to Apple Music do not include any promotion at all. There will be no impact on following instantly or later if the song does not generate enough interest.

For the song to be found by users there has to be a concerted effort and this should not be limited to Apple Music. There is a plethora of mediums and forms that can be used to reach out to the target audience. The intended audience can then be enticed to check out the songs that are already available on Apple Music.

Music Promotion Corp can help artists to get more plays, likes, comments, shares, and fans. It is a completely organic process. There are no paid users who are financially rewarded or given any freebies to check out tracks on Apple Music.

They are simply targeted with specific messages and encouraged to explore a new profile, album or just a single. All artists need iTunes promotion. The celebrated artists who have several runaways hit also rely on myriad promotions.

Music Promotion Corp is a reasonable service provider. It offers Apple Music promotion and identical services for all other major platforms.

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