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If you are looking to get your iTunes music into the Top Charts, then this article is a perfect guide for you to succeed. The first step to get your music into the Charts is ensuring the source to be legal and official with all rights reserved to release your music in the right way.

For an artist, it’s a big achievement to attain record labels and other rights holders, to let your music enter into the Official Charts to reach the public in a true manner. It is thus going to be one of the most important measurements that are part of your success as you get your iTunes music promoted into the Chart.

When someone is about to release their music they should make themselves involved in producing their own CDs, 7 or 12-inch singles and then right from the beginning of the process to get these records into the shops to give their best. But, today, with the emergence of the digital age even the smallest artist or newest artist can label their music and gets a fair chance of releasing their own music all that… maybe….due to a chart hit.

    If any artist or musician really wants to achieve something for themselves then they should approach that is always passionate about emerging artist’s rights and struggles to change the music industry look fairer for independent musicians the rock with their performance.

Access the iTunes promotion to stream videos, audios, games and educational events that provide unlimited distribution services to their customers who approach them and allow one to release their music on any of the world’s biggest platforms that are 100% unique in all aspects and provide equal rights to your songs and all the money that you had earned from its sales.

    Though there are many things which an individual need to know, to get the most of it right and have a fair chance of doing anything, starting from writing a song, recording it for yourself with a famous studio or production house and run the same to play on the radio, and other music channels. But to help you beat your opponent there are plenty of books and online guides available in the market which help you reach your goal and hit a record.

How To Get Your Music into the Top iTunes Charts


    Here is our effort to make you familiar with the key pointers that will help you in every possible manner to attain success if everything goes right, and your music can generate enough sales or streams, so be cautious that you don’t miss out on your chance that is will help you attain chart glory.

    Enjoy the race keeping in mind this handful of simple steps which one needs to follow:

  • The artist or musician who wants to release their album needs to register their products with the correct identification codes that consist of catalog number and barcode for physical releases on CDs or vinyl, ISRC for digital tracking, a barcode for digital bundle products whether sung singles& albums that are registered with the correct bodies. Visit the site of Official Charts to access full details of how to do this and what is provided here.
  • The artist or musician should meet the chart rules – before their product gets registered, and ensure that their release complies with their areas Official ‘Chart Rules’. These are certain rules that are applicable to both physical and digital formats. If at all by accidentally, any of their releases do not adhere to these above-mentioned rules that are agreed by the entertainment industry, then they are going to be ineligible for any of the published charts, although the Official Charts are tracking the sales of their products that are registered accordingly. The other details are mentioned below that meet the chart rules in the correct form.
  • The chart retailers need to ensure before their release is registered and if they are sure then it is going to be legal and eligible for the charts that you require but make sure it is being sold via a chart reporting retailer. With such type of practice, it is not going to be a major issue, as long as you are selling your music directly through a known retailer. You can achieve the greatest record in the world, but if your album or song is sold through a stall such as a car boot sale, then it is likely to make success on Official Charts.
  • The chart retailers need to follow and stay connected with Official Charts on Linkedin that is built to keep one’s professional network balanced by staying in touch with their community members. It also provides access to knowledge, insights and better prospectus to reach the public globally through their existing albums and new releases in a well-organized manner.
  • On top of it, you need to sell enough music to make the charts work for you, then you need to be straightforward, to sell more music to make it listed on Official Singles Charts that will be seen for many years. If there is a break in between the charts then it is going to take your music career at a higher level that will be streamed by new listeners through press and radio airplay. But did you ever come across the calculations of such type of music charts, if not then take help of iTunes promotion to stream or perform sales of your music to climb the ladder of Official Charts?


     Getting your iTunes music into the Top Charts is hard work, but now impossible. This will give you the name and fame that you deserve once it is liked and shared on social media platforms. Thus it is wise to select the top branded channels and websites which allow your music to reach millions of people across the world without many efforts.

MusicPromotionCorp will help you to achieve your dream and put your music into the iTunes Top Charts!

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